June 11 Brockville to Stormont Yacht Club

We woke up to a dull, cloudy morning but at least the pouring rain had stopped. We would have been excited to go in any weather though, because in a few short hours we would be home. Yes, that’s right, HOME!

We weighed anchor and left the anchorage at 07:00.

The rain started right after we headed out so I didn’t get many photos for awhile. I worked on cleaning the fridge out and getting some things ready to take off the boat when we arrived at the yacht club. Once the rain stopped, I got some shots. Here are some of the highlights of our day captioned below:

The Coast Guard Station at Prescott

Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

Umm….this G3 ship is a lot different than the G3 Yacht we saw in the Bahamas

Wow, we were really picking up speed with the current

Canada Starch Company in Cardinal

Iroquois Lock; only lowered 10.5 inches. The week before it was 41 inches before they lowered the water

The Dam….most of the flood gates were closed

Canada Island; where we have anchored many times


Chrysler Park Marina

The cruise ship that had been anchored off at Lindsay Island was at the marina

Range markers and green buoy for the seaway

Stormont Yacht Club

We arrived at 13:42 and tied on to the day dock. We travelled 47.2 nm. We were so thankful and happy to have Persuasion home!

And the sun came out! Yay! We took this selfie to send to our family to let them know we had arrived.

As I was packing up more things for home, I glanced up at these photos of the grandkids.
I looked at them so often when we were away and was reminded of just how blessed
we really are.

And more captioned highlights of the day:

Our driver arrived for our pick up. 🙂 Sarah and Finnegan

He was happy to see us

He learned how to steer the boat in the Bahamas and I guess he remembered 🙂

Check out the Mountwood Maple Syrup in the cup holder; we got it from Scot in Gananoque. Yummy!

Sarah snapped photos for me while we motored out to get Persuasion on our mooring ball.

Persuasion on her mooring

Wow, that brown colour on her hull is certainly an ICW smile

Finnegan waiting for Nannie and Grampie to dinghy back in and go home. Check out his little boat shoes 🙂

Dinghying in from the mooring to go home

Sarah’s car was loaded down a lot with our groceries and clothes as we pulled in the driveway around 16:30. The first thing I noticed was that our bridal wreath spirea was in full bloom. So beautiful!

We unpacked and when Rich arrived home, he had flowers for me and a gift for Mike….pistachios. Oh, how he loves those. Thank you so much Rich.

We were very thankful to have Rebecca and Rich stay in our home and look after it while we were gone. They have bought their first home and will be moving in on July 8th. So exciting for them.

It rained a bit during supper and then we had a beautiful rainbow.

The next few days were spent gardening, lawn mowing and getting used to land life. We weren’t home for the fall or spring clean up on our perennials and had some work to do.

We also made a couple more trips out to the yacht club and packed up more things to bring home. Once, while we were there, one of the club members asked if we were going to raise our mast. He had a crew coming to help him. We said we weren’t but Mike said he would help him and then maybe the crew could help us take the mast off and get it on to the mast rack. We decided that with the summer being so busy with appointments and my eye surgeries that we would not be going on Persuasion much this summer. So, if we do enjoy her this summer, it will be as a trawler.

Just last week, we had an email from a club member informing us that they noticed our dinghy had sunk. Yes, sunk…motor and all. We called him right away and he informed us that a few men were able to get it up on the dock. We went right out with our trailer and brought it home. We did find the leak, patched it and got the engine running again. Woohoo! As Scot said, “It couldn’t have happened at a better time”. He was so right because if we had been in the Bahamas on an island, we would have been stuck without a dinghy!

And…..so ends Persuasion’s adventure. We left on September 6th last fall and arrived home on June 11th. It was a long and eventful adventure and we were thankful so many times for God watching over us. The highlight of our trip was having all the kids and grandkids visit in the Bahamas. We also made many new friendships and enjoyed wonderful times with old friends. These are some of the reasons our posts were not always timely. 🙂

From September 6, 2018 – June 11, 2019, we travelled 4,910 nm.  That’s a lot of nautical miles under persuasion’s keel. Other interesting tidbits you might be interested in: we were gone 279 days and we took 11,350 photos (and that’s not counting the ones we deleted)!

We hope you have enjoyed following our adventure along with us through the “lens”. We have so enjoyed your comments on Facebook, Instagram as well as on our website and have tried to answer all of them.  We have also heard from family and friends numerous times; ones that although never posted comments, called and told us how much they enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the photos. That is why we blogged…..yes, it is a lot of work but so great to have a record of our journey.  We were happy to share with you, our followers, so that you could enjoy the trip as well. I know that we will look at our blog often to reminisce and relive the memories of how we “threw off the bowlines and sailed away from the safe harbour” for a wonderful adventure. Persuasion37 will still be on FB and on our website at persuasion37.ca – Our last few posts have been a bit delayed as we rested up and got back in to the swing of things. We enjoyed seeing neighbours and getting back to our church. We hope to be catching up with more of our friends soon. And of course, we visited family and adjusted to life at home. We wanted to include an updated family photo but unfortunately, visits couldn’t include everyone at once as there were soccer, baseball, or birthday parties when one or more family could not be there. We have certainly enjoyed seeing them all though and the grandkids are sure growing. Little Finn just started walking as I write this. We will all be really busy now. 🙂 We look forward to lots of family dinners, birthday celebrations and of course bonfires here at the ranch.

For now, we are loving being home on the ranch. There really is no place like home! I think we have our gardens and lawn looking pretty good. 🙂

We enjoyed so many beautiful sunsets while away on Persuasion, but we think the ones here at home are pretty awesome too. 🙂

Should you ever find your self in the Ottawa area, please email us at persuasion37@gmail.com and come for a visit. We would love to have you.

Whether we meet again online or in person, I’ll leave you with this Irish blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again, may God hold you
In the palm of his hand.

2 thoughts on “June 11 Brockville to Stormont Yacht Club

  1. Such a wonderful story from start to finish and so beautifully written. I could hardly wait for each new post to arrive. Persuasion was “copper bottomed” all the way and you two were stalwart. I’m sad it’s over but glad you are home safe. Thank you for bringing us along.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, Nelse. Thanks so much. We have so enjoyed your comments and as you know, Aunt Pat has loved reading them. 😍 She mentioned today how much she will miss the blogs, your comments, and how sad she is that they’re over. We were thrilled to have you and Monica along for the adventure. And we will certainly be watching http://www.nellyglass.com for your guys fantastic trips and for your gorgeous stained glass creations. ♥️


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