May 29 – June 5 Home and to NB for a special Birthday Party

I wasn’t going to do a blog of our quick trip home but some people were asking, so thought I’d do one to let our followers know. (It will be nice for us to look back on and reminisce too). As I mentioned in the last post, our daughter, Rebecca picked us up in the morning on Tuesday, the 28th. So we left Persuasion tied on to the dock and drove home. And oh my, walking into our house was so nice! It seemed huge! We were used to living on a 37 ft sailboat so it was great to have the comforts of home. It was nice to have a real flush toilet and a bed that we could walk around. 🙂 Becca had put a pork roast in the crock pot that morning before leaving and had the veggies ready to go in the oven.  It was a yummy supper!

On Wednesday and Thursday, we visited with some of the kids and it was so good to see them. Sarah and James have been busy clearing more trees from their land, working on their perennial and flower beds and building more raised gardens.  It is looking awesome.  They love their country life.  The grandkids have all grown since we saw them in the Bahamas. Finnegan is really scooting around and looks like he is trying to stand. He walks when pushing his lawn mower or little cart around and and will walk with your hand. He will be taking off on his own any day now.

He has eight teeth now and is growing so fast. Here he is reaching for Nannie’s camera. Those blue eyes of his. 🙂

We also went with Amber to the school to pick up her kids on Wednesday and they were so surprised. Then we went to her home and she snapped a photo of Mike playing with the kids.

We had supper with them and saw how their renos were coming along in the basement. They had a flood in April and have been super busy getting things done. To make matters worse, Jason fractured his knee the day after the flood. He is a coach for Easton’s hockey team and was teaching them drills when he twisted his knee and fell. So, he was on crutches and in pain! The day after that, he was walking with his crutches close to the broken pedestal sink in the basement bathroom and sliced his knuckle open and needed to go for stitches. Oh my, it never rains but it pours! We were in South Carolina when it all happened. Jason’s dad and mom were there the day the flood happened but unfortunately were flying back to Calgary that afternoon. His dad flew back the next week and stayed for 10 days.  He helped clean up the mess, cut off the wet drywall, put up new and made numerous trips to the hardware store. Thanks, Earl for being there to help when we couldn’t. Our kids helped sort through things that needed to be thrown out and with the drywall too. Then, Jason and Amber hired a contractor to do the crack filling and a bit of the painting. Amber had most of the painting finished when we visited and they are waiting for the floors to be installed. There were so many homes flooded this spring in the Ottawa area with high water, that they called in the army to help. Amber and Jason’s flood was not caused with flooding in their area. It was because the float in their sump pump was stuck. 😦 I’m sure they will be so glad to have it all finished. And I know one thing, it must be awful to have a flood in your home and I hope we never have to go through it.

We didn’t get to see Scot and his family but will be clearing customs in Gananoque on our way home with Persuasion. It will be so nice to see them again. Apparently, the water is still extremely high in Gananoque, so hopefully it will have receded by time we arrive. From what we see on FaceTime, Margie is growing up fast just like the other grandkids. Here is a photo of all the grandkids at Finnegan’s first birthday on March 31st. I posted it before on our April 1st blog but just had to do it again. They are all just darling! 🙂

I can’t wait to get home and have a family get together. We definitely need an updated family photo! Our last family photo was when we were all together at Christmas. But in the meantime, I’ll post the photo from the day we left Gananoque. (I know it was in the post for that day last fall but it is one of my favourites). Our son, Scot had just opened his ice cream trailer on the Labour Day weekend and all our family came to check it out and say goodbye to us as we headed south.

I made it to the ophthalmologist appointment and my cataract surgery is booked for my left eye on August 26th and my right eye for September 11th. We were also able to get Mike in for an eye appointment as his right eye started bothering him just before we left the Bahamas. He is being referred to an ophthalmologist as well for cataracts. Guess we are both getting older. 🙂 We got to see a couple of friends and neighbours on Thursday and so wished we could have seen more folks. Guess it will have to wait until we have Persuasion home.

On Friday morning, we left very early to drive down to NB. We drove through the US and stopped at Susan’s, my sister in St. Stephen for the night. The next morning we stopped in Grand Bay to see my nephew and his family’s new house. What a beautiful home and so nicely landscaped with loads of perennials. Then we stopped in at Browns Flats to visit my other sister Heather, at Beulah. We arrived in Havelock at 4PM at Mike’s aunt and uncle’s, Pat and Claude. We did get to see Judy, Mike’s cousin and a few folks down at the Lion’s pancake and bean supper that night.

The family commitment we had to be in Havelock for was my Dad’s 96th birthday. He now lives in a nursing home in Springhill, NS and wanted to come back to Havelock to his church on his birthday, June 2nd, which was on Sunday. Luckily, he was able to get there. After suffering a stroke a few years ago, he is now in a wheel chair but his wife Sally, arranged for her daughter, Patty to drive them. One of his favourite nurses, Denise (who just retired from the nursing home) also came with them for peace of mind and to be there if needed. It’s about a 2 hour drive. My brother Peter came from Grand Manan with two of his kids and Dad was pleased we could all be there. He said he didn’t think Mike and I would make it, knowing that the canals were closed but we just couldn’t miss it.

The legion members marched in as a group in their uniforms. Dad’s nephew, Reid who is a member gathered lots of info and the Legion president read about how Dad joined the army, where he served overseas and also said that he is the last surviving World War II veteran of the Havelock division. The minister read some notes from the church record book of how Mom and Dad were involved in the church throughout their lives and how much dad was instrumental in helping build the church. It was very touching and also wonderful to see him sitting up front and enjoying the hymns and songs. Aunt Vesta, Mort and Tom sang a lot of his favourites. After church, we all went over to the Memorial Hall where people could drop in from 12 – 2 to wish him a Happy Birthday. The church ladies had prepared a lovely luncheon and my cousin, Sharon, baked 3 large cakes. So many people came to see him and he was thrilled to get to talk with them. His mind is still sharp and he enjoyed reminiscing with them. It was indeed a great homecoming for him. Shortly after 2, they left to go back to Springhill. I’m sure he was exhausted but the smile on his face from seeing so many family and friends was awesome! I, too was very happy to see so many cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. Here is a photo of Dad when he was leaving; 96 years young! A great photo of a great man!
dad 1

That afternoon we had a nice visit with Mike’s cousin and wife, Mark and Sharron who had come to Dad’s party. Later, they took us and his parents, Pat and Claude down to the local restaurant for supper. Thanks, guys! On the way in to the restaurant, we saw Mike’s sister, Val and Sylvain waiting for a take out order. We didn’t really have much time on this trip to let anyone know we would be visiting as it was so rushed. It was nice to see them if only for a few minutes. Also that evening, we were in touch with our best buds, David and Debbie from Riverview. They had come to the church service and to the hall to see Dad. We talked to them about driving up to Ontario and then coming with us to Waterford to take the trip on the Erie canal through the locks and back to ON. So, they were getting packed and ready to go. We turned in fairly early after the busy day.

On Monday when we woke to the alarm at 05:45, we had a text from David saying that Deb’s foot was swollen and she couldn’t walk on it. She had mentioned that she stubbed her toe at their cottage on Saturday. It was still tender and swollen on Sunday too. They decided she should see a doctor and it would be better not to come to the boat. It was hard for her to even get a sandal on and would certainly be difficult for her to do the steps down into the boat and to get off on the docks. Actually, we now know that her toe is broken! So, we almost had crew. 🙂 We were sorry it didn’t work out but know how painful a broken toe is. They are leaving on June 26th for a trip to Newfoundland and hopefully, it will be healed by then. Keep it rested Deb, so you can enjoy your trip.

So, we arrived home on Monday at supper time and on Tuesday at 5AM, we were back on the road again with Becca headed to Waterford. We pulled in to a rest stop and picnic area in the town of Newcomb on the way to the boat. Just look at this view with the Adirondacks in the background!

So we made it back to Waterford and found Persuasion still tied safely to the dock. Thank you Becca for both retrieving and returning us. I snapped this photo of her as she was leaving.

We had gone home on the 28th and the Oswego Canal finally opened the next day on the 29th. Jim, from Blossom II came back from Hamilton and he headed up the Erie Canal on the 30th. We had been with Jim since Beaufort, SC and he was great to travel with. An early riser like us, we would head out at dawn to get as many miles in as possible and get to a good anchorage before supper time. We have been checking in with him and his journey through the locks. He is now heading across Lake Ontario to Hamilton. It will be a 22 hour crossing for him.

It was a warm, sunny day and we talked to a few people at their boats that were still waiting for the Champlain Canal to open. We told them we would be leaving the next day to head up the Erie Canal. There were even more boats than when we left to go home. Some were even anchored out. No room on the docks! A few other folks had left their boats to go home for health care and commitments. There are a lot of Quebec boats that leave their boats in Lake Champlain. While we were chatting with some people, 3 barges went by, heading up to Lake Champlain to get the buoys in. They were blowing their horn, people were cheering and blowing their air horns from their boats on the wall. I didn’t bring my camera but got a couple of photos with the phone.

We walked to get a few groceries and of course had supper at our favourite diner for the last time.

So that was our trip home, to NB and back to Waterford, NY. Now, to get Persuasion back to our yacht club!


4 thoughts on “May 29 – June 5 Home and to NB for a special Birthday Party

  1. Wow you have been busy folks!, Debbie is doing good today…had lunch with them and much better, shame they had to miss your trip back…safe travels and see you one day when your down…your dad looked so happy


    1. Yes, it was a busy week, getting home for appointments, then leaving for the 12 hour drive to NB and only getting to stay 2 days and then back to home and to the boat the next day. Whew! 😃 Yes, I’m sure they would have enjoyed the canals and locks trip with us. It would have been a blast. Glad to hear she’s doing better. A broken toe is so painful for a few days. It was wonderful to see Dad enjoying his time back home in Havelock. So happy we could leave the boat in Waterford and get to go. He had a great time talking with everyone. 😍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so good seeing you guys too. It would have been nice to have a longer visit wirh everyone but that’s how parties are with lots of people around. Dad sure enjoyed his day. It was wonderful seeing him greeting folks and talking with them. Lots of great memories made that day. So glad you and Monica could make it.


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