May 1 – 3 Mill Creek, VA to Annapolis, MD

May 1 Mill Creek to Solomons Island, MD

We woke up to fog but had a restful night in the anchorage. We weighed anchor and motored out at 05:55. We certainly had to be careful to watch for crab pots. Especially with it being a bit rough and the waves hiding them. It was a chilly morning and I had to resort to a hat and gloves. All signs that we are getting more north now. Our first photo of the day was the Smith Lighthouse.

We also saw a ship.

At least after we had gone a couple of miles and made our necessary course change, the waves were not hitting us on the beam. The fog lifted around noon although the cloudiness stayed with us, and it was actually a good, calm day to be on the Chesapeake.

We passed by some lovely homes.

It wasn’t long before we pulled into Solomons Island.

We set the hook in the anchorage there at 13:00 and had travelled 43.3 nm. The sun was shining nicely and it was very warm. Hooray!

Our dinghy was still on the bow so Jim lowered his from his davits and came over to pick us up. It was a short walk to West Marine and then we went to Roy Rogers for lunch. It was our first time there and it was quite good. It was nice to get out and walk again after a few days of being on the boat. We enjoyed the sun and warmth in the cockpit and a quiet evening.

May 2 Solomons Island to Annapolis

It was a lovely calm night in the anchorage and we awoke to this beauty. God’s handiwork at its best!

We left the anchorage at 05:55 and headed out. Here are a few sightings captioned below from our day on the Chesapeake:

Tank farms with loading terminals for ships

A barge with a load of crushed rock

Lots of fishing boats out getting their catch

Another Chesapeake Lighthouse

Looking over at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge through the fog


Yes, we made it to Annapolis! We stopped for fuel and water at the marina.

And then waited for the Spa Creek Bridge to open.

Always love seeing this view after we enter Spa Creek.

Lots of work being done with a retaining wall for more homes.

And oh, the beautiful homes!

We set the anchor at 14:45 and had travelled 47 nm. The sky darkened and around 16:30 the thunder storm started and it poured.

The lightning and wind was crazy. There was a boat anchored not far from us. I thought when he anchored that he was too close but Mike said we would wait and see. Well, he started dragging beside us. We saw the boat coming and no one was out and they were coming too quickly to get the air horn out to notify them. Mike started the engine to see if we could reverse some and get out of its way but our anchor was holding and he hit us on the port side. They heard that and started getting fenders out to put between us. We could hardly see from the driving rain! They finally got the fenders in and then pulled their anchor the rest of the way up and radioed us to say that they would be back after the storm. They had a hard time getting re-anchored but finally did. They brought their dinghy over and checked our boat. There was some damage to the rub rail on the starboard side close to the bow of the boat. They are a young family who brought their boat over from France and this summer they will leave their boat on Lake Champlain and rent a motor home to go to Alaska. They gave us their boat card and if we have any leaks or notice more damage we are to contact them. Well that was some excitement we didn’t really need. 🙂

This little guy wanted out of the water after the storm and hopped on our dinghy.

May 3 Enjoying Annapolis again

It was a foggy morning in Spa Creek when we awoke.

Finally the fog lifted and we dinghied in to town to register for anchoring in Spa Creek. We also bought some tokens for showers and afterwards, we dinghied back to get our laundry. Here are Mike and Jim toting laundry up to the laundromat.

We noticed a painting of a vine with pretty flowers and a bicycle on this cement house.

The Maryland Inn

Going back to the boat, I snapped this photo of a popular Bar and Grill on the waterfront. It is always packed when the boat shows are on.

We walked back up through town and went for supper at a bar and grill and had great fish and chips. It was a lovely, warm evening. We stopped on the way back to the boat for an ice cream and picked up a couple of items at a convenience store. I forgot my camera but if you’d like to revisit our blog from October 17th you can see just how beautiful Historic Annapolis really is.

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