March 13-30 Resting and waiting out winds in Marsh Harbour

Well the wind came up in the night and blew a lot the next day too. It didn’t get as bad as predicted but we were thankful to be anchored in a good spot. We were disappointed that we missed seeing Joe and Yvonne on Modaki on this side of the Whale. They had left on Monday to go back to Green Turtle Cay. Hoping to see them over there before they leave to go back home.

The next few days were spent doing some maintenance on Persuasion and getting caught up on the blogs after all the family visits.

We changed the fuel line between the lift pump and the filter. What a job that was! So hard getting a tool in there around the engine. One calm day, we took down the wind generator again. I had mentioned in one of the earlier blogs that Mike had found the problem and it was not the controller but it was a short that caused the connection.

It was working after he fixed it, but he wanted to take it apart again and do a better job. So we finished that job and it has been purring and producing great power. Another project that needed attention was the windlass. Our up foot switch at the bow wouldn’t work. The down one was fine. So Mike took that apart and worked on it. We also cleaned the bilge and did a few other little jobs.

We waited out at least three more blows in Marsh Harbour. As a result of those, we saw a lot of boats coming in to anchor. We finally got to meet Sandy and John from Sandys Way. I enjoy following their blog. Last year was their first time in the Bahamas and they are great friends of Yvonne and Joe’s. They live in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

We also chatted with Alan and Bev from Dagny. We first met them in Annapolis, then again when we were in the Dismal Swamp for three days because of bad weather. They came in to Vero Beach when we were there but they left mid December to cross over the Gulf Stream as they wanted to be in the Bahamas for Christmas. They told us that they would be picking up his nephew and wife that were flying in to Marsh Harbour. They would be helping them crew their boat back to Virginia. Then they will continue on and wait for the NY canal system to open so we may see them in Waterford, NY.

It was also fun to meet up again with Tom and Vivienne on Quandary. We had met them first at Vilano Beach and then again in Royal Island during a windstorm. We also saw them in Nassau and visited them in Staniel Cay. They came onboard Persuasion and we visited for a while. They told us that they had gone to the Immigration office here in Marsh Harbour to get an extension to stay in the country longer than their 90 days. They were concerned that they may not be able to get out of the country by their allotted time because of all the winds. We had a little potluck with appies that evening over on Quandary and had a great time. They headed over to Great Guana for a few days and would head across the Whale after that to Green Turtle Cay and wait for a weather window to cross to Florida. With all the blows that had been coming through, I’m not sure if they got their window.

On one of the blows that came through, we saw winds of 30 kn with gusts of up to 40 kn and had so much rain. So much rain, that we were able to collect 35 gallons with our rain catchment system. I guess that made the storm worth it. Here’s a photo of when the tank was almost full; had to take the hose out and keep an eye before it overflowed. 🙂

Just look at how hard the rain was coming down. It was wild in the anchorage.

And of course while filling the water tank, something happened. No, we didn’t spill water all over. I did it again! The third time! The water tank cap was off and the wind was howling and the boat moving and I went to check the hose and my hand hit it and down behind the tank it went. Oh dear, we had to take it apart again just like when Scot was visiting. This time I left the water hose in but took the water cap and set it over on the chart table. Three times was enough!!!

We did a lot of walking while we were in Marsh Harbour. Some days it was only as far as the grocery store, Maxwells. And other days it was much farther. One day Mike and I walked to the Cottman Castle on the hill. You can see it in the background of this photo; the yellow one on the hill; with two towers on each side.

That was quite a walk! Dr. Cottman, also known as the Out Island Doctor, built it because he was always sailing to the out islands to look after patients who would otherwise have no medical doctor available. There is a book about him called “The Out- Island Doctor” and is a very good read. His daughter lives there and at one time had a little cafe in the house but not anymore. When you get up close to the house, you can see that it’s showing lots of signs of disrepair. It is a very large home on a hill with a great view. It’s a shame that it’s getting run down.

On March 20th , there was an equinox moon. Here is the moon early the next morning.

On March 26th, Amazing Grace came in to Marsh Harbour.

They had been over on Treasure Cay for over a week. Jim’s brother and girls and one other brother had left on the weekend of the 16th from Treasure Cay. The third brother was spending the day with friends and then was flying out the next day. Everyone had a grand time with them on Green Turtle Cay and Treasure Cay. After they anchored, we walked to the store and then had them over to Persuasion for taco night.

We continued to do lots of walking after Amazing Grace arrived. Once to a yanmar dealer and then for groceries. We took our groceries back to our boats and then dinghied back in to go to Destiny’s Grill or the rib shack as a lot of people call it. Oh and we stopped for ice cream too at Main Street Treats. That day we did over 14,000 steps. Maybe all our steps were ruined by all we ate. 🙂 Another day we walked to the Immigration office to get an extension on our visa. We were worried with all the fronts going through that we may not be out of the country by April 8th. (Jim and Cheryl would be okay because they didn’t arrive until February so would have lots of time to be out in 90 days). But oh man, our GPS on our phone took us through the Mudd which is where the illegal Haitians live. After Mike and I got our 30 day extension, we walked down to a fishing store so Jim could get some more lures. There was a great little resturant under the store called Jamie’s Place. Very good food and cheap prices. On our way back, we passed by a memorial garden in Marsh Harbour. We all wandered in and we saw their Wall of Heroes. There are plaques with names on it. Dr. Cottman’s was there.

That day, we walked over 16,000 steps. So…if you find yourself in Marsh Harbour, you should try Destiny’s Grill, Jamie’s Place and Main Street Treats! You also might want to take a few walkabouts, see the sights and get your steps in.

We also played Mexican train dominoes on Amazing Grace and another night we had supper again on Persuasion. Another night Jim cooked pizza on the BBQ, on Amazing Grace, which turned out pretty good! We did some pot lucks together too. Fun times in the Bahamas.

So our time in Marsh Harbour was a bit longer than we intended with all the wind and fronts going through. We did however, get lots of maintenance jobs completed, blogs posted, laundry done, visited with old and new cruising friends, and exercised our legs lots. 🙂

Meanwhile, back home our grandson Tayton (number 9) and his Metcalfe Jets Novice A team won the championships on March 30th. Way to go, team!

Some photos of our walkabouts and view from our dinghy rides in Marsh Harbour are captioned below:

Donnie’s Ferry; there are at least 11 of them

Pretty house on the water

Harbour View Inn and Marina; this is where we did our laundry

A huge yacht at the marina

Dinghy dock

Colors by the Sea Restaurant

An Ibis strutting his stuff

Cotton bushes

A curly tailed salamander

A new Library for Marsh Harbour; hopefully opening soon

Here is the old Library

A calm morning in the anchorage

Pretty flowers

Nice looking home

Sandys Way in the anchorage during one of our rainstorms

Another storm a brewin’

A rainbow after the rain

And then a full rainbow; an arc so had to take 2 photos

And then a double rainbow

Government offices; where the Immigration office is located

During our time in Marsh Harbour, we saw some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I am including a few. God paints a beautiful sky, doesn’t he?





4 thoughts on “March 13-30 Resting and waiting out winds in Marsh Harbour

  1. Those sunrise and sunset shots!! And that shot of you working at your computer, brought me the biggest smile 😊. You have put so much effort into creating this journal and I am enjoying it fully! Safe crossing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nelse. You surely know the work of blogging too. I try to never miss a sunrise or sunset. No two ever the same and all so beautiful!


  2. My family cruised the Bahamas back in the 60’s aboard the Windsong out of Ft. Lauderdale. I read The Out Island Doctor several times, hunkered down in the harbor during a squall. There used to be a fantastic bakery there – homemade bread! My brother and I went to the Lutheran church, took breaks from studying with a dive in the water from the transom of our sailboat. I just hope the water is still clean, no oil slicks. Some day, I would like to go back.
    P. Luick


    1. Hi Paul

      I wouldn’t swim in Marsh Harbour now. Although I did go in once to check the prop I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

      Praying for the people of the Bahamas as Dorian wreaks havoc to them.



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