March 8-12 Nassau to Marsh Harbour

March 8

After Sarah, James and Finn left, I finished the laundry and then we washed all the enclosure and the sand from the cockpit. Mike bought fuel, we filled our water tanks and then we backed out of the slip for the last time on this trip, and headed for the anchorage. We set the hook not far from Amazing Grace. And man, was it windy! Jim, Cheryl and the girls walked down to the Straw Market. The girls would be heading home to Montreal the next day.

I put the laundry away and made sure the cabin was all tidied up. We were expecting friends to stop in while their cruise ship was in port. We had found out in February that they would be in port for just a few hours on March 8th. Amazing that it was the same day that we would be in Nassau. We have known Scott Rowan since he was a baby. His parents are our besties from Riverview, NB and Scott and our Scot were best buds too. Scott and his wife Erin have visited us in many different places where we’ve lived and have even sailed on Lake Ontario on Persuasion. We were pleased that they could visit us in the Bahamas. We had hoped to get out for a sail but it was way too windy and rough. We got a text shortly after lunch that they were on their way so we dinghied in to the dock, met them at Starbucks and then brought them back to the boat. We enjoyed hearing all about their cruise on the Norwegian Bliss. What a ship! We saw it in port the first day we arrived in Nassau in January. It is huge! They docked at noon and had to be back to the ship for 17:30. Then the ship would leave port at 19:00 bound for Miami. We had a great chat and also called his parents. We all chatted to them for a little while; just like old times. Thank you Scott and Erin for including us in your layover in Nassau. Hoping to visit with you again in June when we go down to NB.

To come visit us on Persuasion, Scott and Erin had taken a cab from the port up as far as the bridges to Paradise Island and walked the rest of the way. Before Mike dinghied them back to the dock, we told them about the bus that was only $1.25/person. That would be so much cheaper than a cab and they could get off close to the cruise ship port. Plus they could see some of Nassau; mind you they would see some of the slum areas but also some great looking areas too. They decided to do that. We had a message from him later telling us that the ride back was a bit sketchy. The bus driver was drinking a beer! Oh my, I guess that would be sketchy and scary!

March 9

The wind howled all night and it was rocky in the anchorage. And like before when all the other kids left, it seemed so quiet without them. And no wake up call from Finnegan. 😦 We are so used to lots of noise because we have a big family. When we get together for family dinners, there are 15 of us so lots of laughing and so many conversations at once. Some people call it bedlam but I say it’s “music to my ears.” Just love all the voices and laughter!

Jim dinghied Angelina and Amanda in and went in the cab with them to the airport. After lunch, we all dinghied in to the grocery store, walked around the other plaza stores and had a sundae at Dairy Queen. Oh, the joys of retired life. 🙂 We went back to the boat and started going through lots…and lots of photos and started writing up the blog of Amber’s visit. Speaking of blogs, I’m sure by now that all you followers are sufficently iguanaed and piggied out. Sorry for all the photos of those…..well not really. 🙂 All four trips were to those two Cays; one famous for their iguanas and the other for their pigs. The same but yet different with each one and how they experieced them. It truly was amazing having all the kids visit.

The sun behind the clouds made for a good photo around 17:30. You can see by the waves, the chop in the water. It was very rocky and rolly on the boat.

March 10

Daylight Saving Time happened through the night. Yay! We sprung ahead so more light in the evening! It was another sunny but windy day. Amazing Grace was expecting company. Jim’s brother and his two daughters were arriving in Nassau that day to visit on Amazing Grace. We gave them our dinghy to go to the dock and help with their luggage. A little while later, Jim had two of his other brothers arrive at the Nassau airport and they had a couple of hours layover before flying over to Treasure Cay so they took a taxi and came over to Amazing Grace too. It was nice to meet everyone.

After Jim’s two brothers had gone back to the airport, we weighed anchor at 15:30 and along with Amazing Grace, motored over to Rose Island. We looked back to Nassau to bid it farewell. We had started to feel like residents. 🙂

There was a huge trimaran anchored and we motored closer to take a look. It was massive!

We set the hook on the south side of Rose Island at 17:00 and had travelled 6.2 nm. We pooled our chicken with Amazing Grace and had supper over there onboard with Jim, Cheryl, Greg, Lacey and Misty. For dessert I made chocolate macaroons. I think we are having them way too often. 🙂

After supper, Jim and Mike went over to Persuasion and they hoisted our dinghy up on Persuasion’s bow and I stayed to help clean up on Amazing Grace. Jim took this phot of persuasion in the foreground and the sun setting over Nassau and Atlantis.

After visiting a bit more, Jim dinghied us back to our boat. We got our tie down straps out and tied down the dinghy so we would be all ready for the ocean crossing the next morning.

March 11

We weighed anchor to set sail north for the Abacos at 07:05. The sunrise coming up over Rose Island was truly amazing! Our last one for this trip. 😦

It was going to be a bright, bright, sunshiny day, as the song goes. 🙂

We passed by Gilligan’s Island. This island was used in the introductory song for the TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island that ran from the mid to late 60’s.

Here’s a photo of Amazing Grace in the sunrise.

We had our jib out and motor sailed.

Jim got a great video of Persuasion sailing.
Click here for video

Amazing Grace had both her sails up.

It was really a great day for a crossing. It wasn’t too long before we were in deeper water and the turqoise waters were replaced with the periwinkle, ink colour.

Jim radioed us to let us know that they would be having their fishing lines in the water. And just after that we heard some excitement across the water on Amazing Grace. Here is Cheryl trying to reel one in. Unfortunately she lost it. And they lost another one.

Then we heard more screams. They got a double strike! Both mahi mahi’s. Lacey with one rod on one side and Misty on the other. I got this photo of Lacey helping Misty hold the reel as Jim takes the fish off the rod with the gaff.

Well, that was really exciting!

While Greg was at the helm, Jim enjoyed some time on the bow of Amazing Grace.

We also saw a couple of ships on the ocean.

We arrived at the southwestern tip of Great Abaco Island at 15:30. We did have to reset the anchor a couple of times. Finally we got a good hook. We had travelled 51.11 nm. Later, Jim dinghied over to pick us up for the fish supper. Jim and Cheryl do a lot of fishing. After they get their catch on board, they put them in bags in the fridge or coolers and clean them after anchoring.

The two mahi mahi were a great catch! The two together were 14 lbs! Here is Misty holding one.

Cheryl had one filleted before we got there and Misty wanted to fillet the other one. She studied marine biology technician in college so was very interested. And Cheryl said she did a great job, even better than her. 🙂

We had a very good supper with mahi mahi, rice with veggies and coleslaw. Well done Amazing Grace and crew!

After supper the water was beautiful and calm with the sun shining on it.

We had a beautiful sky that night.

Followed by a gorgeous sunset!

March 12

Well, 03:30 came way too early. 🙂 That was the time we had agreed to get up and get ready to leave. We weighed anchor at 04:00 with Amazing Grace in the lead. We kept a close watch for crab pots on our way out through the anchorage. The winds were light and the ocean swells were 4 feet but 8 seconds apart but not rough at all. And we did see effervesence in the water. We had heard of it but had never seen it before. So very beautiuful. Then, I laid down in the salon for awhile to sleep.

I told Mike to wake me just before the sun came up. So I woke up to this. So beautiful!

And oh my, just look at this sunrise! Magnificent!

We had breakfast and coffee in the cockpit and the day on the water couldn’t have been smoother.

We could see lots of boats at Lynyard Cay. We heard later from somone that there were 30 in there. Lots had made the crossing back from the Exumas.

And saw some waves breaking over a reef.

A couple of hours later, we could see Lubbers Quarter.

And a few minutes later we saw lots of folks enjoying the sand bar on Tahiti Beach at the south end of Elbow Cay.

We radioed goodbye to Amazing Grace as they made their way in to Hope Town for fuel and then would go across the whale to Green Turtle Cay to meet his other two brothers.

And here is the famous Elbow Reef red and white striped lighthouse in Hope Town.

We made our way to Marsh Harbour and set the hook in the anchorage at 13:30 and had travelled 56.75 nm.

After getting settled in, we took down the jib. The UV protection was getting very worn. Hopefully we will get somewhere to lay it out and inspect it. But for now we just folded it on the bow and put it in the bag. We ate supper and watched as the anchorage started to fill up.

We were once again thankful for the safe crossing, calm waters, a buddy boat to travel with and for a good anchorage where we knew we could wait out the next front. It was expected to come through the night and the next day with high winds. We texted Amazing Grace to make sure they got to GTC and found a safe anchorage for the night, then we battened down the hatches and went to bed to wait for the blow.

4 thoughts on “March 8-12 Nassau to Marsh Harbour

    1. We sure enjoyed some great sunrises and sunsets there. Also was pleased to add the photo of the team’s awesome win. 🙂 great job, Tayton and team. You’ve made us all so proud!


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