February 26-March 8 Sarah, James and Finnegan’s visit

February 26

So the day we had been waiting for had arrived. We dinghied in and passed by this huge yacht on the dock named G3.

We were waiting at the Starbucks patio but apparently their taxi let them off across the street at the marina. We looked up and saw them strolling over. Just look at their smiling faces.

And my, we couldn’t believe how much Finn had grown! And he was all smiles too!

We visited for a few minutes then we headed to the dinghy. I must say they did pack light. For having a baby and all his diapers to bring too, three bags and a backpack wasn’t much for the three of them. James mentioned that because of all the dirty diapers we would have, poop deck would bring a whole new meaning to Persuasion’s deck. 🙂

Mike dinghied out with Sarah and Finn and then came back for us. James stayed on the boat with Finn while Sarah, Mike and I dinghied back to the grocery store for her to get a few foods for Finn. So many fruits and vegetables were gone from when we had been there earlier. Then Mike noticed why. The crew from the superyacht G3 were there shopping. There were at least 8 grocery carts full and more being filled up! They were pulling cases of water and canned goods out by the cart full. After we finished getting what Sarah needed we went back to the dinghy. We could see the staff from the grocery store with the crew from G3 going down by the marina to the dock. Sarah and James said when they got out of the taxi, a couple met them and said “welcome, are you here for G3”? Sarah said, “we are here to meet our parents on their boat, what is G3? And they said “G3 is a Superyacht” Sarah said “oh I should I have said yes, then”. That yacht was at the dock when Amber and Jason were visiting. It is a 144-foot Superyacht. The cost for a week was $196,000 for peak season and $154,000 for off-season! Sarah and James got to see how massive it was on the way to Persuasion, very tiny Persuasion, I might add. 🙂

Finnegan already made himself at home and was content on the floor with his little crab.

We got things put away, had supper and then made up the beds for the night. Everyone was in bed early. They had been up for an early morning flight. At least all went smooth on their flights; no delays.

February 27

The sun was coming up when we weighed anchor at 06:30.

We were headed to Allens Cay. And as you may have guessed from our previous three kids visits, it was to see the iguanas. And also like our other three trips to Allens Cay from Nassau, it was rough! Poor James was sick a few times and Sarah felt nauseous but didn’t vomit. Finn had a nap after his breakfast. Safest place for him was on the cockpit floor. Especially with his parents not feeling too well. Oh, and the autopilot stopped working again. Grr!!!!

It was a very hot day too. After his nap, Finn played on the cockpit floor for a while with the building blocks.

Love this photo of Finn with his dad. It’s his little arms; so sweet 🙂

Just before noon, the waters calmed down but the travel time the day before and the rough trip for a few hours took its toll on our visitors and they napped some more.

We arrived at Allens Cay at 13:40 and had travelled 36.41 nm.

After lunch, we all dinghied in to see the famous iguanas. Again! And for the last time. Lol.

Here is Mike with the birds again .

Sarah got his video of an iguana snatching the lettuce.
Click to see iguana feeding

Lots of marks in the sand from their tails.

Here’s the family on the beach.

And Finn loved being in his floatie with mommy.

Sarah, James and I dinghied over to another beach and fed some more iguanas. There weren’t too many so this one got a salad on the rock.

We walked through to the other side of the island and snapped this photo of an osprey.

We spent the night on the hook at Allens Cay.

February 28

We awoke to quite the sunrise!

It was quite windy so we decided we would stick around to see if the wind would shift. Someone was enjoying his breakfast out in the cockpit. Yum..blueberries, sweet potato and banana pancakes.

The wind calmed down, so we decided we would head for Norman’s Cay and if it was too rough, we would go back. We weighed anchor at 11:05 and it wasn’t a bad crossing. Sarah and Finn had a nap.

We set the hook at 13:45 and had travelled 13.62 nm. We ate lunch and then Mike dinghied over to the plane wreck with the kids and I stayed with Finn while he slept. Poor little guy was having a hard time. This was all new to him and not a lot of space for him to move around. He was used to pushing a little wagon around and learning to walk. He would be great with anyone unless his mommy was around. Even if he was with daddy but then saw mommy, he’d want her. That made it hard on Sarah for sure. He really is such a happy, smiling guy.

The kids had a great time snorkelling the plane wreck. I mentioned in the blog of Becca and Rich’s visit about the C-46 plane that went down when Normans Cay was the base of a Columbian drug runner in the late 1970’s, early 80’s. The wreck sure draws lots of boaters to Norman’s Cay.

Here are some photos of them at the wreck:

click here for video of plane wreck

After Finn woke up, we dinghied over to a little beach.
Finn loved it.

On our way back to the boat, I snapped this photo of Persuasion.

Finn got a nice little wash in a dishpan out in the cockpit to get all the sand and salt off him.

He loved it! Then he got all wrapped up nicely in his towel.

Mike, Sarah and James went back to the wreck. Mike and Sarah snorkelled around it. Unfortunately there was a change in tide and there was a lot of current so they didn’t get down too far. Sarah took this selfie of them before they dove in.

March 1

There was a nice sunrise again to welcome in a new day.

We weighed anchor at 06:30 and it was a good day on the water.

Shortly after heading out, we had a bit of rain and a beautiful rainbow.

This little guy loved to drive. It really shows, doesn’t it?

He tired himself out and then had a nap in the v-berth.

James took a turn at the helm. Mike looks like he is hugging him for giving him a break. Lol. Actually, he was reaching around him for something.

We arrived at Big Major Spot at 12:05 and after lunch dinghied in to see the pigs.

The piglets were a little tired.

There were a few tourists around so we went over to another beach. Sarah and James were going to go back in the next day to see the pigs. Finn sure loved his floatie.

Nice family photo.

That evening we had a magnificent sunset.

March 2

It was another beautiful day in the Exumas. After breakfast, we motored Persuasion over to Staniel Cay for fuel and then we anchored out over there. Mike took Sarah and James over to Thunderball grotto. When they were visiting us in the Exumas 2015, James jumped down through the hole in the top. He did the same thing this time. It’s quite a jump, over 30 feet!IMG_1232
Click here for James’s jump

Sarah and James wanted to take us to the restaurant in Staniel Cay for lunch. Since it was only around 10:30 and we would be leaving to go to Black Point after lunch, they decided they would go back to see the pigs. It was a nice calm day to dinghy back over to Big Major. We had some squash leftovers so I gave them a container and a spoon to either feed them or put it in their trough.

Sarah got these shots of piglets.

There was a tour guide there with some tourists. Some people were picking the piglets up and they were squealing. He told them to put them down because he said if they were squealing, it meant they didn’t want to be picked up.

Sarah was trying to feed a little piglet a spoonful of squash and big pigs were gathering around. The tour guide said he would pick the piglet up and if it didn’t squeal, he’d stand her on the water cooler so she could feed him.

Then he placed the piglet in her arms. Looks like the little one loved the squash.

And he took a family photo.

Meanwhile, Mike and I had stayed back at the boat and he got in the hole to check the autopilot. The plate was intact so that wasn’t the problem. There was a loose connection on the brush holder. It acted similar to the problem we had in 2014 when the brushes were worn out. Thankfully, this time that wasn’t the case. One of the screws that holds the brushes in place was loose. Biggest job was removing and re-installing the drive and re-connecting the wires. An easy fix!

The kids returned and then we were off for lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. We sat outside on the deck like we did with Becca and Rich. Unfortunately, Cardea was not there. It would have been nice to see them again and Finn would have loved their little yorkie, Max. We messaged them to see if they were in the area but they were over at Musha Cay.

Man, we had a long wait for our food, over an hour! Finn was very good through the whole wait and the food was good when it did arrive. Thank you guys. After lunch, Sarah, James, Finn and I walked up to the little grocery store in search of some fresh veggies. Unfortunately, their supply boat would only be in later that day. Here are some shots of the family at Staniel Cay.

Mike picked us up in the dinghy and we headed back to Persuasion. We pulled the anchor up at 14:25 and headed for Black Point. Autopilot was working and we were back in business! Yay! We set the hook around 16:45. That day we travelled 13.5 nm. Sarah and I dinghied in to search for some veggies. We walked up the main street with a local lady and she told us that she had just come back from shopping in Nassau. It is $64 to go by mailboat or you could go by boat over to Staniel Cay and pay $120 to fly. And that is a 1-way price. It is not cheap to live on these islands! We checked a couple of stores and no luck. One guy told us to come back in the morning at 08:00. We went in to Lorraine’s Cafe to check it out. Everyone apparently loves to go there and we could see why. It is very neat and tidy and she was very friendly. We asked about her mom’s homemade bread and she sent us to her mom’s house right behind the cafe on the property. The bread was sold out but she said to check back the next day. We then walked back to fill our 2 water jugs. There is free water from a spigot right up from the dock. So that is good to remember if you ever are in Black Point. 🙂

We got back to the boat and Mike filled our water tanks with the water and after supper, we had a magnificent sunset. Once again, I couldn’t pick just one. I captured this one just as a yacht was passing by the sun setting.

Sunsets in the Bahamas are just gorgeous!

March 3

And the sunrises are equally as beautiful!

The supply ship came in and motored right beside us after we were settled down for the night. They had to keep shining a light to see ahead and go through the anchored boats. We could also hear it on the dock running their refrigeration all night. But we didn’t mind because that meant fresh fruit and vegetables.

So just before 08:00, Mike, Sarah and I went into the dock to get groceries and more water. Actually, we took the dinghy right up on the beach to get closer to the water spigot. Just look at the cars, golf carts and trucks lined up for their supplies from the ship. And that was just a few of them.

Sarah and I started walking to the store while Mike filled the jugs. Lots of trucks passed us with their supplies. Mike met us while we were up at the stores. Some places hadn’t unpacked yet. We checked with Lorraine’s mom about the bread but none would be available until later that day. We passed by lda’s laundromat. Everyone raves about how nice it is. It was closed but we could see in, and we too were impressed. So clean and lots of washers and dryers. There were showers available there too. I snapped these photo of some boats in the anchorage. I think I may frame it.

We continued on and stopped at a store attached to a restaurant. A man was unloading the groceries and said we could pick out what we wanted and to go to the house right there on the property and his wife would take our money. He said that the supply ship hadn’t been to the island for 2 weeks and it is usually weekly. Everyone was anxious for groceries as you can imagine. His wife was sitting in her kitchen with the door open and welcomed us in. Such friendly, accommodating folks. We walked back down towards our dinghy. Here is a shot of the main street. We had met the man walking away from the water spigot the day before and chatted with him and his wife. They told us how much they loved Black Point.

We weighed anchor at 09:00 to motor over to Cambridge Cay in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The wind picked up on the way there but it wasn’t rough. We radioed ahead for a mooring ball but didn’t get any response. We slipped our line through a ball at 12:00. We had travelled 18.54 nm. We opened all our hatches, put our breeze booster in the v-berth hatch and started getting lunch. Mike and James got the dinghy down off the dinghy tow so Mike could deposit $20 in the little collection box on the island. We had read that you could do that if you didn’t see any rangers around, as there’s no park office on Cambridge Cay. Just about then, the park rangers came by to collect our money for the mooring ball and told us we were on a ball that was reserved for heavier boats. They also gave us a map of things of interest in the park. So we slipped off the line and motored around to another one. By then, the wind had really picked up. Our breeze buddy wasn’t tied down properly and blew into the water. Oh no, that was our air conditioning! To make things worse, we had a hard time picking up the pendant on the mooring ball. Finally, we got it and then Mike and James quickly got in the dinghy with the boat hook and headed over to where we could still see the breeze booster in the water. By time they got there, it was on the bottom. James jumped in the water and was able to hook it with the boat hook. Thank goodness!

That was exciting! After lunch, I stayed on Persuasion while Finn napped and James, Sarah and Mike dinghied over to Rocky Dundas to snorkel the caves.

Apparently, the two unique caves were sacred sites for the Lucayans and feature both stalactite and stalagmite formations.

On the way back to Persuasion Mike let Sarah and James off to play on the sand bar. So beautiful!
sand bar

Later Sarah and James dinghied to O’Briens Cay which is called the Sea Aquarium because of the amazing variety of fish.

Click here to see the Sea Aquarium

They also snorkelled on the Airplane Reef. It is a triangular shaped reef in 25 feet of water and the remains of a light plane from the 1980’s is there.
Click here to see video of Cambridge Cay plane

Finn seemed to be getting more used to his surroundings and to life on a boat. 🙂 That made life easier for his mommy. He does have a cough but is still a happy little guy.

After Finn’s nap and they returned from snorkelling, we dinghied over to a beach where you could walk out to the ocean. Here are some of our photos captioned below:

Checking out the trees

Wow! Quite the cactus

Hole in the rock

Someone made a peace sign

Finn and mommy with their pretty smiles and dimples

Finn sitting in the peace sign

Walking the beach

Finn’s footprints in the sand

Grampie and Finn

Selfie at the beach

After supper, Finn enjoyed watching the Wiggles

It had been a full day at Cambridge Cay. We all turned in early.

March 4

Another beautiful sunrise in the Bahamas!

We were all up early. Here’s Finn asking where we’d be heading to that day. 🙂 And yes, Sarah was behind him making sure he didn’t fall.

We weighed anchor at 06:45 and headed over to Highbourne Cay. It was another calm day on the water. Finn was able to play around below and was very happy, as you can see.

We set the hook at 12:50. Seeing how rough it was in the anchorage, we would only stay long enough to go ashore. Sarah, James, Finn and I dinghied over to the store at Highbourne Cay. There is a resort there and a lovely marina. What a beautiful spot.

We met their resident parrot.

Sarah and Finn out on the veranda at the store.

Just look at that water.

Nurse sharks over by the fish cleaning station at the dock.

We also saw a lot of mega yachts on the docks there too. Oh, the life of the rich and famous!

We bought the things we needed, dinghied back to Persuasion, weighed anchor and motored over to Allens Cay to anchor for the night. We set the hook about 15:30. The total miles travelled that day was 41.05 nm. Sarah and James went over to a little beach close to Persuasion while Finn napped.

Then, when they returned and the water was still fairly calm, James went up the mast to change out our old antenna with a new one. Whoa, that is a long way up; 58 feet! Thanks James.

James barbequed and we ate supper out in the cockpit. I snapped this shot of Grampie and Finn as the sun was setting.

March 5

The sun rising over the beach was beautiful when we awoke.

It was the day we would head closer to Nassau. We weighed anchor at 07:09 bound for Rose Island. We received a text from Jim and they were hoping to make Rose Island by that night too. They left Staniel Cay earlier that morning and wanted to be to Rose Island before the next front brought more winds.

It was a good day for motoring. James was on the bow watching for coral heads as we crossed over the banks.

We set the anchor on the south side of Rose Island at 12:10. Another beautiful, hot day. We anchored across from the Sandy Toes resort and were surprised when their wifi popped up on Mike’s ipad. An open wifi; Score! The resort has pigs that they bring out for their tourists that come for the day. Here is the staff on the dock with them.

After lunch, Sarah and James went snorkelling and for a dinghy ride with Finn. Before sunset, Mike dinghied us over and we walked up through steps that were cut into the iron stone and then on a path to the north side of Rose Island to take some photos. Here are some of their family shots captioned below:

Finn turned 11 months while in the Bahamas. Here he is showing you!

Family photos

Bare bottomed beach baby

Finn loved the sand

And he had a dip to wash the sand off

On our way back we saw peacocks. They make sounds like that of a cat meowing.

We radioed for Mike to come get us and as we were finishing supper around 18:15, Amazing Grace pulled in to anchor.

We all dinghied over to see them. What a long day they had of travelling; over 70 nm. Angelina, their granddaughter and her friend, Amanda had taken their dinghy over to check out the beach.

We went back to the boat to get Finn ready for bed and watched the sunset over Nassau.

March 6

The day was spent relaxing at Rose Island. No weighing anchor or motoring! It was a beautiful day but very windy. The front had definitely moved in. Sarah and James took Finn over to the beach.

He loved the beach.

In the afternoon, Jim and Cheryl and the girls came over for a visit. I was making chocolate macaroons so we all had a treat. Before supper, we went over to Amazing Grace. We took some appies and Cheryl had some out too. And of course we all had some macaroons. When we got back, we decided to see if Finn would fit in our little compartment in the table. He did, and he was quite proud of himself. Even though he turned his head to smile at his dad, it was still pretty cute!

Everyone went to bed early but we could still hear the peacocks crying long into the night.

March 7

Time to head over to Nassau.

Their vacation was coming to an end. We had reservations for a slip at the Nassau Harbour Club. We weighed anchor at 09:30 and headed over. Amazing Grace left too and would anchor in the harbour. Their girls would be leaving on the 9th and they needed to pick up a few things and show the girls around Nassau. Somehow on this trip, Mike caught Finn’s cough. The coughing made it hard on him with his sore ribs and noticed when he awoke that he had developed laryngitis.

Here’s Nassau across the water when we were heading out.

And Sarah and Finn on their last boat ride in the Bahamas.

The ride over was only 6.42 nm and we pulled in to the slip at 10:40. Sarah and James took Finn and walked to the straw Market while I started laundry and Mike started washing the salt off the boat. Sarah gave me a couple of photos below of their walk downtown.

When they got back, we gave Finn a bath in the deep sink in the head. He sure loved it.

Here he is sitting out on Grampie’s knee after his bath.

And he had a nice long nap after his bath.

Sarah and I were on our way to check the laundry and go for a shower when we met Jim, Cheryl, Angelina and Amanda coming into the marina. They had been for a walk and took the girls to McKenzie’s on Potters Cay for lunch. On their way back to the anchorage, they came to say good-bye to Sarah, James and Finn. The girls were disappointed though to find out that Finn was napping. We had supper and the kids started packing up and getting things ready to go home. It would seem empty once again!

March 8

Everyone was up early again. Finn does a great wake up call. 🙂 I took the rest of the sheets and blankets up to the laundry and booked a cab for 10:00. James hit the shower while Sarah and I got breakfast and cleaned up and played with Finn. Here he is all spiffed up. Cutie patootie!

We also got this photo with Finn. We won’t be there on March 31st to celebrate his 1st Birthday. 😦 I bought this candle for him to hold to celebrate with us him turning the big 1. A couple of them are almost the same but he has a different expression in each one. So cute!

finn 1

And here is our selfie as they were getting ready to go.

They had a 10-day visit while the others were only a week but it sped by just as fast. The taxi van arrived and they got settled in and we watched them drive away.

And just like that, they were gone! Gone home to their winter and their regular schedules and work. Thank you for being onboard Persuasion, Sarah, James and Finn. We enjoyed having you all and made great memories. Have a very happy first Birthday, Finnegan. We love you all. Xo

2 thoughts on “February 26-March 8 Sarah, James and Finnegan’s visit

    1. It was a busy time that’s for sure but so fun having them all onboard. At least since they had 10 days, we got to do more island hopping and some were shorter travel days. 🙂


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