February 6-13 Amber, Jason, Tayton, Easton and Elle’s visit

February 6

We were anxiously awaiting the kid’s arrival. We had been messaging with them as they left Ottawa early in the morning. They had a connecting flight in Toronto. It was freezing rain there so they sat on the plane and waited ages for de-icing. They were supposed to land around 14:00 but were an hour or so later. The taxi ride from the airport is about a half hour and they arrived shortly after 16:00. Mike dinghied in to get them. With so many of them and their luggage, he made a couple of trips. The taxi dropped them at Starbucks, right across from the marina so of course, they got a nice cool drink. 🙂 They all look pretty happy to be out of the ice and snow and into the warm weather. Or maybe, they are just as happy to see us as we are to see them.

Mike stayed with the kiddos and Jason, Amber and I dinghied back up to the dock so they could run in to the grocery store. We thought we might get over to Rose Island for the night but it was getting too late. We had supper and got the beds all made up for the night. The kids were excited listening about all the things Margie got to see and happy that they too would get to see them.

February 7

After a good night’s sleep, we were underway at 06:45. We were all hoping for a better sail over than we had with Scot, but unfortunately, it was not to be. Poor Jason and Amber were sick. The kids fared pretty well. Tayton felt sick at first but didn’t vomit.

We did manage to play “I spy” and “I’m going on a trip and with me I’m taking…” That passed the time a bit.

Elle was pretty excited that no one could guess her I Spy object.

Tayton felt better after an hour or so and started reading the charts with Grampie.

The waters calmed a bit and everyone felt better shortly before arriving at Allen’s Cay at 12:30. Amber made sandwiches and wraps out in the cockpit and then we headed into the beach to see the iguanas.

Elle was a bit timid of these creatures coming up to us at first so opted to stay in the dinghy.

Eventually, she ventured out.

The boys loved feeding them and snapping photos with their little cameras.

Here are some more photos of our day at Allen’s Cay with the iguanas:

An iguana loving his lettuce

Jason feeding them

The iguanas coming to Mike for more

Caught this guy up close and personal

These are just a few of the iguanas

Tayton feeding them

This guy jumped for the lettuce on Easton’s stick

The birds fly right on to your hand

Even a little curly tailed lizard

Beautiful water views

Easton and Elle enjoying the water

Amber, Jason and boys on the bow; look at those smiles

Tayton relaxing on the bow after being at the beach

Around 14:30, we pulled anchor and headed over to Highbourne Cay for the night. On the way over, Elle and Easton enjoyed the bubbles Margie left on the boat. 🙂

We motored in around the dock at Highbourne to see the nurse sharks. Below are some photos:

The kids looking over the side at the sharks


Easton on the bow; pretty happy he saw some nurse sharks

We set the hook at 15:20 and had travelled 42.28 nm. There was a superyacht in the anchorage and the kids were amazed at the slide. What fun that would be! Auntie Becca enjoyed being on one of those yachts last year in the Bahamas.

We all went in to the beach for a while and the kids loved playing in the sand.

It had been a long day. And a fun day, once the rough ride was over. Everyone settled down into bed shortly after supper.

February 8

Another early morning start. We ate breakfast and left the anchorage at 07:05. It was another rough day but they all had their gravol much earlier. That helped and they slept some of the way. Elle and Tayton had a nap on the cockpit floor and woke up refreshed and ready to play “I Spy”.

Elle loves her Grampie

We ate lunch underway and I snapped this photo of Amber and the kids just before we anchored at Big Major Spot at 13:55. We travelled 43.17 nm.

And then it was time to go see the pigs! The kids were quite excited. We had our veggies ready for them.

Some more photos of these famous pigs:

This one was begging for more

We fed some and then put the rest in their food trough

When the big ones comes along, all the other pigs scatter

We were really surprised to see that there were new little piglets! They weren’t there the week before with Margie. She would have enjoyed these little ones!

Little piglets

Easton the pig whisperer

Later that afternoon, at low tide, they all dinghied over to the grotto at Staniel Cay. The James Bond 007 movie “Thunderball” had the grotto scenes filmed there. Elle decided she didn’t want to go in so she sat in the dinghy with Grampie. Below are some photos that Amber took in the grotto.

So many colourful fish!

After supper, everyone was pretty tired. It had been a fairly long travel day and then lots of fun in the sun. We all watched “The Grinch” movie with the kids.

February 9

After breakfast, the kids wanted to go back in to see the pigs, so we got some carrots ready for them and dinghied in. The kids loved seeing them. Photos captioned below:

A little hut for the piglets

Tayton with his little friend

The pig shelter

Elle with the little brown pig that Margie named Brownie

The names of some of the pigs are posted on the inside of the shelter but there are way more that aren’t named, including lots of little ones.

And of course, the rooster had a name too, Captain Hook

The boys with Dumpling, the largest pig there!

This one kept scratching her back on someone’s dinghy

Such cute little ones

And obviously, hungry ones

The kids were starting to name the piglets; one was Shelly and another one was Shadow. 🙂

We saw Gary and Sue from Cardea on the beach. We had anchored just ahead of them. They were going to the grotto in the afternoon. After the morning with the pigs, we headed back to the boat for lunch. Elle said she would go in the grotto with Nannie and Grampie so we all headed over. We took some oatmeal for the fish and they loved it. Jason snapped a photo of Mike and I with the kids.

Elle was pretty happy that she had gone in to see all the fish. This is her after we swam out of the grotto.

After we came out of the grotto, Gary and Sue said they would take one of the kids back in their dinghy, so Tayton jumped in with them. It was so windy and rough on the way back we were all soaked. Good thing, we had our swimsuits on. Gary and Sue invited us to go over to Cardea so the kids could swim off their swim platform. We said we would go over after we got dried off and changed. However, right after we got back, a nurse shark started circling around our boat. Mike broke up a cooked hot dog and threw it in the water and I got some photos of him swimming around and eating.

Jason was in the dinghy and getting some photos too underwater. Nurse sharks are supposedly docile and harmless and lots of people even swim with them. I know I wouldn’t though.

The shark stayed around for a good hour, then we headed over to Cardea. Easton started diving and swimming and Amber was taking videos of him on her phone. He was about to dive again when Amber screamed that the shark was back. He couldn’t stop the dive but fell forward into the water, almost on top of it! He scrambled right back into the boat. Sue and Gary’s little dog Max, wanted to make sure he was alright. 🙂

click here to see Easton swimming with a shark

Well that was quite the excitement. We all headed back to Persuasion for supper and then turned in early.

February 10

We were thinking of heading over to the Exuma Land and Sea Park at Warderick Wells but again it was very windy. And the kids were content to stay put and you guessed it, to go in and see the piglets again.

After lunch we dinghied over to a couple of other beaches that didn’t have pigs. This beach is known as the cruisers beach. There are some lawn chairs, a picnic bench, a swing, a couple of kayaks for use and a lot of cruisers gather there for sundowners. Some cruisers have their boat names up on a tree too.

At the other beach the kids swam and snorkelled and had a grand time.

After supper, we watched the sun go down.

February 11

Well, we decided to move on, even though it was still windy. We had to get back to Nassau before the 13th so we weighed anchor at 06:35 and headed for Warderick Wells, the Exuma Land and Sea Park. No one was sick so that was good. Tayton and Easton slept some in the morning.

Mike rolled out the jib and we motor sailed. Here’s Amber on the crank adjusting it.
IMG_1256 (19)

We set the hook at 09:40. We knew we weren’t spending the night so didn’t take a mooring ball. It was rough and wavy n the dinghy going in and unfortunately, the tide was in so there was no sandbar for the kids to see. We didn’t notice any sea turtles or nurse sharks either, maybe because the water was too rough. But we dinghied up to shore and got out and walked around a bit. The kids were interested in the skeletal remains of this 52-foot sperm whale. It was killed by plastic. They mistaken plastic bags in the water for jelly fish and eat them. 😦

The park is so beautiful!

All the kids were going on a hike but Elle decided she didn’t want to go. With the tide in, the trail was a bit mucky for running shoes and the iron stone or moon rock as some call it, was too hard on the feet. So Amber came back with her and we walked on the sandy beach.

We stayed for an hour or so and then dinghied back to the boat and headed for Highbourne Cay. We set the anchor at 15:25 and travelled 49.11 nm that day. Another fun day at the beach.

After supper, I made a treat for us all; chocolate macaroons (frogs)

February 12
We had a beautiful sunrise when we weighed anchor at 06:30 and motored out heading to Nassau.

It was a little rough going and the kids were down below. Easton felt sick and we managed to get him a bucket in time. I brought him up into the cockpit for fresh air. He had a nap and then felt better. We stopped and dropped anchor at 12:05 on the north side of Rose Island and ate lunch. We were going to get the dinghy down and go ashore to the beach but it was rather rough. So we headed over to the Nassau Harbour Club where we had a slip booked. We were docked at 14:00 and the kids and Mike went to the pool. It was a very hot and very windy day.

After their swim, the kids worked on some drawings for a while.
IMG_1267 (25)

We then decided to walk down to Montagu Beach where we had gone with Scot and family. Unfortunately the tide was high and the beach was full of seaweed so we played at the park.

We walked back and Amber and Jason treated us to pizza for supper. There is a Dairy Queen in with the Dominos Pizza, so we all had an ice cream treat. Then it was home to do some packing up and to bed.

February 13

The day their vacation ends. The week went by so fast! They will go back to the winter weather and all their regular routines. Everyone was up early for breakfast and going for showers. I had started the laundry and the marina office staff had booked a cab for them at 10:00.

Here they are on the dock with all their bags.
IMG_1275 (30)

The taxi was early and we attempted this selfie of all of us! Not a great one as we were rushing but still full of smiles.

And then they were gone. It seemed as quickly as their week started, it was over!
I finished up the laundry, Mike washed the salt from the boat and the sand from the cockpit, we filled our water tanks, got fuel and then headed out to the anchorage to wait for Rebecca and Rich to arrive.

Thank you Amber, Jason, Tayton, Easton and Elle for coming to the Bahamas to visit on Persuasion. We had lots of fun and made great memories. Love you all. xo

2 thoughts on “February 6-13 Amber, Jason, Tayton, Easton and Elle’s visit

    1. Yes those iguanas is right. The grand kids sure loved seeing them and of course the pigs too. We are surely blessed having such precious grandkids. And may I say that you and Mon are great grandparents too. 🙂


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