January 26-29 Waiting in Nassau

Yes, that’s right; waiting in Nassau because we arrived on the 25th and Scot, Jody and Margie arrive on the 30th . We had planned on leaving the anchorage outside the marina and heading over to Rose Island for a few days but on the 26th it poured rain most of the day and the wind blew like crazy. We didn’t venture off the boat that day.

The next day, Sunday, was beautiful and sunny with a light breeze. Normally we try to find a church in the area to walk to, but since we had been on the boat so long in Royal Island and then couldn’t get off on Saturday, we listened to church online and then dingied over to the dock. We stopped in to see Cardea first. They took a dock on Saturday, as they were having family arrive with two small kids for a few days. Sue, along with her daughter and grandkids had taken a taxi over to Atlantis for the day. We talked to Gary and Max the yorkie, for a few minutes. We then went over to the dinghy dock to tie it up. The dinghy dock is much to be desired because if you go in on a low tide, it is quite a ways to get up on the dock. There are no ladders! A word of advice; don’t wear a dress! 🙂 When we got back with our carts, the tide was in so it wasn’t such a long way down for us to get down.

Now being in the Bahamas, groceries are quite a bit more expensive and if you are in the out Islands, they are even more expensive. We googled to find where a lot of the locals shop and found one that was a mile and a half away, Parkgate Marketplace. The shorter route it told us to take was really an eye opener. We thought at first we should turn back but we kept going. It sure was in the slum area of Nassau with a very narrow road and no sidewalks. Burned out houses, old cars littering yards that were all smashed up and so many families living in one shack. Very sad. I ddn’t take any photos because there were lots of people sitting out in the yards. We were certainly glad when we got to the street that the grocery store was on. We had priced some things at Solomon’s and found almost everything to be cheaper. I know when the kids fly in, they will want to pick up a few things that they like and we will just go to Solomon’s as it is right across the street. I tell you this so you will be prepared if you ever come to Nassau and need to buy groceries! 🙂

After getting our groceries loaded into our little carts, we headed back to the boat. Although, this time we took the long way back. It wasn’t really much further but was on the main road and at least there were sidewalks. We certainly got our steps in that day, over 12,000!

And let me tell you this also. The drivers in Nassau seem to be on a mission and drive very, very fast. So, another thing to remember should you ever find yourself in Nassau, if you are out walking, be very careful, they don’t slow down or stop for anything or anyone and definitely don’t go out walking at night. Safety is a concern for sure, and I don’t mean just because of the fast drivers!

Okay, then came Monday and man was it windy! Actually, it started howling through the night and we saw gusts up to 35 kn. Our anchor held and we decided to stay right where we were with the kids arriving on Wednesday. A boat that was not far from us, started dragging. Mike had just gone out to the cockpit and noticed. He quickly grabbed the air horn. Finally the owner came up and ran out but not before it had hit a derelict boat. Two others came up to the cockpit and pushed the boat away from the derelict while the owner was up trying to get his anchor up. They finally got it away from the derelict and then they went over to get a slip at the marina. He came by later to talk to us and thanked Mike for blowing the air horn. He said he was sound asleep and the two buddies he had with him, were also still in bed. What a way to wake up! A very nice young man from Montreal, QC. He mentioned that there wasn’t much damage to his boat; the derelict one had the rub rail ripped a bit. The sun came out and the winds died down a bit so in the afternoon, we took the dinghy in again and this time went to Solomon’s to get a few things that we couldn’t get at Parkgate Marketplace. And there was a gas station right beside the dinghy dock so we filled our fuel jugs.

Yesterday, Tuesday, looked like it would be a gorgeous day when we woke up. Cardea went by us this morning and said goodbye. They were headed over to Rose Island. We may see them somewhere again down here in the Exumas. I hope so. Later in the morning, we had a few showers off and on and the wind picked up later in the afternoon. A boat came in while we were blogging in the afternoon and we didn’t notice until later that they were quite close to us. The wind shifted and picked up at suppertime and their bow was almost kissing our stern. We were about to tell them but they had just left on their dinghy. Can’t imagine why anyone would leave when they knew how close they were to an anchored boat! We quickly knew we would have to pull up anchor. Grrrr. We had been in this spot since arriving on Friday and the anchor held through all the fronts passing through. So annoying! It took us a while to find a good spot. There’s two derelict boats in here, one sunken one and more boats anchored in here than when we arrived, so it was slim picking. Finally, we got a good hook and set the anchor alarm. The winds finally died down, thank goodness! We have a slip booked for tomorrow morning at the marina. They have laundry facilities which we desperately need. And a pool….Bonus! The kids arrive around 14:00. Can’t wait! We plan to head to Allans Cay on Thursday to see the iguanas and then keep going further south.

Some photos below of our sightings while out and about in Nassau:


Tour boat

Dinghy dock; step waaaaay up

Neat looking old tree; we were told that it is 200 years old

Pretty painting on a house

Grocery Store

Clinics and Doctor’s offices

Love these road names

Gated community

Pretty bushes

Queen’s College; quite a large campus

Gated houses

Bahamas National Drug Council

Lovely parks with walking trails

Mike toting the cart; such gorgeous water

Beautiful beach

Lots of buildings

Nassau Yacht Club

And yes, even a Starbucks

A big boy on the dock

Persuasion at anchor

Yikes; the boat that Mike alerted with the air horn

Notice the white spot in the water. Sunken boat showing at low tide

Bow and stern sticking up

Good night Nassau

We will be waiting for the taxi when Scot, Jody and Margie arrive. Praying for fair winds and smooth seas as we visit the islands in the Exumas with them. Margie will enjoy her first night in the pool.

2 thoughts on “January 26-29 Waiting in Nassau

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog and reading about your experiences. We were told to avoid Nassau and after reading your post I still have no desire to go there. I guess though when family is flying in that’s a good motivation to get there. Enjoy your visitors!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and we love reading your posts too of your time in GTC. I must say we were not as nervous going in to Nassau this time as we were 4 years ago when we first went. Apparently Scot said on their taxi ride in, that they could see some nice houses and beautiful areas. We did see some nice homes in the east end on the main drag. We definitely wouldn’t walk through the seedy area again it was quite scary where a few guys were gathered around together. We hope to get down to the Straw Market with some of the kids. If there are 4 cruise ships in though, we coukd be braving almost 20,000 people if they all get off the ship. 😂 Jody and Scot took us out to a lovely restaurant that was almost across from the marina. That will be in our blog of their time with us on Persuasion. Hopefully I will get time to post it before our next kids arrive. Scot and family leave on the 6th and Amber and family arrive that afternoon. 😄


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