January 15-16 Royal Island and Spanish Wells

January 15 – Royal Island

Our sunrise on Royal Island this morning.

We were up early so we could be ready to continue on to Nassau which is about 38 nm from here. While we were eating breakfast, we listened to Chris Parker. He is a weather router for cruisers. He said that the most significant cold front for the Bahamas would be coming on Sunday, January 20th. Cold fronts bring high winds and they were predicting between 20-30 knots with gusts between 40-50 knots. We knew that Nassau would not be a good place to be in a blow like that so we decided to stay here. There aren’t many anchorages close to Nassau with good holding for the predicted strong winds. We were here in Royal Island for 2 weeks in 2015. The cold fronts were the reason for our stay so long then also. One of the fronts, had winds howling up to 50 knots and our anchor held. That year, we made it to Nassau just two days before Amber, Jason and the kids flew in! We are hoping we make it with more time to spare this time. We have to be there to pick up the first of our kids on January 30th. They are coming back to back, well three of them are and the 4th one comes 6 days after the the third one leaves. Guess I will be doing laundry during those 6 days. Lol So from January 30th – March 8th Persuasion will have lots of crew on board. Can’t wait for them to enjoy these beautiful waters and warm sun. Just praying for no cold fronts with all the wind!

After we had made the decision not to head down to Nassau, we lowered the dinghy from the bow and went for a little ride enjoying the beautiful day. Mike needed a haircut so we got to that out in the cockpit. Then I decided to do some cleaning and scrubbing on Persuasion.

The one boat that came in yesterday left mid morning and no one else came in. We had the whole anchorage to ourselves.

January 16th Strolling around Spanish Wells

Just look at this sunrise!

We decided that we would take Persuasion in to Spanish Wells. We pulled up the anchor at 10:00. So neat to see where your anchor is in the water. So clear and clean. We had to use the wash down pump to get the sand off. There were also lots of little minnows swimming along the side of the boat.

It was about an hour motor over to Spanish Wells. Here is what we saw on the way over:

A sailboat heading to Royal Island

Houses along the way

A local ferry

We set the hook outside the entrance to Spanish Wells at 11:10. There were 6 other boats at anchor there. Then we dingied in to the harbour and motored along up to the marina where we docked a couple of days last time. There was a huge yacht on the dock with his tender alongside.

There were 4 cottages just being started in 2015 right beside the marina. Beautiful yellow cottages, all finished now.

Other things we saw today:

Lots of fishing boats. Spanish Wells fishermen produce close to 75% of the Bahamas annual production of lobster that is exported to markets around the world. Here is just a few of the fishing boats we saw.

This photo is for you, Gale. We know you’d appreciate the boat name. 🙂 And the catamaran beside the fishing boat is certainly all set up for fishing

A marine hardware store and a fuel dock

R & B Boat Yard

A fresh fish store and fishing supplies

We tied up the dinghy and took a walk through town. Up quite a steep hill from the waterfront. Love this home. It has a beautiful view of the harbour

This one is right across the street on the steep hill. It too has a beautiful view; and it’s for sale! Any takers?

Another pretty house

Up to the crest of the hill and looking down is a sight to behold; the ocean

We walked down to the water and then along the beach for awhile

Here is our attempt at a selfie. Lol

We walked up one of the lanes from the beach and passed by this cemetery. (Note the two mourning doves in the first photo). The cemetery was on both sides of the lane. One side was very old as you can see.

At the top of the lane, we came to the main road and saw a lot of golf carts going down the street. There were cars as well but lots of golf carts and everyone is so friendly. Always waving and saying hello. There are a lot of people who come to stay here for the winter and there are cottages along the lanes by the oceans that are rented out. We met a family last time from Sudbury, ON that was on vacation for a week here. They all seem to rent golf carts to get around.

We continued walking along the road to the main supermarket. But when we got there, we noticed the parking lot rather empty. Mike started to go in but noticed the sign on the door that they closed at noon. Their hours are 9-5 but on Wednesday 9-12 and closed on Sunday. Keep that in mind if you come to Spanish Wells. 🙂

There was a restaurant beside the supermarket called Eagles Landing and being lunch time, we decided to try it out. Their homemade fries were really good. I took some photos of their decorating. It was very beachy, shall I say, with the driftwood, shells and baskets.

We took a few more photos while walking back to the boat, which are captioned below:

An ultralight plane under wraps

We passed by more houses. We noted that this one doesn’t need to mow any lawn

And this one is rather artsy

This house had lovely landscaping and so well kept. The sign above the door said “Last Move” so we guessed they downsized but it sure was a sweet place

We worked our way back down the hill towards the harbour. We thought this place was either a hotel or apartments

A couple of goats

Someone’s art work; lots of licence plates and shells and a close up of the little bird house

We walked by the marina and I strolled in to get a closer look at their finished project with the 4 cottages. They did a great job; looks very welcoming!

A couple of other things we found interesting:

This tire man: what do you grandkiddos think of him?

Some pretty bushes

It really is wonderful to walk around in the sunshine and see flowers and bushes in bloom. We got back to our dinghy and then dingied back down to Ronald’s Seafood. They sell RO water there for 50 cents a gallon. We filled our water jugs and dingied back outside the harbour to where Persuasion was anchored. We weighed anchor at 14:30 and were back at the anchorage in Royal Island with the hook set at 15:30. The sailboat that we met earlier in the day was anchored too. Just the two of us tonight. So as I mentioned earlier, Royal Island will be Persuasion’s home until the front passes and the winds calm down which will hopefully be by January 23rd.

It was a good day and we got over 10,000 steps; Bonus! And we had a beautiful sunset tonight! God’s beautiful handiwork!

Today we travelled 10.7 nm.

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