Janurary 14th Lynyard Cay to Royal Island

We were up early and ready for our crossing at first light. This was our sunrise as we pulled up the anchor at 06:45 and headed out.

This motor yacht came in to anchor late yesterday afternoon and was lit up like a Christmas tree last night. Beautiful yacht!

The sun was rising higher as we motored out.

Here is Little Harbour. Beautiful little place; although we attempted it at low tide last time. We hit bottom and after quite a while we finally got moving!

And just a short time later, we were out on the ocean again! This time crossing Northeast Providence Channel. Winds were light and variable. We sailed some and cruised along nicely.

Here are some photos of our day on the ocean:

Check out the depth area on the chart!

Actually in this particular spot it said the depth was 15,000 on Mike’s chart at the helm

And we are always amazed at the colour of the water. So blue! The colour of ink!

There was one sailboat quite a ways in front of us and two quite a distance behind us but other than that we didn’t see any boats for a very long time. Finally we spotted one

Not long after, we saw a couple of container ships

And an hour later, another ship

The deep colour of the ocean here amazes me

We were disappointed not to see any whales or dolphins. Not even any flying fish! At least we saw a couple of flying fish last time. We brought the sails in and motored between Egg Island and Little Egg Island

We could definitely see a change in the water-colour now. It was shallower and the turquoise colour

We motored past the Royal Island Resort

And a few minutes later, we were at the entrance to Royal Island

We set the hook in 10 feet of water at 15:35. Sunny and 27C. A beautiful warm day and a great crossing. Once again we were thankful for a safe passage.

A sailboat came in to anchor later in the afternoon. Just the two of us in the anchorage here

Our sunset tonight

And that folks was another ocean crossing that we are glad to have behind us. We did have a beautiful day, calm waters and enough wind to sail some of the way. For that we were very thankful.

Today we travelled 58.1 nm.

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