January 8 Checking In To The Bahamas

Ahh, one could get used to waking up to this!

After breakfast we lowered the dinghy and the motor so we could dinghy in to the customs office. (When we arrived last time, we got in earlier in the day and took a dock at the Bluff House Resort here in White Sound and a customs officer came over by golf cart to get us checked in).

Here is another pretty place behind us in the anchorage.

So by 09:00, we were ready to dinghy over to the customs office in New Plymouth to get checked in. First things first though….on the way there, we went by Black Sound where Modaki has been moored since they arrived in November. We went through the mooring field and didn’t see the boat at first, so thought they may be out at anchor at Manjack Cay. Finally, we spot the boat. Joe was on the deck and wasn’t sure who was in the dinghy. They were surprised to see us. They do follow the blog and knew we would be crossing whenever we got a good window. We had a little chat and told them we would come back after checking in. It was so good to see them. We spent many hours together snorkelling, beachcombing, hiking and walking around New Plymouth and also walking around Marsh Harbour. Their first time coming to the Bahamas on Modaki was in 2015, same as us and they have been spending the winter in the Bahamas ever since.

It was a short dinghy ride to the dock in New Plymouth. Green Turtle Cay is a little three-mile long island and New Plymouth is the main settlement on the southwest tip of the island. Here we are at the dock.

The customs Office was a short walk too; in a pink building that also has a post office and washrooms. It took a short time, a payment of $300 and we were checked in and good for 90 days in the Bahamas!

We took a few photos of New Plymouth as we walked back to the dinghy. We love this place and enjoyed being here last time. It is so quaint and everyone is so friendly. We hope to return and spend some time here in March. Here are some photos:

Pretty homes

A golf cart still decorated from Christmas


Then back to the dock. This is on the other side of the Welcome to Historic New Plymouth

We dingied back to visit with Joe and Yvonne. We talked awhile on Modaki and found out that on Thursdays a BTC (Bahamas Telephone Company) salesman comes to GTC to sell sim cards for phones. However, Thursday would be a holiday in the Bahamas. Majority Rules day. It would have been nice to stay for a few days on GTC but we wanted to get our phone set up for the Bahamas. Joe had free international calling on his phone so Mike quickly called Becca and told her to let all the others know we had made it safely across to here. Joe looked at the weather too and it was giving a good day to go across the “whale” where you have to go out into the ocean and around Whale Cay to get to Marsh Harbour. Then we could go to the BTC on Wednesday morning. I felt a little better about going once Yvonne told us that they were taking a ferry over to Treasure Cay and then renting a car with friends to grocery shop in Marsh Harbour on Wednesday. It was settled we would meet them and their friends for lunch.

We also saw Ben and Jane from Old Rosie who had been on a mooring ball with us in Vero Beach. Their son Matt was visiting for a week so we got to meet him too. They were in their dinghy and motored over to Modaki. Old Rosie had a good crossing and got to GTC on Christmas Eve.

We dingied back to Persuasion on White Sound, had lunch and weighed anchor at 14:00. We motored over for fuel at the Bluff House marina and were on our way.

Here are some photos of New Plymouth as we motored by on the Sea of Abaco

As we got closer to Whale Cay, we could see the colour of the water change

Whale Cay is famous for its passage out into the ocean. The Cay runs for 1.5 nm and the Sea of Abaco becomes too shallow for boats to navigate through. You have to go into the Atlantic, around Whale Cay, through Loggerhead Pass and then into the channel to Bakers Bay which is on the northeast tip of Great Guana Cay. No one crosses the Whale in bad weather. If there are any swells, your boat will be beam to the swells for the 2 nautical miles. As you can see, it was not a bad day.

And here we are back into the Sea of Abaco with Great Guana Cay on shore. Love looking at the colour change in water.

I thought we may get a rain storm but the sun came through

Cool looking sun behind the clouds

We motored in to Marsh Harbour and set the anchor at 18:00 hrs at dusk. The sunset tonight was lovely.

Today we travelled 22.99 nm. More on our stay in Marsh Harbour in the next post.

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