December 15 – January 1 Home for Christmas and back to Vero Beach

Well we arrived back to Persuasion safely after a wonderful two weeks home with family and friends.

Sorry for the lapse of time with no posts but after no blogging for a couple of weeks, it takes a while to get back into it. First I’ll add a few photos of our trip home. The first photo is of one of the cruisers at the marina. While we were waiting for the bus to take us to our car rental, this guy was walking his dog. Too cute!

We got our car rental and made it to the airport in lots of time to spare. It is a small airport so very easy to get around.

I thought the grandkids might like these guys we saw at the airport.

We flew into Ogdensburg, NY which is only about 25 minutes from our house in ON. Two of our daughters and little grandson met us there. The next few photos were posted on IG and FB already but I am including them in this blog for the folks who don’t have those and only follow the blog on our website. Our flight was in early and the girls were waiting with Finnegan for us. Becca snapped this photo of us through the airport window of when we saw them! Because it’s through the window, the quality is not great but it sure shows our excitement of getting home.

And Fin was full of smiles when he saw us. So nice that we have FaceTime to keep in touch while we are gone.

When we got home there was a yummy roast beef dinner ready for us. And our house seemed huge after living on the boat for so long. Little Finn was not even eating solid food when we left. Here he is eating his pear and banana.

It was great to sleep in a bed that you can walk around. Lol The next morning we went to church and it was so good to see everyone! At noon, Scot, Jody and Margie came from Gananoque. They brough lunch and visited for the afternoon.

And that evening, we went in to visit Amber, Jason and their kids. They had been away in Barrie on a hockey tournament and got home just as we drove in.

It was a wonderful feeling seeing and hugging all the grandkids! The rest of the time went very quickly as we visited with family and friends. There were sleepovers at Scot’s and Amber’s. There were breakfast, lunch and dinner dates with friends. On Christmas Eve our church service was at 17:30 and was lovely. The kids alll loved the music and then after the service we went into Sarah and James’s for a pot luck. We took our family photo here and I can’t tell you how many takes we did. With 15 of us and all the dogs, it was rather difficult. And we were missing a dog; Amber’s dog Charlie and Sarah’s cat Mowgli were not in the photo. Now as you can imagine it was a zoo! 🙂 Anyway, this was the best of everyone! Lots of love in this photo.

And just look at these sweet kids. Five beautiful blessings!

We usually take the family photo on Christmas Day but Scot, Jody and Margie left for Disney World on Christmas morning. We left to take them to the airport at 04:30. Then after we went to Sarah’s for Finn’s first Christmas. He was up but ready to go back to bed so after breakfast he opened his things. As you can imagie with him being only 9 months old, he loved the paper the most. We then went over to see Amber’s kids and have coffee and cinnamon biscuits. Here is a photo of her dog Charlie who was not in the family photo. He is 1years old now. And her kids, Tayton, Elle and Easton on Christmas morning.

Scot sent us this photo from the airport. Margie is playing with her Santa gift while they wait to board their airplane.

Turkey dinner was at our place at 17:30. This was Finn’s first Christmas and he seems to be quite happy about it. 🙂

I celebrated a birthday while we were home. The girls treated me and Mike to breakfast and that night, Amber had us all for supper and birthday cupcakes. Amber is a master cake decorator and they were so yummy!  Our granddaughter Margie was born on my birthday, December 28th, 6 years ago.  How fast time flies!  We FaceTimed here as she celebrated her birthday this year at Disney world.  What fun she was having!

So that is a few photos of our homecoming and Christmas. Unfortunately, I remembered once we were at the airport that I had forgotten to pack my battery charger for my camera. I took as many as I could until the battery died and some of these photos are from our kids cameras. We had a great Christmas and made many wonderful memories.

On the 29th we met Jim and Cheryl in Merrickville and headed for the USA. We only had a few flurries and lake effect snow in Watertown and then it was clear. We had a great visit while travelling. They had gone to their daughters in Montreal for Christmas and actually had the flu when we first got home so we hadn’t seen them. Jim has a sinus infection so really wasn’t feeling well at all. Mike took turns driving with Jim and we stopped for the night in Statesville, NC at 22:30. We were on the road again at 08:00 after breakfast. The traffic was smooth going most of the time. We did see a couple of accidents that slowed us down. The further south we got the temperatures kept climbing! We arrived at Vero Beach marina on the 30th at 17:30 and it was a very warm 27C! We bummed a dinghy ride back to Persuasion. Jim and Cheryl continued on another half hour to Fort Pierce where their boat, Amazing Grace is stored.

The next morning December 31st, we took the bus to start provisioning for the Bahamas. Here is a photo of the groceries. Lucky for us that we have two carts to haul them in.

Happy New Year everyone! We actualiy went to bed around 22:00 but heard fireworks at 23:30 so got up and watched them. They were so close to the marina that we had a great view from Persuasion.

January 1, 2019 was off to a great start for us. We had gotten a text on the 30th from Lyn and Greg on Paperbird saying that were driving back from Annapolis to their boat in Titusville in their car rental. They wanted to come and visit with us on New Years Day. They arrived around 10:00 and it was good to see them again. We had left them in St. Marys, GA after the American Thanksgiving to continue south. Mike had forgotten his sunglasses and our devotion Bible in Jim’s van so they graciously took us down to get it and to meet Jim and Cheryl. Amazing Grace is at Riverside marina and is on the hard right now. They plan on getting it provisioned and in the water by February 1st. They head out to visit their daughter in Salt Lake City mid January for two weeks. It was good to see that they are feeling better.  We hope to see them in the Exumas in March. This photo is of us with Jim and Cheryl at their boat.

Lyn messaged Debbie from Calliope who has their boat in Fort Pierce at a different marina. We thought we could get together for lunch with her and Glenn but they were still at their home in Punta Gorda. They will return to their boat next week. So, we drove back to Vero Beach, had a great lunch with Greg and Lyn and then they drove us to the WalMart; yes it is open on New Years Day. They only close for Christmas Day! We did the last of our provisioning and were very grateful to Greg and Lyn for that! Love that you drove an hour and a half from Titusville to spend the day with us. Here is the 4 of us after we returned to the marina. Note the black cart that is full of groceries behind us! Hope to see you guys in the Bahamas in a few weeks!

So you can see we had a super time at home and ended our year with old friends and started the year with new friends! Life is good! Here’s hoping that you also had a wonderful Christmas. May 2019 bring you all health, happiness and many blessings!

2 thoughts on “December 15 – January 1 Home for Christmas and back to Vero Beach

    1. Thanks Pat. We are loving being here in the Bahamas. All the kids have flights booked and will all be coming to the Exumas different weeks in February. Can’t wait! I imagine you and Will are somewhere warm for the winter. 😎


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