November 30 Wabasso to Vero Beach

It actually seemed fairly warm when I went out to snap the sunrise.

There are two other boats in the anchorage here.

We didn’t need the heater this morning and we took the extra blanket off the bed! Bonus! We are finally getting some warm Florida weather! We actually worked on our blog out in the cockpit…without our fleece pants and heavy sweaters. It was 30C. Yahoo!

We noticed this boat going by when we were eating lunch and remarked how neat it was.

We weighed anchor at 12:30 and headed out.

We even rolled up the enclosure….hooray for a beautiful warm day!

Here is what we saw from Persuasion today:

Condos, condos, condos

More screened in houses. They are actually smart to do that so they can enjoy sitting outside and not battle with bugs, especially noseeums!

Such gorgeous houses. Can’t you just imagine how beautiful they would be inside?

And the property that went with this one!

We motored alongside the bridge and through the mooring field to the fuel dock at Vero Beach. We are now at mile 952 on the ICW.

We got our mooring assignment and tied to the ball at 14:20. And look who we are beside; Blossom II (Jim) who we first met in Waterford and helped each other raise our masts at Caselton on Hudson. We met him again in Spa Creek, Annapolis After we anchored, we noticed that he was in front of us. He has already flown home to Hamilton, ON and will be back after Christmas to head over to the Bahamas.

And look who is on the other side of Blossom II…the boat we snapped the photo of when we were eating lunch at our anchorage earlier. Old Rosie, they are from Owen Sound and we know that you will recognize this boat, Yvonne and Joe! Three ON boats moored together.

After we got settled, we dingied in for showers. Here are some photos of the Vero Beach Marina property:

Dinghy dock sign and kayak rentals

One of the picnic areas

Showers, laundromat and cruisers lounge

Slips and moorings; so many moorings

This guy was really good at rowing

Sunset; although the island blocks our view

And tonight we slept with the windows open for the first time in a long, long time. 🙂

Today we travelled 8.1 nm.

We would like to mention that we have finished Leg 2 of our trip. Leg 1 was from our home port, Stormont Yacht Club in Long Sault, ON to Annapolis, MD and Leg 2 from Annapolis to Vero Beach, FL. We have travelled 1729.49 nm. Leg 3 will be from here to the Bahamas. We have the mooring ball here for a month and can stay longer if we need to depending on the weather. We fly home on December 15 and will return before the New Year. The next 2 weeks will be spent on maintenance and a to do list of things on Persuasion. So much easier to do when you don’t have to motor somewhere every day and then work on things in the evening. And of course we will enjoy this new-found heat! We will post one more blog of our time here in Vero Beach and it will be just before we leave to fly home. We are very anxious to see all the kids and grandkids and yes, the dogs and cats too. We are thankful for FaceTime but still can’t wait to hug them. 🙂

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