November 28-29

November 28 Cocoa Beach to Melbourne

Oh man, it was cold this morning. The weather man said we would be having a cold front move through and he was right! Twenty degrees colder than yesterday. It was 5C out in the cockpit when I snapped the sunrise.

We were going to stay another day anchored here at Cocoa Beach but decided we would motor along as it was so cold and windy. We pulled anchor at 09:50 and by then, it was 10C in the cockpit. We didn’t travel far but here are some photos of our day on the water:

Persuasion with her head sail up on a sunny but crisp day on the Indian River

Sailing under a couple of bridges

And under another one

And once under the last bridge, we pulled in the sail and anchored by the Eau Gallie Bridge in Melbourne. We set the anchor at 12:15. Yes it was a short day and yes, it was still cold but at least it warmed up to 15C. We spent the afternoon blogging and resting and FaceTiming. We ran the buddy heater in the evening. We are very thankful to have our little heater!

Today we travelled 14.94 nm.

November 29 Melbourne to Wabasso

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

It wasn’t quite so cold but still needed our heater and fleece pants in the cockpit. We left the anchorage at 08:25.

A few of our sightings today are captioned below:

Looking over to the shore at Melbourne

Under a double bridge

A catamaran sailing wing on wing

A red trawler with the name Forever Young; memories of the theme song from the TV show Parenthood, anyone?

Derelict sunken boats

An island with some pretty houses

A bird nest

Dolphins; we have noticed pelicans flock to where they see dolphins feeding. Guess they are hoping for some of the fish too. 🙂

Treasure Coast Marina

Sebastian River Marina

St. Sebastian and the Sebastian River is on the other side of the bridge; we are still on the Indian River

A couple of islands

Nice homes on the river

Under our last bridge for the day; the boat in front of us with a taller mast went very slowly under the bridge worried he was too tall. We didn’t hear any scraping, so he made it. 🙂

Pelicans greeting us when we came through the bridge

We arrived at our anchorage at Wabasso at 12:30. The sun was shining and it was finally warming up. We posted a blog and got in touch with Vero Beach City Marina. Our mooring ball will be ready for us tomorrow. We didn’t need the heater tonight; warmer weather is here. Awesome!

Today we travelled 25.36 nm.

2 thoughts on “November 28-29

    1. Yes I miss them too. Such a great show! Maybe we will have time to watch at least one episode again when I’m home for Christmas. xo


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