November 26-27

November 26 Fort Matanzas to Rockhouse Creek

Oh dear, red sky in the morning again! Sailors take warning!

When we left the anchorage at 07:15, the sun was shining nicely. We had to be careful for a little while watching the water depth for shoaling.

Here is a few of the photos we captured today:

Washington Oaks Garden State Park

Houses; all screened in

Palm Coast Marina with some fancy yachts

Lots of condos

A rower

A fisherman checking his crab pots

The L.B. Knox lift bridge; newly painted wouldn’t you say?

Workers on the Halifax River under the bridge

Just before the Main Street lift bridge in Daytona Beach we noticed a green marker out and only when we were right up to it, did we notice this…Eek, that’s a hazard!

Under a double highway bridge; with pretty paintings on the posts

And workers dismantling the Tom Stead Veterans Memorial Bridge

Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station

Dredging equipment

Today we motored under 10 bridges! We got to our anchorage at Rockhouse Creek and set the anchor at 15:00. There were two derelict sailboats and a dredging barge in the anchorage.

Looking out to the ocean

An egret standing still; an overcast sky threatening rain

And then it did rain; only a few claps of thunder but lots and lots of rain! Today was a beautiful warm day, 27C. We will take it!

Today we travelled 44.73 nm.

November 27 Roadhouse Creek to Cocoa Beach

Well we had quite a night! As the tide turned, Persuasion swung around and drifted onto a shoal. Mike got up at 02:00 and we were kissing the bottom! He powered off and then pulled in some chain and we were back in deeper water.

The rest of the night was quiet and we pulled up anchor and left at 07:00. The Ponce de Leon light was flashing behind us as we left.

Other things we saw today are:

Dolphins! We never tire of watching them play

This guy came right beside us; a bit blurry as he scared me 🙂

Our first lift bridge today: George Musson Memorial

Lots of condos at New Symrna

Riverwood Park Campground

Water and sky

The Haulover Canal lift bridge

We had to go very slow in here because of manatees. We saw a few but they roll over so fast. You mostly see the spot in the water where they roll

We saw lots of other wildlife

A tug pushing two tugs

NASA Railway Bridge

Titusville Marina

Cape Canaveral off in the distance

NASA Causeway Bridge

A couple of power generating stations on the Indian River

Another tugboat

Under two bridges at Cocoa Beach

We lowered the anchor at our anchorage in Cocoa Beach at 15:15.

The high, warm temperatures of yesterday were replaced by cold, biting winds. Brrr! Had to get the extra quilt on the bed.

Our sunset tonight

Today we travelled 49.62 nm.

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