November 20-23 Enjoying our stay in St. Marys

St. Marys is a city in Camden County, Georgia. The city is the gateway to Cumberland Island National Seashore, the largest of the Georgia Coast’s barrier islands.

We spent some time the first morning washing the boat before going ashore. Well, the Captain did. He said “after 1500 miles, Persuasion needed a good washing”. He used the water from our tanks because he could dinghy over with our jugs and refill our tanks. It was great to get all the salt off and give her a good sudsing and rinse. He scrubbed the deck, the cockpit and the hull where we had the ICW smile. When we get to Vero Beach, we hope to get some wax on her. We also ran the generator to charge everything up. Hanging it from a halyard worked great to keep the noise and vibration down.

Once we went ashore, tied to the dinghy dock and walked ashore, we noticed this sign as soon as we dingied in to the dock. Check out the seashells in the cement wall that encompasses the waterfront park.

We went to the submarine museum with Lyn and Greg and Debbie and Glenn which was very interesting. Glenn who was a submariner helped explain things to us. On Wednesday, Janet and Robert from Emerald Dragon motored in. We had met them on our stay in the Dismal Swamp. We all ate a great lunch at Bessie’s and did quite a few walk abouts. Every night there was a happy hour and the cruisers took snacks to Seagles Saloon. On Wednesday night, there was an oyster roast and on Thursday, we had the Thanksgiving dinner at the Riverview Hotel and Seagles. The town and the hotel cooked the turkeys and hams and the cruisers took the sides and desserts. You also bring your own plates and cutlery. The meal was delicious. The only downside to the festivities was the weather. On Thursday during the meal, the wind came up and a lot of boats started swinging about on their anchors. Mike moved Persuasion because with all the movement, the boat beside us bent their ladder when our two boats collided. No damage to ours but that was unfortunate. Because of all the wind and current, Mike had a hard time getting up the anchor. Other boats moved to a different spot too.

We had a good pancake buffet breakfast at the hotel on Friday morning for only $5.00. It included juice, coffee, pancakes, bacon and sausage rounds. A great deal! They really go out of their way for all the cruisers. The yacht club will even arrange for a member to drive you to and from the grocery store. After a short walk, we headed back to the boat and once again with the tide change and the current, boats started swinging again. We moved yet again as did the three other boats around us because they too were swinging around. We had high winds all afternoon and evening. We had hoped to go to the Cumberland Island museum in the afternoon but didn’t dare leave the boat. The gusts were up to 28 kn all afternoon and evening. We spent the evening checking out prices for airfare to go home for Christmas. We couldn’t find a good Black Friday deal like we did in 2014. We will try on Cyber Monday. It rained off and on all evening.

Here are a few photos of our time at St. Marys:

Cumberland Island National Seashore Administration Offices

Submarine Museum

Bessies; where we ate lunch

Market on the Square; novelties, fudge and great ice cream


Bed and Breakfast Inns

Pretty houses

Orange Hall

Washington Pump Oak

Welcome Center


Cruisers on a walk touring the town

Live Oak Tree with fall foliage

This large tree had fallen over and look at the new branches growing up from it

Oak Grove Cemetary; tombstones from the 1700’s, and some tombstones from 2009

Binational Heritage Peace Garden Trail; commemorating the War of 1812 and the shared heritage of the United States and Canada

The Riverview Hotel and Seagel’s Saloon and Restaurant

Tables for Thanksgiving

Janet from Emerald Dragon decorated the sign boards out front of the hotel. Awesome job!

The hotel lobby decorated for Christmas. (it looked so different earlier in the week and for Thanksgiving as they had the lobby set up with tables for cruisers

Beautiful waterfront park; remind you of Stars Hollow, anyone? Lyn, Janet and I in the gazebo.

Very high tide on Friday; way higher than the normal 7 feet

Beautiful sunrises; the last one was on Thanksgiving. “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning”. that was the afternoon when all the boats were swinging and colliding. There is truth in that saying!

Gorgeous sunset; God’s handiwork

Full moon

The anchorage on St. Marys River

So we had an American Thanksgiving in St. Marys, Georgia and it was awesome. We had a great time with old friends and new-made friends. That is what cruising is all about. If you ever get to St. Marys by boat or on land, I’m sure you will find it to be a beautiful, quaint place with very friendly people.

Quote of the day on my calendar for November 22nd, Thanksgiving

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.     John F. Kennedy

6 thoughts on “November 20-23 Enjoying our stay in St. Marys

    1. Yes, we had been looking into that. We finally got one booked this morning; Orlando to Ogdensburg at a great price! Arriving home on the 15th. 😀


    1. No I didn’t see them but was hoping to. 😀 Yes, his quote was very appropriate for Thanksgiving. May we always live our lives being grateful and expressing our gratitude.


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