November 17-19

November 17-18 Fun in Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is a city on Amelia Island and is Florida’s northernmost city on the Atlantic coast. It is one of the principal municipalities of Greater Jacksonville. When we dingied to the showers and laundromat at the marina, this sign was on the cafe at the marina.

Paperbird and Calliope arrived on Saturday morning around 09:30 from their overnighter on the ocean from Beaufort and we met them at the dock to walk for lunch. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and the food was excellent.

Here are some photos of the downtown area:

Florida’s First Atlantic to Gulf Railroad

Amelia Island Welcome Center by the tracks

Colourful hotel behind the railroad car

Lovely old buildings and shops

Post Office

Court house

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

United Methodist Church

A beautiful Inn

Saturday afternoon we took the Island Hopper, which is a small van up to the Walmart and grocery store. It is only $1.00 each way. We had a gorgeous sunset in the evening.

On Sunday morning we, and Greg and Lyn from Paperbird, walked to the First Baptist Church. It was almost 2 miles but so worth it. They had an amazing service.

On our walk to church we saw a few interesting things:

This guy standing at attention

And pelicans napping

A group of Ibis feeding

This little guy out by a thrift shop; outfit says Boys are Smelly. That is not true is it, Tayton, Easton and Finn?

A couple of cars that Grampie Claude would love

We all walked back from church and met Glenn and Debbie from Calliope and had a good lunch at Tasty’s Fresh Burgers and Fries. All kinds of burgers to choose from and so tasty. 🙂

The church we attended this morning was having a low country boil at 17:00. We were invited to join them and bring guests. So we, Paperbird and Calliope walked back and enjoyed a great meal. We had never had a low country boil, which is corn, potatoes, sausage, shrimp and coleslaw. And so many desserts! It was a feast! The people were welcoming and the tables were beautifully decorated; each one different.

We had some great chats walking to and from the church and really got our steps in. My fitbit recorded 22,667. That was a lot of walking!

Our two days spent at Fernandina Beach were most enjoyable. The marina staff is very friendly and accommodating to folks who anchor out. Hurricane Matthew took out their fuel dock and a lot of their slips in 2016. They are closing the marina November 26 to do repairs and it won’t be open until early June next year. If you ever find yourself visiting Fernandina Beach whether by boat or by car, I’m sure you will enjoy your stay. Take in the Sunday morning service too at First Baptist. You’ll hear some great music and a good message.

November 19 Fernandina Beach to St. Marys, GA

Yes I know we are backtracking. 🙂 But Paperbird told us about the great American Thanksgiving festivities in St. Marys. And since we had some time before their Thanksgiving, we wanted to get to Fernandina Beach before the marina closed.

We waited for the tide to leave our anchorage. (there is a 6 ft tide here). We pulled anchor at 12:00 and headed out. Here are our photos for the day:

The Fernandina Beach Marina; Hampton Inn and Suites in the background

Rayonier Advanced Materials Plant and the anchorage

WestRock; this paper plant and Rayonier make cardboard boxes for Amazon!

Fort Clynch

We got to the anchorage at 13:45.

Our view from Persuasion

Beautiful views of the sunset

There are festivities and meet and greet for cruisers planned for Tuesday and Wednesday nights and the Thanksgiving dinner will be on Thursday at 1. The turkeys and ham are supplied by the town and townspeople and the cruisers bring the sides. (We went to one in Vero Beach in 2014 and they are so much fun). They even have a pancake breakfast here for the cruisers on Friday morning for $5.00. We will have a blog after Thanksgiving about our time here and will almost likely leave on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to continue on.

Today we travelled 8.63 nm.

2 thoughts on “November 17-19

    1. Indeed! Love to make new memories and relive over again and again by looking at the photos. We have looked back several times at our old phots in our last blog of the same cities. Amazing what different things we have noticed this time.


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