November 15-16 Travelling through Georgia

November 15 Redbird Creek to St. Simons Island

The winds were crazy through the night. Sometimes there were gusts up to 30 kn. And they were still bad when we got up. We had to run the buddy heater in the evening and again this morning. It was misty and overcast when we pulled up anchor at 07:15 and motored back out the creek to the ICW.

Here’s some shots of Persuasion’s day on the water:

Looking out to the ocean from St. Catherine’s Sound

It was very windy and rough on the Sapelo Sound. Winds 20 -27 kn. These photos are not rain, it’s water coming over the bow and side of the boat!

It was 12C in the cockpit so even Mike had to resort from shorts to fleece pants, a hoodie and his woolies! This photo is for all our American cruising friends who always make fun of Mike wearing shorts in the cool weather. He does get cold sometimes. Lol

Patches of foam floating in the water, lots of them

A beautiful sky with the sun dazzling on the water

A pelican taking off beside us

More clouds rolling in

We motored in to Morningstar marina and fueled up and filled our water tanks. They guys at the marina were very nice and they commented on how bitter the wind was. Mike even had to wear a hat so that says something. We set anchor outside the marina at St. Simons Island at 17:15.

It was a long dreary day. The Sapelo sound was the roughest. The wind was against the waves. The other three, the St. Catherine, Doboy and the Altahama Sounds were smoother but the cold today was awful. I had tights on under my jeans and two sweaters. Even with the enclosure, it was cold. We had cell service and by 21:00, the wind calmed down some. I did brave the cold to snap a couple of photos of the sunset, one when it was just going down and another after it had set.

Today we travelled 62.87 nm.

November 16 St. Simons Island to Fernandina Beach, FL

Well it was chilly this morning but not near as bad as yesterday. And it was sunny! Some pelicans came gliding in as I snapped our sunrise.

I got another one a few minutes later with the steam rising off the water and on the other shore of some white pelicans.

We posted a blog after breakfast and lifted anchor at 08:00. There was one other boat in the anchorage with us. The marina is in the background.

So nice to have the sun. The last two days were so dismal and dreary. There is not so much to see along the ICW in Georgia but one day we will return by car and visit Savannah. I hear it is a beautiful city and one I’d love to see.

Here are today’s sightings:

Looking out to the ocean…where the water meets the sky

A cable-stayed bridge; we didn’t go under this

Range markers

Entering Jekyll Creek: had to be careful to follow the charts here for about 4 miles as the tide was just coming in and it was shallow

Pelicans flying, thought our grandkids would enjoy seeing them

Had to stay in the channel as you can see by the banks

Sailboat on the bottom; guessing he anchored there and now has to wait for the tide to get off

Always a bridge to go under

Jekyll Island; looks like a beautiful spot

Always a bridge to go under

Woah, lots of birds by the bridge

Cabin Bluff; hunting and fishing retreat cabin rentals

Naval submarine Base at Kings Bay off the Cumberland Sound


U.S. Coast Guard

Straight out takes you to the ocean

We turned right and now we are in Florida

Fort Clynch

Look grandkids; a boat painted like a shark

WestRock Paper Mill

A ship at the loading terminal

Fernandina Harbor Marina

Cruise ship anchored out

We set the anchor across from the marina at 14:00. Tomorrow morning, Calliope and Paperbird will arrive from their ocean crossing. There are showers and a laundromat at the marina so that is on the agenda for tomorrow. Here is our first Florida sunset on this trip. 🙂

Today we travelled 36.05 nm.

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