November 9 – 10 Dewees Creek to Isle of Palms Marina

 November 9 Fun visit with Ron and Gwen

This morning we were in no hurry leave the anchorage as we were only a short distance from the marina where we had reservations. Ron and Gwen would be arriving shortly after lunch. So looking forward to seeing them. I tidied up Persuasion and we talked to Jim and Cheryl and relaxed some.

We pulled anchor at high tide and left at 10:15.

The dolphins were feeding again today. There is quite a bit of current in here when the tide comes in and they love it.

This is not a great photo. I was a little late snapping it, but a hard hat and 2 pairs of water shoes were nailed on this marker. Hopefully, it was to make conversation and no one was hurt at this marker, or worse.

Today was a very short travel day, so not a lot of photos. Here is what we did see:

Houses with long docks to their boats

Beautiful homes in and around the marina

We arrived at the marina and fueled up. Quite a nice market here too

We tied off at our dock at 11:10 and look what is in front of us. This photo is for our granddaughter, Margaret Mae

We were expecting Ron and Gwen around 13:30 so we had time to shower and do laundry. We saw them arrive and were happy to see their smiling faces.

We hadn’t seen each other for 9 years but it was like no time had passed. We sat for a while and chit chatted on Persuasion and then they took us to Walmart. On the way there we dropped their luggage at their hotel which was not far from the marina. It was so nice to be able to actually buy more than you really need and get stocked up. Normally we buy the necessities because we are walking. When we got back, Gwen helped sort them and I put the perishable and frozen things away. Then it was time for dinner. We went to the restaurant The Upper Deck, right beside our dock and the food was really good.

After our meal that included lots of reminiscing and getting caught up, we made plans to see them back at Persuasion in the morning after 10:00.

Today we travelled 2.89 nm.

November 10 Isle of Palms and Charleston with Ron and Gwen

We had quite a thunder and lightning storm in the night. The rain came down in buckets. Of course we were happy to get the salt washed off the boat. This morning was overcast and a bit cooler.

There is a water bus service in here too.

Mike knowing that Persuasion was due for an oil change, got that job done. The marina here disposes of your old oil for you, so that is nice.

I went up to the top of the restaurant and snapped this photo of Persuasion on the dock.. You can see Mike down on the dock talking to the man on the catamaran. They were leaving this morning to go outside on the ocean to Jacksonville, Florida.

Then we washed out the bilge. We were just about finished when Gwen sent us a text and asked what we would like in our coffees. Wow, we are getting spoiled with all this. We are being driven around for shopping and getting coffees delivered!

More great laughs sitting out in the cockpit. It was just like old times with Ron and Gwen being on the boat. Before they sold Angelique II, we had many fun times at Whitby Yacht Club, sailing down to Toronto and Hamilton and so many wonderful summers in the Thousand Islands. They said what they missed most, was sitting out in their cockpit in the sun eating breakfast. I can see why. So great having them here. I actually said to Mike on the way in to the marina yesterday that I wondered if Mike and Doreen would come and surprise both us and Ron and Gwen. I thought maybe they would have noticed Gwen commenting on Facebook about us getting closer to South Carolina and that they were planning a visit. Now that would be just like old times!

We saw a boat heading out with his crab pots while we were having our coffee.

Next thing on the agenda was taking apart the wind generator and installing new bearings that had been shipped to Ron and Gwen’s.

Getting it apart was the tricky part. We had a work bee going on; with me being the gopher and getting the tools needed, Mike and Ron holding it as Gwen hit it with the rubber mallet.

Finally, it was free. Actually when they got it apart, it needed two new bearings. Thankfully, Ron brought along extras. His little propane soldering iron came in handy too. Love the concentration on Gwen’s face as she holds the solder. And then, we are ready to get the wind generator back on the pole.

All done! Thanks for all the help guys!

Michael had a quick shower and then we headed out in the truck. First to Dick’s Sporting Goods to check for Keen’s for us but no good deals. Then to the battery store for Persuasion’s radio. We have been looking all over and no battery speciality stores are close enough. So we bought two to have an extra on hand. So thankful to get those.
Next stop: Charleston! We had been there with Ray and Esther when they came to meet us and Amazing Grace in Myrtle Beach and Charleston. It was evening when we went for dinner in the French Quarter so didn’t see too much. Here is what we saw today:

Charleston City Market

Beautiful shops line the streets

Magnolias Restaurant. We tried to get in here for dinner with Ray and Esther and Jim and Cheryl but it was booked.

Farmers and Exchange Bank; a National Historic Landmark

Beautiful buildings

Brown Dog Deli. This is where we ate a late lunch. Look at the fronts of the buildings along here. Gorgeous!

Ron and Gwen have been here a couple of times, once with Mike and Doreen and they loved it. We could see why. The food is yummy and the service is great. There is a garden out back too for dining but no seats available for 4. I snapped a few photos. I didn’t get any of the main dining area where we ate. It was full and crowded but it was so quaint with lots of old brick showing like the wall in the bathroom

Old Exchange Building

This area is where the slave auctions took place. 😦

The pineapple fountain at Waterfront Park

The four of us

A cruise ship at dock

We even had time for a swing

A young boy was selling roses he made from reeds. Gwen bought us each one

Old slave Mart Museum

This huge church was built many years ago; they later built the road around it. I tried to get a photo as we were driving but just look at the detail.

United States Custom House

We got back to Persuasion around 16:00 and said our goodbyes. (with a photo bomber) lol

And just as fast as they came, they were gone.

We want to thank you, Ron and Gwen for a great visit. For bringing our bearing to us, along with extras, for all the water that has Persuasion weighted down. One can never have enough water bottles on a boat. For your wheels to take us shopping, your help with fixing the wind generator and most of all for your friendship. We had a fabulous time. Here’s to another great visit; let’s not wait 9 years!

4 thoughts on “November 9 – 10 Dewees Creek to Isle of Palms Marina

  1. Excellent post! So nice for you to catch up with your old friends. Monica and I have wonderful memories of Charleston. We saw many of the same sights and I remember the great food. Thanks and safe travels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is always fun catching up with great friends and even better that it’s like no time has passed since you’ve seen them. So happy that they showed us around Charleston. I can see why you and Monica loved it.


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