November 7 Murrells Inlet to Awendaw November 8 Awendaw to Dewees Creek

This morning, we pulled up anchor at 08:00 and headed back out. This steel derelict boat was here when we went by last time. And the Waca Wache Marina is right across from it.

Here’s today’s photo highlights:

A beautiful calm morning

And lovely scenery along the Waccamaw River

Logs alert today; had to keep a close eye


Beautiful reflection on the water

Kids have to take a ferry to school from this dock; thought we might see it but it was 09:00 when we passed by

Lots of lily pads floating in the water

One really huge one

Abandoned rice fields

Very scenic

A floating bridge; and look at the name on Elle


Tide was out; poor planning on our part. The depth alarm kept sounding as we plowed our way through 3 miles of very low water!

Thankfully we made it through and the water was deeper in the anchorage. We had greeters too!

We dropped the hook at Harbor River Inlet at Awendaw at 14:00. Very peaceful and calm in here and we have wifi. Bonus; we can post some blogs and call the kids. 🙂

Today we travelled 44.6 nm.

November 8 Awendaw to Dewees Creek

This morning we lifted anchor at 08:00. This photo is looking out toward the ocean.

We wanted to get out on the rising tide so we wouldn’t be plowing our way through and hitting bottom.

Here’s some shots of a rather dismal day:

Houses along the ICW

This home is different

Lots of pelicans and sea gulls on this dock

A little place literally in the middle of nowhere; with a long dock to your boat

And again today we had a warm welcoming.

Not only were dolphins around; we had egrets and birds

We dropped the hook in Dewees Creek at 10:40. A short day but we rested and posted some blogs. It’s great having cell service! Just one more sleep until we get to see Ron and Gwen, friends we met at Whitby Yacht Club and now live in South Carolina! Very exciting!

Today we travelled 18.1 nm.

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