November 4 Mile Hammock to Wrightsville Beach

It was windy this morning when we lifted the anchor at 06:30.

With the time falling back last night, it is now lighter earlier. Some had already left the anchorage when we headed out.

We really had to watch the markers going out this morning for water depth. But made it through with no problem. Some of our sightings today are:

A beautiful sunrise behind the clouds

A huge house

Love the name on this shrimp boat

Houses and docks line the side of the ICW

A cormorant drying his wings on Mile 255 of the ICW

A catamaran casualty from Florence 😦

A new bridge being built at Surf City; we had to wait for the older swing bridge to turn for us


Other boaters behind us

A sailboat washed up in someone’s yard

A fisherman pulling in his crab pot

This is quite the place

Beautiful homes

Docks damaged

Another swing bridge

More hurricane damage

Sand dunes

Looking out to the ocean

A dog enjoying his ride

A lift bridge

Right after the bridge, we stopped for fuel and water. The current was so strong and the wind was crazy. This large boat was across from the fuel dock at the marina. Quite the name, isn’t it?

Then we headed into the anchorage and had to really watch the depth at first; quite shallow in places.

Beautiful Wrightsville Beach homes all around where we anchored.

We dropped the hook at 14:25. Very windy. We set the wind alarm and had gusts up to 26 kn. It calmed down later in the evening. When we were anchored here in 2014, we dinghied in with Jim and Cheryl and walked across to the ocean. Cheryl and I wanted to dip our feet in the ocean. 🙂 Here’s a few photos from that trip. It is a beautiful beach! Coincidentally that was on November 4th as well.


We got in touch with Jim tonight from Blossom II and he is in Titusville and doing great. We also messaged James and Amanda from Barry Duckworth. They are in Deltaville after spending a lot of time in Baltimore with family and then in Solomons Island for bad weather. Hope to meet up with both these folks at some point.

Meanwhile back home, our 8 year old grandson Tayton, made it to his first finals hockey tournament. He and his teammates of the Metcalfe Jets won 5-2 and got the trophy. He’s shown here with his medal. His smile says it all! We are so proud of you!

Today we travelled 35.96 nm.

2 thoughts on “November 4 Mile Hammock to Wrightsville Beach

  1. Checked the house today and the mail. Everything is great. It’s been windy here today and very mild. I guess next week it’s supposed to get cold.we are finally getting rid of the last of the leaves. Some of the trees were bare and some still hanging on. We miss you folks and now Rebecca and James. It’s pretty quiet. No news in town that I know of. Have a great safe winter. Love Jack and Charlene

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