November 3 Morehead City to Mile Hammock Bay

We had a very windy night with the wind blowing us onto the dock. Mike got
up in the night and put an extra fender on. Around 06:30, we heard something hitting on the boat. He got up and found a solid wooden gate hitting beside the hull! He was able to pick it up and put it on the dock. This is the view behind us this morning.

This derelict boat was very noisy in the night, actually both nights, halyards and lazy jacks hitting against the mast. We said good bye to At First Sight as he was taking Saylor for a walk and then shoved off the dock at 08:45.

As we motored out, we could see many derelict boats. I think these ones were here in when we anchored in here with Amazing Grace 4 years ago.

These however look like they may have just been here since Hurricane Florence. What a shame!

Here’s today’s sightings :

Atlantic Beach Bridge; we walked by this bridge on our way to the grocery store yesterday

Atlantic Beach

Damaged homes and docks 😦

Sailboat aground way up in the field!

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune; when military amphibious training is going on, no one is allowed on this part of the ICW


The Onslow Beach swing bridge

Locals out fishing

Windswept trees

We arrived at Mile Hammock and set the hook at 14:50. Lots of boats followed in after, including Emerald Dragon, on the left.

Boats here in the anchorage

Tim and Terri, a local couple in a run-about was going to all the boats with small bags of Halloween treats. Apparently they do this every year. How nice! We missed them as we were down below. Janet from Emerald Dragon decided to go out on her kayak for some exercise. She came over to chat and gave us some. I tried to catch this photo of her going back to her boat but it’s a bit dark.

By sunset there were 21 boats in here, including us. Another beautiful sunset!

We send birthday greetings today from NC to our daughter Rebecca, who is also travelling. You and Rich have a great time in London and South Africa.

Today we travelled 35.61nm.

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