October 31 Alligator River-Pungo River Canal to Broad Creek

We were up early admiring the sky before the sun was up. The sunrises here are gorgeous!

Eleven boats in here, including us. Yesterday, Soulmates and a couple other boats that left Elizabeth City with us, went through the canal. Hopefully, we will meet again on the water somewhere. We stayed here, knowing it is a great anchorage and this morning, the water is like glass.

We pulled anchor at 07:00 and started out on the water.

And the fog was still rising as we entered the canal.

And here are some highlights of our tip today:

The sun shining on the trees with the fog lifting was very pretty

Under a bridge

Still fog lifting on the canal 2 hours later

Loved this little boat

So scenic

Passed Mile 125 on the ICW

Straight as a bowling lane

Under this bridge and then we are in the Pungo River

Marsh fields

Coast Guard Station

Shrimp boats tied up at Marine Supply Fuel and Seafood

A Tugboat

Large properties with beautiful views

Sea gulls diving for fish on the Pamlico River

We motored into River Dunes for fuel and water. There are beautiful homes in here

There are tennis courts, swimming pool, marina and restaurant. Their office and restaurant are in this beauty! Quite the resort!

We motored back out with Paperbird and set the hook not far from there in Broad Creek at 17:20

No cell service again tonight but very pretty in here

And we watched the sun go down

Today we travelled 63.26 nm.

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