October 29 Elizabeth City October 30 Elizabeth City to Alligator River

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning.

The Atlantic Christian University on the other side of the bridge offers free showers to boaters. Mike walked over this morning and after that, we chatted with fellow boaters. Emerald Dragon, who had been on the dock with us in the Dismal Swamp decided to get underway today.

This sign for Elizabeth City greets you on the waterfront. And these monuments are on the walkway as well, telling about the legend of Rose Buddies. Joe’s rose bushes were transplanted down here at the waterfront after he died in 1987. Fred died in 2007.


We walked a short distance to a Laundromat with Soulmates and Paperbird.

And then we, along with Greg and Lyn from Paperbird enjoyed lunch at a restaurant called Quality seafood. While we were in line waiting, a lady and her mom started talking to us. She used to live in Maryland but now lives here. We were trying to decide what to order and she said to try the crab cakes. Everyone says Maryland crab is the best so Mike and I ordered those and they were very good. This lady was very nice and wants us to take her up on an offer to stay at her place on our way home in the spring. We may just do that!

After lunch, we went to the Museum of the Albemarle with Greg and Lyn.

It is a beautiful museum and this hangs in the foyer.

So many artifacts from different eras. You were allowed to take photos without a flash. I snapped a few:

The Railroad Era

Farming became easier in the Automobile Era, with tractors. My dad loved Farmall tractors

Here’s more on the Rose Buddies story and how it came to be; hopefully you will be able to read it from the photo:

But if not, the story is that these two men, Fred Fearing and Joe Kramer started this gesture in 1983 when they welcomed sailors to their harbor. Fred grabbed refreshments and Joe cut roses from his bushes to give to each woman. They got such great response that they decided to welcome every incoming boater with a rose from Joe’s garden. The Rose Buddies and Elizabeth City “The Harbor of Hospitality” made their way into waterway history. So much so that Willard Scott from the Today Show, donated a golf cart, which you can see in the photo, for them to use. After Joe and Fred’s death, a man named Gus took over. Apparently, he is in a nursing home now. The golf cart was retired as well and donated to the museum, shown here beside the poster in the museum.

When we arrived on Sunday, there was a man from the Christian University with his little girl and she handed me one while we were tying up. A very nice, welcoming gesture.

After visiting the museum, Mike and I walked up to the Christian University and through town to get some photos. Here is what we saw:

Beautiful buildings, some with great architecture


There were lots of plaques here about the Wright Brothers


Beautiful Cenotaph with the bridges opened in the background

The Mid-Atlantic Christian University Campus

This plaque was on the grounds of the University. Wise words; may we all heed them

We really enjoyed our time in Elizabeth City. It really is the Harbor of Hospitality. If you ever get a chance to visit, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

October 30 Elizabeth City to Alligator River-Pungo River Canal

Tuesday morning, October 30, we shoved off and headed out at 07:15. We travelled along with Paperbird. It was still not quite light but I snapped this photo of Elizabeth City.

We motored along and soon saw the sun rising on the beautiful Pasquotank River.

Here are other things we saw today:

Coast Guard Station; the gentleman who picked us up on our long walk back to the boat works here

The Blimp Airport; and yes that is a blimp

The winds were calm and we had a good crossing on the Albemarle Sound. Paperbird motoring along

The Alligator River Swing Bridge

More coming through behind us

There is not a lot to see on the Alligator River

We set the hook at the top of the Alligator-Pungo River Canal at 14:20

And were welcomed by the U.S. Air Force

They were rather loud and we heard them again in the early evening. Absolutely no cell coverage here. There might not be a lot to see motoring along on the Alligator River but we remember the sunrises and sunsets. And they are spectacular.

So peaceful and calm in here. Snapped this last one and I watched till it was too dark for photos. Gotta love God’s handiwork!

Today we travelled 46.62 nm.

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    1. Thanks, Nelse. Yes those were the days. Dad loved his tractor and yes we kids would be on the tractor or in the old cars! lol


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