October 28 Dismal Swamp Visitor Center to Elizabeth City

This morning we all headed off the dock at 07:25 and through the rest of the Dismal Swamp Canal. Things we see today on the Canal:

Soulmates coming through the little bridge (that we were on yesterday for Dismal Swamp Days) behind us

All heading toward the South Mills Lift Bridge and Lock

Very pretty with the sun shining on the trees. Now I remember that this part of the Dismal Swamp is very picturesque

Canada Geese flying south to warmer weather too

Under a couple of bridges. Yes, we will be able to fit under 🙂

Following the south-bound crowd that was waiting for the lift bridge at South Mills

And into the South Mills Lock; an 8 foot drop

We are still a long, long way from Florida

Beautiful in through here, lots of cypress and juniper trees

And duck weed

Motoring along the beautiful Pasquotank River

Duck weed in the river here too


A boardwalk along the river

A railway bridge

Some lovely homes along the river


Through the two lift bridges and we are in Elizabeth City

We had stopped before the lift bridge for fuel, dinghy gas and propane at Lamb’s marina. A man who is from Newfoundland has worked there for many years and lives at the marina on his boat. We had met him last time and he loves to talk to Canadians who stop there. The other boats traveling with us had arrived and were there to help us get tied up to the dock on the waterfront. We arrived at 12:25 and a sweet little girl and her dad handed me a rose bud. More on that in the next blog.

After tying up, we got our carts out to head up to Lowe’s and Food Lion. Paperbird and Soulmates were going too. We decided we would go out for lunch first so talked to some locals about where to go. They suggested we try the new Jamaican restaurant in town. So off we went. Some of us had the buffet which included a great selection. The food was very good.

Then we started the trek to Lowe’s and Food Lion. It was almost a 3 mile walk! After getting there, everyone just got what they needed and headed back on their own. My knees were hurting and I thought we would never get back. When we had about 20 more minutes to go, a nice guy pulled over and asked us if we were going to the waterfront. He lived a couple blocks from the waterfront and was heading home. We were so happy! A very nice man indeed. We got over 17,000 steps today. Had a shower and went to bed early! We are staying here for another day and will do laundry tomorrow.

Today we travelled 21.50 nm.

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