October 19 – 21 Annapolis to Solomons Island

It was fairly cool morning when Mike raised the anchor at 08:00

The fog coming off the water made for some nice photos.

The catamaran on the left of this photo is a live aboard and the harbormaster told us that they stay on that dock all winter.

We motored out of Spa Creek, seeing again all the familiar sights and radioed the bridge operator for an opening.

Once through the bridge, we see the Annapolis Yacht Club that we had passed by so many times on our dinghy going in to the dinghy dock in Annapolis.

And the harbour front looks so different with all the docks and platforms gone from the boat shows.

Not quite so many boats on mooring balls in front of the Naval Academy either.

This shot is of Back Creek, Eastport. It is another popular place for boats to anchor or moor for the boat show. It also is serviced by the harbormasters that service Spa Creek.

And the Bay Bridge is way over to our port side as we motor along.

We don’t get too far and almost hit a crab pot. So we have to be on the look out for those.

Then we notice a boat coming towards us and wonder what he has on top. When he turns we realize that it is crab pots.

Other interesting sights we see today are:

A lighthouse

A Navy Ship very close to Persuasion

Cove Point LNG Terminal. It is an offshore liquid natural gas shipping terminal

The storage tanks for the LNG located about 2 km away from the shipping dock and is connected by pipes in an underwater tunnel

Some big houses

Tug boats

We pull into Solomons Island at 17:00

And motor around looking for best place to anchor. Lots of marinas in here.

We set the hook at 17:15 around these boats.

Today we traveled 45.15 nm.

Saturday October 20

We woke up to rain. Also after breakfast, I realized that I needed to make some corrections on our last blog so I logged in to our Word Press from the phone and did my edits and then wanted to change the title on the page. Well I pressed something and the only thing saved for awhile was the title page. Luckily, our daughter, Amber went to read the blog and messaged us. Finally Mike found a back up copy and all we needed to do was make the corrections. (Phew, that was scary because if any of you are bloggers, you know the work that goes into it. I had so many photos and Mike spends a lot of time uploading, re-sizing and placing them where I want them in the script). So if you were trying to read the blog dated October 2-18 Spa Creek, Annapolis on Saturday morning and you only got a photo, it is all there now if you want to read it.

The sun came out after lunch and we decided to get off the boat and walk uptown. There is a dinghy dock by the Holiday Inn and for $2.00, you can tie your dinghy up there. We walked to the West Marine and returned a couple of things and then walked to the grocery store. Well, we walked and walked and walked. It was far! But hey we found a tree starting to change colour. I miss that back home. Autumn is so pretty with the vibrant colours of red, orange and yellow.

And we finally found the grocery store. Weis Markets is a very nice grocery market. We then wanted pizza for supper and knew there was a Papa John’s there but unfortunately it was only take out and knew it was too far to walk back to the boat with a hot pizza that would get soggy.

We were getting hungry and we did see a McDonald’s but decided to go here instead.

There was also a Roy Rogers but wanted something quick and fast as we wanted to get back before dark. There was a pharmacy too with a drive through prescription pick up.

We had heard high winds would be starting at midnight and all night so I called to reserve a mooring ball when we were in the grocery store. We got back and snagged the mooring ball. I snapped these photos just before sundown.


Here’s what we see from Persuasion this evening:


Lovely sunset views

Sunday October 21

Well the winds were high in the night. Gusts up to 40 or more and was very chilly in the morning. The church was quite a walk away, even further than the grocery store. And the wind was still howling. Too cold and too far. We had a good internet connection so we watched our home church service online. Great sermon, Pastor Ben. The winds started to die down by noon so we moved from the ball and re anchored.

You can see from the photos how choppy the water looks and even small whitecaps in the anchorage here.

Ah, and a tree with some pretty colour changes!

It was getting real chilly when we headed to bed. Hoping for good weather in the morning and a nice travel day.

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