Yes, we are still in Annapolis. Once the boat show was over and we did some boat maintenance, we were getting ready to head on towards Virginia. Then hurricane Michael was coming, so we decided it was best to stay here. We are glad we did. My what devastation in Florida, up along the coast and in Virginia. He sure packed a wallop! Also while we were waiting out the storm, we found out that Persuasion needed a new regulator and alternator! So, Mike has the regulator installed but we are waiting on the alternator to arrive.

This blog post will be photos of Annapolis, the Capital of Maryland. Walking, walking and more walking! Historic Annapolis is very beautiful. And if you already have or decide one day to visit, I’m sure you will agree.

The Naval Academy view from the waterfront

The entrance to the Naval Academy from Prince George Street

Lots of eateries downtown


A beautiful Jewelry Store I’m sure Grammie Pat would love

Main Street, one way and street is all brick


And most of the old stores are beautifully restored


Visitors Center, Shops and eateries on West Street


Quaint little shops on Annapolis Avenue. The laundromat is on this street and you can see Mike toting our clean laundry back to the dinghy dock

Old homes with character and beautiful architecture


And one with some very large pumpkins on the steps

Flowers still in bloom

The Maryland Inn


Looking up towards the State House

And the State House. It is the oldest U.S. state capital in continuous use,
dating to 1772 and houses the offices of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and the Maryland General Assembly.  It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1968



The Treasury Building


The Governor’s Residence House


Love this plaque and the statue of Kunta Kinte and children. We all remember Alex Haley’s book and mini series “Roots”. Zoom in on the plaque photo. The statues are right on the waterfront but right now there is a fence in front of it for the boat show docks



We hope you enjoy these snaps of Historic Annapolis. Hopefully we will be on our way by Friday. There will be another blog then on our stay here in Spa Creek.

2 thoughts on “Annapolis

    1. Yes, we kept a close eye on where the hurricanes path would be. Nice to see that you and Monica and friends have a wonderful holiday in Spain and Portugal.


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