October 1 Ford Landing to Annapolis

It was still dark this morning when Mike weighed anchor at 06:30.

It wasn’t long though before we saw a gorgeous sunrise.

The Chesapeake was a bit rough today. Seemed that the tide and the wind were against each other. We noticed a lot of logs and large branches of trees in the water.

We also had to be on constant watch for crab pots. They were everywhere. No one wants to snag one of them in their prop because then someone has to get in the water to cut the line!

A little while later, this yacht went zooming by and we noticed a long tow rope. What a beautiful tender he was towing.

We also had to stay out of the way for a vessel named H.R.Spies. It is a hydrographic survey vessel operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was in the area surveying. It surveys the federal channel of the Delaware river and Bay as well as the Chesapeake and the C&D Canal.

We looked at the Bay Bridge for a long time before we actually motored under it.

The Chesapeake Bay bridge connects Maryland’s rural Eastern Shore with the urban Western Shore. It is a dual-span bridge and is 4.316 miles (6.946 kilometers) long.

So many tankers and cargo ships. Some were anchored.

Shortly after passing under the bridge, we see the familiar shoreline of Annapolis.

And as we get closer, we can see how they are getting docks ready for the boat show.

Boats are already moored waiting for the show to start on Thursday, the 4th.

Boats everywhere!

How about this yacht and tender? This is more like you’re used to, right Becca?

We had to wait a few minutes for the bridge to open. This bridge goes from Eastport to Annapolis and opens on the half hour when a boat needs to pass through.

And we pass through to Spa Creek. Looks just as we remembered from 4 years ago. We stayed for at least 3 weeks then as we arrived a week early before the show and then ordered a wind machine and solar panels and installed them here in Spa Creek.

So picturesque in here.

And we see our spot to anchor is right where we were 4 years ago too.

We set the hook at 14:30.

After setting the hook, we noticed Blossom II was anchored beside us. He had arrived a half hour before us. We lowered the dinghy off the bow and into the water and got the motor on. We had not been off the boat since September 22nd. It will be so nice to walk around. We went up to the Harbormasters office to register. It is free to anchor in here. You buy tokens for showers for $1.00/piece and you radio them when you need a pump out that costs only $5.00. We always give them a $5.00 tip and it still is way cheaper than the $20.00 it costs in Ontario.

It is a very warm day here, in the 30’s. Tomorrow, we will walk to the West Marine, Giant grocery store and hardware store in Eastport. It’s Tuesday and we have a few days before the boat show. We think we will go on Friday. Persuasion could be having company….hoping our friends will be coming from Ottawa.

Today we travelled 45.21 nm.

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