September 30 Cape May, NJ to Ford Landing, MD

This morning we pulled anchor at 06:50 and headed out of the anchorage and out the inlet to the Delaware River.

There was another beautiful sunrise this morning.

We had just gone a little ways when Mike hollered “dolphins or porpoises”! I grabbed the camera but they are such fast rascals. I think you can make them out in these photos. If not, don’t worry, there will be lots more as we head further south.

Here are some more sights we saw on the Delaware today.

A barge loaded with sand piles

Lighthouse markers

Yes, there is a lady in the hammock reading a book. That’s how calm the water was!

A nuclear plant that we could see from away far off in the distance

Cargo ships and tankers

Look how fast we are going with the tide!

And we finally get closer to the nuclear plant. It is Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station.

And then we head into the C&D canal. It is a 14 mile long, 450 foot wide, 35 foot deep ship canal that connects the Delaware River with the Chesapeake Bay in the states of Delaware and Maryland. The canal is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

A couple of bridges

A railway bridge that luckily was up; no train coming

And more bridges


Tug boats and a Responder

We had a long day and set the hook at Ford Landing, MD at dusk; 19:15.

It’s very peaceful in here and more boats arrived after we anchored. There is eleven counting us. A lovely sunset too.

Today we travelled 76.4 nm.

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