September 25 – 27 Waiting for Weather September 28-29 Ocean crossing from Atlanitic Higlands,NJ to Cape May, NJ

September 25

Well, after our rough ride yesterday from NYC to here, today was a rest day. Besides, it started raining in the night and rained hard all day until about 16:00 in the afternoon. Here are some photos of the anchorage and marina here.


We were also able to get our mainsail and lazy jacks up before it started raining again!


We heard on the news tonight that the Tristate area here has massive flooding from all the rain. I can believe it!

September 26 Great Kills Harbor, NY to Atlantic Highlands, NJ

This morning we woke up to no rain, but it was rather muggy and overcast. The first thing the Captain did was pump all the water out of the dinghy.

Then we hoisted the dinghy up onto the bow of the boat,with the help of our winches, to ready it for the ocean crossing. Here’s some more photos of all the boats in here on moorings, anchored and at docks at the marina. You can really notice the haze and low lying fog.


The sun came out mid morning and at 11:00, we pulled anchor and motored over to the fuel dock. Unfortunately, they were not open for fuel until 17:00. We decided to motor up to Atlantic Highlands for fuel and stage there with other boats that were waiting for a weather window. So we head back out into Raritan Bay. Thank goodness the waves were not bad like 2 days ago! Great Kills Harbor is on the southern side of Staten Island so looking back we could still see some of the New York skyline and all it’s skyscrapers. I watched until all I could see was the bridge and a few buildings.


The only thing we saw on the water today was a barge and a tanker that was anchored. They were doing some work of some sort. And a couple of fishermen.


When we arrived at Atlantic Highlands, we went right to fuel dock. Then we motored back out and set the anchor at 14:00.

Hoping to leave tomorrow to get to Cape May but will get a weather update in the morning.

Today we travelled 11.3 nm.

Saturday 27

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning.

But there is no window today…the winds will be right on the nose and giving rough seas so we set and wait. There are a lot of boats staging here to go. A sailboat from Maine came in today. It was very windy. The wife was trying to get the anchor down where her hubby wanted it. Finally she gave up and took the helm. He was trying and she was screaming at her kids and told her hubby, “I can’t hear, between the kids hollering and and the wind, I can’t hear you. I felt like saying, “I feel your pain, lady.” Later on, we see them come back from shore in their dinghy. When they all got onboard, we could see 3 kids, under the age of 8, I’d say and 2 big dogs. Mike says to me, no wonder she was stressed. Lol. Quite an experience for the kids though, to get to travel down south. We are guessing that they are being home schooled. We saw that often on our last trip.

A guy and his wife were dinghying by on their way to their boat and he said tomorrow may be the day. He took our email and forwarded the newsletter he receives from Chris Parker, the weather guy, sounds like it may be a go, we will see. There is not a lot to see here but there are some pretty houses up on the hills.


Our AIS is not transmitting, so Mike worked on that today. Still no luck. At least we can see other vessels around us. We contacted James again tonight and they are getting off the dock where they headed on Monday with the wild waves and will take a ball in NYC at 79th Street West. She has a friend to visit and they will head out for Cape May later. Hoping to catch up with them again. More heavy rain here tonight. A downpour!

September 28

Well the rain finally stopped. What a night! Chris Parker’s broadcast on the SSB radio this morning said that the weather would be favourable. We noticed some boats had left at lunch. We pulled anchor at 13:00 and headed out. There was at least another 8 boats behind us. It was a cloudy and overcast day. Here’s a couple of photos of Sandy Hook where we anchored coming home in 2015. They’re not the best shots as we were far from shore but there is a Coast Guard Station there and we anchored in front to the homes.


And some folks out watching the surf.

You can see a sailboat that left when we did sailing with NYC in the background.

We also saw this fishing boat.


The water was rough for the first few hours but calmed down and we had a pretty sunset.

It was a long night of watching for cargo ships, fishing boats and other vessels. We had a beautiful sunrise though to reward us.

We passed this barge out dredging when we motored into the Cape May inlet.

We put the anchor down at 07:15 in among these boats and headed to bed. So thankful for a good, safe crossing. It took us 18 hours.

Today we travelled 117.3 nm.

So….we slept until noon, a much needed sleep after a long night. After some lunch, we pulled anchor and motored over to the fuel dock. The gentleman who was working asked if we were from Minnesota. Lol He said we had accents like they do. We went back out to anchor and just rested. This is a Coast Guard station here with barracks and you can hear the National Anthem being played at sunrise and sunset. Very nice.

I took some shots of what we saw from our boat in the harbour today.

We have seen this boat in lots of different places

Sightseeing boats


Fishing tour boats and a bridge opening for boats


And a beautiful sunset

Loved this one of the mast lights on and the Coast Guard shop lit up

Tomorrow morning we will leave at high tide and head down the Delaware.

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