September 23 Castleton on Hudson to New Hamburg

It was a bit nippy this morning at 07:00 when Mike slipped the lines from the mooring ball.  And foggy!  We noticed that Blossom II who was also on a mooring ball, had already headed out.  Barry Duckworth who was over on the dock, radioed to say he would be heading out shortly.  It was so foggy that I couldn’t take photos for quite awhile.  The fog seemed to get thicker as we motored and we went slow.  We heard a tug with a barge trying to radio a boat telling them to be careful, as they were too close to him. We answered him thinking he meant us but we could tell from our AIS that we were not close enough to him yet.  Turned out it was Blossom II.  We came across them a little while later and they had pulled off the channel.  It was them the tug was trying to call and he had his radio on the wrong channel.  Guess the close encounter really scared them, that’s for sure.  So he started out behind us and we both took our time.  Finally it cleared somewhat.

The tugs and barges were all out and busy.

Lots of nice scenery too.

This cruise ship, American Constitution, is from Wilmington.


The fog was still lingering up in the hills.

Here’s some more of what we saw today along the Hudson.

An old lighthouse


A passenger ferry


These two are for you, Jim and Andrew.  The beautiful wooden boat, Full Moon, was out cruising along

And then we have a luxury yacht


Love the mountains behind the bridge


A pretty blue tug


Some locomotives for you, Ken


More bridges

We had a good day motoring, especially once the fog lifted.  We set the anchor at 17:30 out of the channel in New Hamburg.  Barry Duckworth anchored there too.  Blossom II headed further down for the night.  I had a pork roast cooking in the pressure cooker and it was almost ready when we anchored.  I fried up some canned new potatoes with onions, heated a can of corn niblets, had some sauerkraut and apple sauce to go with the pork and the drippings and voila, we had a yummy supper,


And God rewarded us with this beautiful sunset!


Today we travelled 61.19 nm.

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