September 22-23 Waterford to Castleton on Hudson

This morning was a bit overcast but certainly not as windy as yesterday.


We talked to a couple of boaters on the dock this morning.  They will be going to the Castleton Boat Club today as well.  Tearaway, a CS 27, is from Wolfe Point, ON.  The owner and his son brought it down and his other son will pick it up just past Castleton on Hudson and continue on down to Fort Lauderdale with it.  He is getting his Captain’s license and will live on it there as he works toward that.


Blossom II, a Hughes 40 is from Hamilton, ON.  The last time he was down south with his boat was 9 years ago.  He and another guy from their yacht club brought the boat down.  Their wives will meet them at the Annapolis boat show and then he and another friend will take it to the Bahamas.  His wife was not keen on going all the way on the boat.  They are both in their 70’s and he said he wanted to take the boat down one more time.


Perseides, the catamaran from Montreal is still here on the dock.  We talked to him last night and he will wait for lighter winds before he heads out.  He thinks he may not even raise his mast up until he gets to St. Augustine, Fl.


So we shoved off the dock at 08:50 and left the Mohawk River and headed out into the Hudson River.


And our last lock is the Troy Federal Lock.  It is not part of the locks of the New York Canal System.  It belongs to the United States and is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The drop here is 15 feet and they give you no lines.  You wrap your line around a pipe, which we did with the stern.  There was no pipe close to the bow and we found it very hard to keep in close to the side. The wind had picked up too, so we were very relieved when we exited.

Troy is quite a city.  Here’s some photos we took while motoring by.

While we were motoring, I snapped some photos of how we store some of the rigging and sails while our mast is down.  We have battens for the sails under our bed in the V berth, the boom vang on one side of the salon settee, the hydraulic backstay on the other side and the mainsail, head sail, jib sheets, lazy jack sail cover and the mast cover for part of the mast that shows in our salon (thanks again, Cheryl Lee) on the quarter berth. We have the wind vane and the anemometer hanging from the rail and curtain on the ceiling.  So, I will be more than happy to get the mast up.  When you are living on a 37 ft boat, you need all the space you can get.  And for those of you who know me well, know that I am a neat freak (actually the Captain is like that too). I run a tight ship.  A place for everything and everything in its place!  Do not go digging around for stuff; ask me to get it. Lol.  And never go in the fridge…Mike and the kids will tell you that.  It is a small fridge and freezer and I know exactly where to find things.  But don’t let that scare you from visiting; we’d love to have you.

We motored along and came to Albany, lovely looking city.  Here are some snaps of what we saw.

Later on we saw this beautiful wooden boat called Full Moon in front oh this boat building company.  These two photos are for you Andrew at Sirens Boatworks.

At 10:40, we arrive at Castleton on Hudson at the Castleton Boat Club.


We got fuel and tied off at the dock.  Mike started helping with other masts and I went to the Laundromat.  Luckily it was close, one street over from the boat club.

While the clothes were washing, I came back to start taking the enclosure down.  They guys got the mast off onto the dock and raised in on one end on a support so Mike could sort out the shrouds.  Then we took apart the supports that were holding it.

The boat club here lets you store your supports and boards behind their club.  You just put your name on them and then when you come back home in the spring, you use them when you lower it again.   While we were working on the mast, a cigarette boat went by and sped up in a no wake zone.  The boats on the dock were bouncing like crazy!  Our mast fell off the support and onto the dock.  The windex on the top of the mast, pierced a hole and was stuck through the main water line hose for the dock.  One of the boat members shut the water off so we could pull out the windex and he repaired the hose.  The windex can be fixed but not in time to put on the mast today.   Our anemometer was on the mast as well; luckily that didn’t break.  However, our fordeck light broke.  The guys that were working on the mast on Tearaway when the waves came, were hanging on for life.  He lost his windex; it got ripped off.  Terrible!

Finally, the mast is on and Mike starts tuning the rig.  I start putting our enclosure back on after the backstay and radar is hooked up again.  And what do you know, that boat comes back.  Mike motions with his hand to slow down as he is in a no wake zone.  And…he speeds up.  The boats and docks are bouncing again!  We were telling one of the yacht club guys about it later and he asked it was #37.  Yep, that’s the one and I have the photo to prove it.  I guess he is notorious for that around there.


We finished tuning it, got our head sail on and then headed out to a mooring ball.  This is a great place to do your mast.  Cost is $50.00 for use of the mast crane and a mooring ball is $25.00.  If you would rather stay on the dock, it is $1.00/ft.  We opted for the ball where it is quieter and to get an early start in the morning.  So if you are headed south and need a place to raise your mast, go to the Castleton Boat Club at Castleton on Hudson.  Just watch out for cigarette boat #37.

Today we travelled 16.83 nm.

2 thoughts on “September 22-23 Waterford to Castleton on Hudson

    1. Wished Leigh would have been around to chase the guy down. 🙂 If someone had been standing on the dock where the mast was, they could have lost a foot or worse. That thing is so heavy. We are lucky no body was hurt.


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