September 21 Walking in Waterford

Today, we had planned on heading to the Castleton Boat Club at Castleton on Hudson. You can pay $50.00 and have the use of their mast crane to put your mast up or down. But the wind was blowing bad this morning and supposed to be worse by noon. So we decided to stay put. We did call the club as we had told them we would be there today by noon. They said we made the right decision and tomorrow was giving lighter winds.

There is a lovely Visitor Center and waterfront here and they are very accommodating to boaters. You pay $10.00 and they give you a key for the washrooms and showers and when you leave, you return the key to get your money back. The gentleman manning it today told us that the village of Waterford, which is where we are, is the only incorporated village within a town in the USA. Just a couple of blocks up from the waterfront, is the town of Waterford. The photo of the lock with the water rushing out tells us that the water in the lock is being lowered for boaters to exit. In this case, it was a large tug being locked through.

The waterfront

So last night the guy on the dock who gave us the info for the Laundromat and the diner, has a catamaran on the dock in front of us. He has been building it for a few years and gave us a tour. Still has work to do but is hoping to get the mast up, which he is making, as well his own sails. He wants to get it to the Castleton Boat Club and get the mast up and then take it to North Carolina for the winter. He sure has lots yet to do. His engine is a 22.5 Kohler lawnmower engine mated to a lower unit from a 15 hp Evinrude outboard. I asked him what name he will give it. He said Time Lord from Dr. Who. Good luck to him. He’s done so much but still has lots to do. He was anchored last week and a power boater came by too fast and broke his rudder. He has that to add to his-to-do list.  Jim, you would have enjoyed seeing this and the work he has done.

This is the cheap diner he told us about. Don and Paul’s Diner. And looks like they haven’t updated their prices in years! We ate there last night with James and Amanda. She is coming down with a cold and will stay on the boat to rest today.

After lunch, Mike, James and I walked up across the bridge to get a few groceries at Price Chopper and Hannaford’s. The grocery store, Hannaford’s has a deal with the Visitor Center that we can bring their grocery carts down to the dock. A lady from the store actually walks out to the end of the parking lot to the curb and unlocks the wheels with a little machine so we can take it. That’s a great service, especially since we need to buy a new folding cart when we get to the boat show. Here are some of our photos of our day in Waterford.

Homes with beautiful architecture

Here are some more sights

Walking across the bridge over Hudson River

Troy is across the bridge. The Price Chopper and Hannaford’s are in Troy


This was neat to see on each side of the bridge as we walked back.

Loved these two signs

On our way back to the boat, I walked by a house and their front step was right beside the sidewalk. And look what I noticed, a little rock painted with love.. for all to see who walk by their door step. Awesome! Brightened my day because we all know that the world needs more love.


We came back and Mike and I got the barbering set out. I didn’t do too bad, although I won’t show you the notch I cut on one of his sideburns. Actually, you might notice it. Oops!

Then we showered, went for supper with James to Don and Paul’s again.  We had a good day sightseeing plus we were getting lots of steps in.  After supper, we were going to take in a free movie here on the waterfront. “The hunt for Red October.” They show one every Friday night on the bridge abutment. However, due to the cold and threatening rain, they didn’t show it. We visited with fellow boaters along the dock. The couple on the catamaran, Perseides, from Montreal, are here and the couple Mike met in Oswego, from Quebec City, who were waiting for their cruising license, are here too. They have a beautiful Fleming trawler, Panabe.


We really enjoyed our extra day in both the Village and the Town of Waterford. The people were so welcoming and friendly. If you ever decide to bring your boat down or up through the New York State Canal System, or even want to have a get away by car, make sure to have a stopover here in Waterford, New York. We are certain you will enjoy it too.

2 thoughts on “September 21 Walking in Waterford

  1. Thanks so much for sharing . Exciting to keep updated . I got my hair cut yesterday . Now we know you are a good barber . Looks good Mike !
    Raining here today but so far we have had no frost so my flowers are still pretty good shape on the veranda .
    Thanks again ! Enjoying all your updates . Faye

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol Faye. I need a lot more practice to be a good barber but thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad to hear you can enjoy your flowers a bit longer. The cold Wes will come much too soon.


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