September 17 Canajoharie to Lock 11, Amsterdam

A very foggy morning, much more so than yesterday. And everything inside the boat was so damp from the windows being open all night. Yesterday afternoon, another boat pulled in to dock. They are a newly retired couple from Chicago, having left their home in July and heading south as well. They have gone through a lot of locks! They will be putting their mast up as well at Castleton on the Hudson. So we decided to travel through the locks to there together and help each other with the masts. Well, we started out thinking it wasn’t so bad but had to come back and wait for an hour. Their boats name is Barry Duckworth and their names are James and Amanda. Mike and I tend to call him Barry by mistake, I guess because of the name of his boat. We correct ourselves but he says he gets that often and he answers to both. Lol They did not name the boat and are the third owner.

There was a lot of foam in the water this morning too. I thought the grandkids might enjoy these photos. Looks like tiny icebergs.

So out we untied the lines again and headed away from the dock at 08:50. Still a bit foggy but it eventually cleared.

The lingering fog made for some good photos though.

Lock 13


Once we were inside the lock, the lockmaster came to talk to us. He mentioned that they were closing the locks from Lock 15 through to Lock 8 today at 13:00. Orders from headquarters, I guess. Anyone outside of lock 15 would not be allowed downstream and anyone downstream of lock 8 could not get upstream. They needed to open the gates of the dams to let water off so that the canal would not be flooded with all the rain that was expected from hurricane Florence. It was now 10:45. He suggested we get to Lock 11 as there was no town or anything around at Lock 12. (We stayed outside on the wall at Lock 12 in 2015 at Tribes Hill and remembered walking up a hill in the middle of nowhere looking for a treat from a store. Finally found a tiny little one but not much in it. We got the only 2 drumsticks).

They did not want any boaters in the canal when they were running water off. There would be a lot of current and no place to tie up.

So we continue on. Still signs of fog on the hill.  This locomotive photo is for you, Ken.

Lock 12 Loved this Canal Builder sign of James Shanahan Lock posted here.

When we got in the lock today, the lockmaster handed his phone to Mike and said the phone was for him. My heart sank for a minute, wondering what possibly could be wrong. It was from Lockmaster 11 and he wanted us to know that the locks would be closing and we needed to be out of the canal between locks. Mike mentioned that they had told us at Lock 13, it would be better to go to Lock 11. They wanted to start lowering the water early but would wait for us, they said.

So out of the lock and back into the river we go. We see deadwood that has been stacked up but still lots in the water.

We get to Lock 11 In Amsterdam at 12:20

The lock door closes and the lockmasters explain to us that we will stay in this lock until Wednesday, possibly Thursday. It is Monday…..but they are following orders and need us to be safe. They will be lowering the water at least 6 feet. They said the area could get 3 inches of rain overnight and tomorrow. We tie off Persuasion beside a ladder that goes down into the lock. The lockmasters are very nice and tell us what is in town and that we can use their showers in their lock house. Then, they get right to work opening the floodgates. And you can see from the last photo that we have dropped some in the lock as well. Always something exciting happening on a boat!

The sunset view from inside the lock and our stairway.


Today we travelled 18.79 nm.

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