September 16 Canajoharie

This morning was a bit foggy when we woke and it is really quite noisy here. There is the Interstate on the left of us, the bridge to Palatine in front of us and railway tracks on our right across the river. So there were lots of car and truck noises and a really lot of train whistles! But the price is right….free, and that’s ok with us.

Up the hill from us is a very nice covered picnic area here in Riverfront Park.

We made some phone calls to the kids. We miss them, and the grandkids. Last night we looked on the Internet for churches in the area. We miss our church and church family. There were a couple within walking distance so we left early to check them out. Also wanted to check out a Laundromat that was a 15-minute walk away. We attended the Lutheran Church and the folks were very welcoming and friendly.

After lunch, we grabbed our laundry bags (thanks again, Heather) and headed out again in the heat for the Laundromat. It was very clean, new washers and dryers and they were fast and great. I forgot to snap a photo of it but if you ever find yourself in Canajoharie and need to do laundry, go to Two Brothers Laundromat.

Here are a few more photos from our day.



I guess this is the dummy light.


Neat sign for the trail..


Looking down Main Street

This car photo is for you, Ernie


The heat again today was almost unbearable. Guess we shouldn’t complain because all too soon, it will be cold.

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