September 15 Marcy to Canajoharie

This morning was another bright, sunny day.  I walked up to take some photos of Lock 20 before we left.   This is the summit of our locks along the Erie canal.  We will now be going down.  I also looked for my camera lens cap as I walked.  I couldn’t find it last night after getting back to the boat.  I thought I might have dropped it on my walk back from Ken’s car but was fairly certain I left it in their back seat.  This pretty little tour boat came out of the lock early this morning.  We shoved off the dock at 08:00.

The drop here is 16 feet.

The next lock was only 10 miles away.  Lots of highways to go under, as we got closer to Utica.

There were lots of logs in the water today.  Had to be so careful.

As we were motoring along, Frances texted to say they had found my lens cap!  They would meet us at lock 19.  When leaving the hotel this morning, they noticed they had a flat tire.  And because they had to move everything from their trunk to the back seat, they had found it.  Lucky for us that we could get it back right away and also because Ken emailed us some great photos of us in the lock.

Frances met us outside the lock and gave me the lens.  She rushed back as we were getting the green light to enter the lock.  Just then, we heard a freight train coming. I quickly snapped a photo but I’m sure Ken got some great shots.  There were more trains going through the bridge too while we were going down in the lock.

Lock 19.  Neat lock right beside a railway bridge.

As we left the lock, we saw Ken and Frances way up at the top.

Thank you again for coming to visit and for today for delivering the lens cap.  Here are some of the photos that Ken sent us.  Great shots, Ken!

Continuing on, we are back into the Mohawk River again and we passed by this Waterfront Grille Restaurant and canal cruise shop.  We tied up to the wall here in 2015 on our way home.

Another guard gate, just past a highway and then we are at Lock 18.

We hear a train coming and Mike spots a CN freight car right away.  It is very pretty along here.

As we were coming around to lock 17, we see a sign for another guard gate.  And look at this rock cut.

Mike radioed ahead and we had to wait for the lock to fill.  We had some entertainment while we waited.  One of the guys told us that he was from Albany and had climbed this wall before.  He was having trouble today though, he said.  The guy on the other wall did ok but then again, it was straight up.

Finally, the light turns green and we head into Lock 17.


There was a huge catamaran in with us this time.  Up until now, there had never been another boat in the lock with us.


The drop here is 40.5 feet and it took so long to go down!  The heat and humidity was horrible.  High 30’s!  I remmbered going westbound in this lock going home last time, how long it took to fill and how hard it was to hold the ropes.  Wow, that is a long way up…….Reminds me of one of my favourite TV shows as a kid, The Friendly Giant.  When the show came on and he would say “Look up, waaaay up”.  Our kids loved that show too.  The gate door here lifts up, instead of swinging open like others and water drips all over you when you exit.

And we come to Lock 16.  A much lower drop of only 20.5 feet.

In and out of the canal and the river today made for some nice scenery.

We notice lots of deadwood cleanup just before we enter the next lock.

Lock 15.  Not much of a drop, 8 feet.

Lock 14.  We drop 8 feet here as well.

And we arrive at the dock in Canajoharie at 16:30.  It’s been a long hot day!  We hung some towels over the windows to keep the sun out.  Across the bridge is the Village of Palatine Bridge so we walked there for supper and wifi.  Mike snapped this photo of Persuasion.  She looks pretty small sitting in front of Perseides, the catamaran who was in lock 17- lock 14 with us.  They are from Montreal.

Today we travelled 40.35 nm.

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