September 12-13 Ess-Kay marina, Brewerton to Slyvan Beach

This morning we shoved off the dock at 08:15. One problem with staying on a dock is spiders. They are very fast building their webs!

We headed out toward Oneida Lake.

Oneida Lake is about 18 miles long and today was very calm. Across the lake to the right somewhere in the distance is Syracuse.


Our last trip across this lake was in May 2015 on our way home from Bahamas, which by the way is also on our blog. The lake was not so calm that day. The waves were high and the mast at the bow started to move and our dinghy tow was being thrashed about. We are thankful for the good crossing today. Oneida Lake also reminds me of Mike’s mom and step dad and how much they loved this area, having come to Oneida a couple times to the silver factory.

The sun was shining and soon was very hot. We motored in toward the canal wall at Sylvan Beach.


We tied up to the dock at 11:50.


Today we travelled 19.11 nm.

A sign said boats could tie up at the dock free of charge for 48 hours so we decided to do just that. We had stayed here on our last trip as well, so it was familiar to us. We decided to get out and walk through the village.


Certainly is cottage country and at one time was quite popular with the amusement park here. A lady who was at the dock was telling us that she grew up here and loved it. The park is still open until Labour Day but most families now travel to Six Flags about 3 hours away. However, they get tourists here who come for the summer and rent cottages so they do get some business.


The beach is very nice and obviously is shallow for quite awhile as the sea doo stands were a ways out. There are some lovely looking cottages here for rent. They remind me of the colours of cottages in the Bahamas. There is such a pretty little church here where tonight we noticed it was open and folks all dressed up waiting to go in for a wedding, maybe. We also snapped this photo of a little fire truck outside the fire station. I know the grandkids will enjoy seeing this. When we face timed them today, both Tayton and Margie asked if we were at the Bahamas yet. Lol, just a few more months yet.


On Thursday morning we woke up to a thick wall of fog and noticed again that the spiders had been busy!


Once the fog cleared, we walked across the bridge over the canal. Verona is on the other side of the bridge from Sylvan Beach and there is quite a nice marina there at Snug Harbour. From the bridge, we got a shot of Persuasion sitting pretty on the canal.


We walked around Sylvan Lake some more and saw that Canada Geese have the same idea as us, going south for the winter. Also noticed a name printed on a rock here at the beach. We know a little guy with that name, umm have you been here lately Elijah? There is a very nice park with trees and benches looking out toward the Lake. We sat for a while and enjoyed the shade. I also notice purple aster growing along the rocks today. Grammie Alward always reminded me whenever she saw it, that it was the last flower of the summer. I think of her every time I see it.


There are also a lot of restaurants here. Quite a few of them are seasonal.


As for us we dropped in to Eddies for a coffee and dessert tonight. We dined here in 2015 and loved it. We got over 11,000 steps today, (thanks Becca for the fitbits) so decided to indulge a bit. Mike had the chocolate sundae and I had the coconut cream pie. I have baked a lot of homemade coconut cream pies in my day and this one was homemade for sure. This restaurant is celebrating their 84th season next year.


There was a show and shine here tonight at the park. I know Grampie Claude and Mike’s family will enjoy seeing these. And a truck or two you might like too, Scot.


So that was our two fun filled, relaxing days at Sylvan Beach. Tomorrow we head eastbound and will go through three more locks. We will tie up on the canal wall at Lock 20 at Marcy….Persuasion is going to have company.

4 thoughts on “September 12-13 Ess-Kay marina, Brewerton to Slyvan Beach

    1. Thanks Mike, glad to have you along on the adventure. I remember you saying when our last one ended “what will I read now with my morning coffee”? Well here’s to another Persuasion blog to enjoy with your morning coffee! 🙂


    1. I remember the day I was in the car with her driving. she saw them growing beside a ditch and said “after the golden rod comes the purple aster, the last flower of summer, and fall is right around the corner” Miss her and her wisdom.


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