Tuesday, Sept 11

Tuesday, September 11

It was a much better day today, although cloudy and drizzling rain by times. Perhaps the day should be cloudy and sombre looking as we reflect on the significance of September 11th and remember the events that terrified all of us on that day in 2001.

Because of the rain and wind yesterday, we stayed on Persuasion, got photos uploaded for the blog and also changed the engine oil.

We shoved off the dock at 08:50 and entered Oswego Lock 8 of the New York State Canal System.


The flags along the canals today were all at half mast today because of September 11th remembrance.


Some of the locks are very close together. On to lock 7. This lock photo is rather hard to see. The sign was on the same side as us but behind us. Since we are on an up lift, all the signs are way higher than us

Lock 6 was a big lift…20 ft. And let me tell you the ropes are very slimy that you hang on to.


On to Lock 5

For some reason there is no Lock 4 but Lock 3 was an even bigger lift than 6. It was 27 feet.

Lock 2


We had some 9.5 miles before the next lock so we snapped some photos along the way. A lonely heron, a neat looking little tug, nice homes and a whole lot of lily pads!

And we get to the end of the Oswego canal at Lock 1. Since we are higher than 14 feet, they raised the bridge for us.

After the lock, we motor past the Syracuse Canal Maintenance yard and then on to Three Rivers Junction, where the Oneida River and Seneca River merge to become the Oswego River. This also marks the junction of Erie Canal and the Oswego Canal. We turn left into the Oneida River heading to the Erie Canal.

First lock for us eastbound on Erie Canals is Lock 23.

Eight locks completed today!  We found all the lock masters today most helpful and very friendly.  We arrived at the Ess-Kay marina around 2:30, fuelled up and got a slip for the night. We had stayed here on our way home in 2015. After getting showered and cleaned up, we took their complimentary loaner car to go to the mobile shop and get our US phone plan. They sure have good phone plans in the US! The two young guys were very helpful. They happened to mention there was a chic fil A two minutes down the road and since we hadn’t been to one and it was supper time, we stopped in. Yum, the chicken tenders are so good. In the evening we filled our water tanks, washed off the boat from the locks and turned in. Also had to wash my grimy gloves from holding the ropes. We will cross Oneida Lake tomorrow.

As we watch the news tonight of the September 11 tragedy, we again realize how that day 17 years ago forever changed our world. Perhaps we all remember where we were when the news came of that first plane hitting the World Trade Center tower and then watched on TV in horror as a second plane hit the second tower. Then later as a plane hit the pentagon and yet another one heading toward the White House or the U.S. Capitol in Washington was brought down when some brave passengers tried to overtake the terrorists and it crashed it into a field in Pennsylvania. My daughter in law, Jody, gave me a daily calendar of famous quotes and I love it. Today’s quote was perfect as we reflect and remember the chaos of 911.

“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”.

Nelson Mandela

Distance travelled 29.37 nm

5 thoughts on “Tuesday, Sept 11

  1. Wow. A great post! Thank you for the enroute descriptions. I have often wondered how you got down there and back. Also thank you for the poignant references to 9/11. Very moving to know the flags were at half mast.

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  2. I enjoyed so very much your days adventure. I have been thinking of you as they report on the bad weather in the U. S. We all pray for peace in the world as we reflect on 9/11.

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