So…Persuasion is going south again!


We headed out from our homeport at Stormont Yacht Club on Thursday, September 6, 2018.

Destination: Bahamas

The winds were light, a bit overcast and we made good time getting to the Iroquois lock


We decided to pull into the Old Gallop Canal for the afternoon and overnight.  It is one of our favourite places to tie up.  The current is quite strong getting in but it is quiet and there is a beautiful park.


We were lucky that two nice ladies were enjoying their day off from work and helped us tie up.  We got right to work doing revisions on the supports on each side of the cockpit for the mast.  We had to move the boards back a bit to get our enclosure on properly.  And boy the sun came out hot then.  We saw a few kids coming by after school and jumping off the bridge.  After supper, lots of folks were out in the park walking their dogs.

Today we travelled 28.7 nm

We shoved off Friday morning around 06:30 and motored out

A beautiful sunny and warm day.  It was 11:15 when we were going by Brockville.


We motored in and tied to wall at the marina and went up to pick up lunch…




Then off we go up river and motor into another favourite spot, Mulcaster Island in the Navy Islands.  Set the anchor about 17:30.  And we get a phone call from someone who is anchored a ways over.  Turns out it was some guys from our club on Knot Normal.

Today we travelled 40.3 nm.

Saturday morning was quite chilly when we woke up.  Mike pulled up anchor and we motored out toward the Gananoque dock.  We hollered goodbye to the boys as we headed out.  They too were pulling up anchor to go back to the club.


We were very lucky to get a spot on the day dock as it was the poker run.  Of course we were there by 08;00 so got first pick.  We also saw Cory and Christine from our yacht club.  They had dinghied in from Lindsay Island.  We spent some time with them this summer when we were in the Islands for 7 weeks.

Scot was down at the waterfront getting his trailer ready for the day.  He opened his Mountwood Milk Bar on Labour Day weekend.  They sell cotton candy, gelato, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, coffee, soda water.  All organic and very yummy.  The pumpkin spice vanilla swirl was delish!  They got a late start opening this year waiting for the trailer to be ready but if you are down at the waterfront at Joel Stone Heritage Park in Gananoque next summer, stop in and enjoy some treats. You won’t be disappointed.


All the kids came.  Amber and Jason with Tayton, Easton and Elle, Sarah, James, Finn and Rudy and Becca, Rich with their new puppy, Kingsley.  And of course  Jody, Scot and Margie who live in Gananoque.  Then came the time to say goodbye.  We had a couple of hours of visiting and laughing. Lots of big smiles, big gelatos, big coffees and then big tears!  Of course, we have no photos of all the crying!  See you at Christmas, family.



But enough tears. Of course we have no photos of all the tears.  Already the kids are sorting what weeks they will visit us in the Bahamas.

We left around 15:00


We headed across the lake to Big Sandy Bay on the west end of Wolfe Island.  A couple on the dock helped us onto the docks at the Gananoque marina when we motored over to fill our water tanks and they told us about it.  Thanks guys! There were a few more boats anchored as well.  Watched the sun go down.  A cool night!



Today we travelled 29.1 nm.

It was an even cooler morning!  Not used to this weather!  Up early and pulled up anchor by 06:30.  Was a nice sunrise this Sunday morning.


But boy it was NOT a nice ride on the water!  We were rolling for a full 2 hours at first, then it calmed down a bit.  Still chilly at 10:00.  Thank goodness for the nice woollies from Jody’s mom.  Thank you, Jackie!


Not a lot of scenery on the way over.  Lots of rocking and rolling.  We looked at this smoke stack for a long, long time.  It is the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Power Station.


Also looked at these stacks a long time too, the NRG Power stacks


Finally, around noon, we got to Oswego….”where the water never ends”. It is the northern entrance to the Oswego Canal, part of the New York State Canal connecting Lake Ontario to the Hudson and eventually the Atlantic Ocean.



We radioed the marina, the port authority and the yacht club and couldn’t get an answer.  We pulled into the yacht club and a guy came out to see if we needed help.  He told us to motor over to the marina and check in to the US there.  Mike went in and got us checked in.  However we couldn’t get a cruising permit.  Apparently you have to call on Monday to Friday.  Apparently, they may give you an appointment for a vessel inspection and then give it to you.

There was a dock outside the Best Western that was only $1.00/ft and free wifi.  Jackpot!  And for $5.00/person per day, you can use their pool, gym and showers.  And also for $5.00/person you get to enjoy their continental breakfast.  Double Jackpot!  We will check all that out tomorrow as it is calling lots of rain and winds then.  This afternoon, we walked to look for a data plan for our phone.  No luck so will check in Brewerton.  Thankful to have wifi to check in with the kids and work on the blog tonight.  It is pretty here on the waterfront in the evening and another beautiful sunset.  Will get things sorted tomorrow for the cruising permit.

Today we travelled 40.69 nm.


After a good breakfast at the hotel this morning (Monday), Mike got in touch with the Customs and Borders Security and he walked back over to the marina and picked up the fax of our cruising permit.  No inspection necessary so we are good to go.  We will stay on the dock here today because of the wind and rain.  So that has been the first few days of journey.  Will post again in a few days….hopefully with wifi somewhere along the way.


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