May 21 – Smith Island to Stormont Yacht Club

That’s right. Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

Wow, there must have been frost this morning. Mike and I got the buddy heater on to warm up the boat before Tayton and Easton got up. He uploaded the 18th and after the boys got up, we left at 07:10.

The boys were impressed to see some runners going by the airplane they saw last night.

Clearly the boys were more than ready to start another day on the boat.

Aww, the memories.

The boys are always interested in the Coast Guard boats. We passed by the Coast Guard station in Prescott.

We noticed a few masts sticking up at their marina.

The Battle of the Windmills Historic Site is a lovely view from the water.

Then under the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge, connecting Ogdensburg, NY to Johnstown, ON.

Just as we were coming into Cardinal, we met a barge coming. The boys were really interested in how the tug boat fit right inside the barge to push it.

The CASCO factory in Cardinal is actually celebrating it’s 150th anniversary this summer. They manufacture corn starch, syrup and ingredients for animal feed. We find that sometimes when we pass it, we smell potato chips. 🙂

And we have a lock to go through at Iroquois. We tied up to the small craft dock and then Mike went up to phone and pay so we could get locked through.

The boys were pretty excited to find out how the lock works. Even though it is a very short drop, they loved seeing the gates close.

And we are leaving the lock.

And seeing the US Coast Guard go by with a machine gun brought some chatter too.

We considered staying at Canada Island in Morrisburg or on the wall but it was very windy and we decided it would be nice to get to Stormont today. Some photos of Morrisburg. Look at all those church steeples.

We FaceTimed Amber to say we would be making it to the club today. And around 14:00 we got our first view of Stormont Yacht Club since leaving last year.

As we got closer, it finally registered that we were home. We pulled into the visitors dock to unload a few things and let the boys walk around.

Mike got the dinghy down while I chatted with Anna and Mike from the club. And then Amber and Elle arrived.

Mike and I took Persuasion out and got her tied on to a mooring ball. We can get a slip if we want but for now will leave her here. Not too sure when the mast will go up. The wind was crazy today.

Here is where marine traffic shows us. 🙂

“Hey, it’s good to be back home again” as the song goes. Here is us the day we left June 1st from the dock and then the day we arrived back home, May 21st, coming in by dinghy from the mooring.

We loaded up the car. The boys wanted to stay on the boat again but were ok when they knew Nannie and Grampie were coming to stay with them for awhile. We weren’t in the van long before the boys were asleep and Elle is not letting Grampie from her sight.

Today we travelled 47.1 nm.

The next day we went and got Mike’s fitting done for his tux for the wedding and Sarah, Amber and I shopped for my dress. Success! In the last few days, we’ve finished up the blogs to post and want to thank you,  our followers for always being patient and for joining us on this incredible journey.   We loved all the comments and emails we have received and truly hope you have enjoyed our adventure as much as we have.

Mike will give a final update on the Captain’s Log.

Farewell followers. Till the next adventure……..

8 thoughts on “May 21 – Smith Island to Stormont Yacht Club

    1. Mike, I said something very similar to mom as well! It has been wonderful to see all the updates and all the pictures, it made me feel like they weren’t so far away. As much as I will miss seeing the blog updates I couldn’t be any happier to have them home again!


      1. We are happy to be home and glad that you got to enjoy some of the adventure with us. Was also so thankful for Face Times. Loved your comments and how much the kids loved your reading the blog to them. xo


    2. Guess it is back to reading the paper over morning coffee. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. I know we enjoyed your comments.


  1. So glad to see you are safely home! I too will miss reading your blog and seeing all the great photos. Lots more adventures for you now as you prepare for Sarah and James’ wedding. For now, just relax a bit, enjoy your family and adjust to being landlubbers again for awhile, xo


    1. It was a wonderful adventure. So happy that we got to have a great visit with you guys along the way. 🙂


  2. Welcome back M&M.

    We followed your blog for a year and found it enjoyable and educational. Your AIS was great too.

    Your trip through the Maritime s was really interesting reading. Few people consider that route.

    Congratulations and thanks for Blogging.

    Brian and Joy


    1. Thank you Brian and Joy. So great that you were following us. Hope to see you around the club this summer. Who knows, maybe one day you guys may head down to the Maritimes on your boat. It truly is beautiful there.


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