May 20 – Navy Islands to Brockville

We woke up to another chilly morning. The buddy heater warmed things up nicely though. We had our coffee and Mike had the blog uploaded for the 17th before our “boys” woke up.

Easton helped Grampie pull up anchor 09:45.

We snapped some shots of the islands and headed out past Mulcaster leaving it and the Navy Islands behind……until next time. :).

Every time we passed a marker that had cormorants on it, Easton said “there are the birds that kill the trees with their poop”.

It’s been a long time since we went under the Hill Island Bridge.

It was like going down memory lane seeing the cottages and houses that we have seen so many times during our summer trips to the Thousand Islands. 🙂

The boys were pretty excited seeing this tour boat.

And a couple of barges and a laker.

We also saw little cottage. The boys thought it looked like a playhouse. 🙂

We saw the back side of Singer Castle.

Brockville is a lovely city. Always loved this house right on the water. And seeing the church steeples. The yacht club there is always a great place to visit.

We pulled into the yacht club and tied to the visitor dock. We asked if they had a slip for us for the night. Unfortunately, because of our mast being down, it made us extra long so there was no place for us. They said we could stay there for an hour or two. We walked to the Metro and got a few groceries. Then we went down to Tunnel Bay and tied on to the wall there for a couple of hours. Maybe some of you noticed that our marine tracker had been updated and saw us on there.

We tied up long enough to go to Don’s Fish and Chips. We can’t ever pass through Brockville without getting the fish and chips. Where else would you get homemade fries that are all peeled and sit in a real bathtub full of water? I noticed the C was missing from chips. Do you think that was on purpose as eating too much fish and chips will go to your hips? 😉

We went to the park to eat them.

The boys fed the gulls some of the fries.

And also played on the structures.

We walked back to the boat. It was getting chilly. The boys were impressed with this RCAF plane.

We could stay on the wall there for the night but it is $1.77/ft, which is fairly pricey and the water was really quite rough there so after the boys had a bit more fun running around, we shoved off.

We motored up to Smith Island, an outpost for the Brockville Yacht Club. It was so quiet and peaceful. Had a wonderful evening. After the boys were in bed, we discussed whether we would go to our home club in Stormont tomorrow or just go to Morrisburg. Guess we will see what the weather brings tomorrow.

Today we travelled 24.8 nm.

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