May 19 – Relaxing in the Navy Islands

Well, the buddy heater came out this morning. It was a bit nippy. And very windy today. The boys were still sleeping when Mike uploaded the blog for the 15-16th before breakfast.

Easton had noticed the bracelet that Esther had on yesterday and they both wanted one. Luckily I had 2 on board that were similar. Tayton’s broke but Grampie and whipping line came to the rescue. He did a great job at getting it all back together.

It warmed up a bit and then the boys helped Mike try to fix the anchor winch. We think it is just worn out. Time for a new one.

They enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

Mike had hoped to get the boat washed off today but after lunch the wind came up even more and it got real chilly. The dinghy ride we had wanted to take the boys was out too. We would get soaked in this wind. A trawler came in to the anchorage and he was swinging around like crazy.

So, the boys and Grampie had a nap. I started working on the blog and before I knew it, I was falling asleep too. Just listening to the wind and the sun streaming in, made for a great combination of laying back and getting some shut eye. We all had a great nap.

Here are some shots in and around the Navy Islands.

And the sun sets behind the Islands. Life is tough when you live on a boat and have to look at this, eh? đŸ˜‰

We FaceTimed Margaret today. She was happy to see Tayton and Easton. Can’t wait to see her when they come in July. She is talking so much and getting so big. My how fast they grow!

It was certainly a relaxing day in the Navy’s. Canada has some islands in paradise too, different from the Bahamas but still paradise. đŸ™‚

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