May 18 – Kingston to Gananoque to Navy Islands

Everyone slept really well. I forgot to mention in yesterday’s journal that after Easton’s long nap, I tried to wake him a couple of times for supper but no luck. Finally around 20:00, I got him to stay awake long enough to eat something and right after, he said he was still tired so we got his jammies on him and he went back to sleep for the night. All that fresh air and watching the travel lift and fork lift tired them out. Here is a couple of photos that Eric took when he came by on Saturday and emailed them to us.

The boys were up when we motored out at 05:45. They ate breakfast on the way.

The sun was coming up as we left the harbour.

We saw a cruise ship coming.

The boys were quite impressed with it.

We got some last minute shots of Kingston.

Royal Military College.

Fort Henry.

It was calm on the St. Lawrence River today.

Very picturesque.

And we were lucky to see these Canada Geese with their little goslings.

We also got to see the cable ferry to Howe Island. The boys thought it was pretty neat seeing the cables.

When the boys aren’t navigating, they are pretending to steer the boat.

We passed by Trident Yacht Club.

We saw a barge with a backhoe.

And a houseboat.

Soon we see the Gananoque marina.

We see they have a permanent place here at the dock now for the fire department. Maybe it was here last year though. We left in June for our adventure so didn’t make our annual summer sailing trip here.

We got Persuasion tied to the day docks at 08:20. Mike took the kids up to the park for a little bit while I did some cleaning.

When he came back he uploaded the blog for the 14th. Ray and Esther arrived at 11:00 with coffee, muffins and timbits. It was so great to see them again. Then Ray and Mike went to Bath in the truck to pick up the centreboard and Esther, the boys and I walked up town for lunch. It was a long walk but the boys did very well. We stopped once for them to rest. Lunch was at Anthony’s and it was good. Then we continued to walk. The boys liked these sculptures that were outside at the art store. They really had a fun time with Esther. It’s great to see someone else enjoy the grand kids as much as we do. 🙂

Next stop was the dollar store so the boys could spend their $5.00. That was fun and we then had a coffee at the bakery. Easton’s belly had been hurting today. I took him to the bathroom and we had a breakthrough with him. They have been trying to potty train him at home. Well he went on the big toilet as he called it and rushed out to tell Esther after. (so far we haven’t had good luck like that again but he was excited when he did go) He is almost ready I think. We were on our way back to the boat when Ray called Esther and said that they were back from Bath. We met them at the ice cream shop. The boys had an ice cream and we sat on the veranda at the gift shop while they enjoyed it.

We walked back to the boat. We could see people were out enjoying the waterfront on Victoria Day.

Mike and the boys walked through the water park.

We bid goodbye to Ray and Esther. They will drop the centreboard at home for us. We are blessed with good friends. Thanks again guys. It was a real fun day.

We shoved off the dock at 16:10.

And headed out to one of Mike’s favourite places, the Navy Islands. Thanks Ron and Gwen for introducing us to these wonderful Islands. Many happy memories with the Whitby gang,  you guys on Angelique II and the Allan’s on Perfect Balance and Jam Today. Also had some great times with Bottoms Up in the Navy Islands a couple of summers ago.

We had the anchor down at 17:00. The boys helped Grampie wash down the side of the boat. He hopes to wash it well tomorrow but there may be a cold front moving in.

We had a relaxing evening and turned in fairly early.

Today we travelled 21.5 nm.

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