May 17 – Kingston to Bath to Kingston

After a good nights sleep and breakfast we pulled off the wall at 07:00 for Loyalist Cove Marina in Bath.

We passed by the Portsmouth marina.

Tayton was using the iPad for navigating and Easton wanted to learn too, so he used Grampie’s tablet. πŸ™‚

They sure enjoyed navigating.

Tayton is being silly with the bean pods we brought back from the Bahamas. They fall off the Lysiloma trees there. We brought one for each of the kids. The beans inside the pod make a noise. Great for a noise maker. He said this one was shaped like a giant moustache. I think he was right.

We told them why Ontarians don’t like the cormorants when we passed by this island.

We also saw the Amherst Island ferry.

They are still lovin’ playing with the straws that they played with in the Bahamas.

Look at the flies! Going up to put the bow lines and fenders on was like walking through a black wall. Crazy!

Turning into Loyalist Cove Marina in Bath. The flies are all over the dodger window. They are everywhere.

Eric was there to greet us. Nice to see him. Everyone off the boat. The boat goes in the sling of the travel lift.

And out of the water she comes.

The boys enjoying some snacks and waiting around the yard while Grampie works on the centreboard.

Chipping away and sawing to get it out.

And it is out.

Definitely needs work done on it.

The boat was back in the water within 45 minutes.

Mike washed the board off and Dave, the owner of the marina picked it up with a fork lift and put it out of the way. We are hoping to get someone to pick it up in a few days.

There was lots of machines and action to keep the boys looking around and when they needed a rest, they sat and made their own fun. Such good little boys.

Dave told us not to be in a hurry to leave the dock as he had no more lifts for the afternoon. Mike and I had showers there and then we went up to a nice diner for lunch right there in town with Eric. We were ready to shove off the dock by 14:30.

The boys worked on their navigating again and steering. πŸ˜‰

We stopped at Portsmouth marina for fuel and water. I had a helper today with filling the water tanks.

The boys were asking lots of questions about the Coast Guard Boats and Tayton was interested in what kind of work or rescues the Coast Guard people would do.

We were thinking we might anchor out by Milton Island but when we got close to Kingston, decided it was easier to just tie to the wall again. Easton fell asleep right after we tied up.

The Captain changed the oil and after supper, we were able to get in touch with Ray and Esther and they are coming tomorrow with their truck to pick up our centreboard. Awesome, another thing looked after and one step closer to being home. Tayton wanted a photo of this tour boat going past the breakwater tonight.

Today we travelled 27.7 nm.

4 thoughts on “May 17 – Kingston to Bath to Kingston

    1. yes, they are having a blast. Training them early for the boating vacations. Who knows, they may one day need a resume like you did for your job and they can say they have sailing experience. πŸ˜‰


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