May 15 & 16 – Kingston

We slept well back in our homeland. 😉 It was chilly this morning and we ran the buddy heater. It looked so calm in the Basin this morning.

After breakfast, we got on our walking shoes and headed out to get our data plan. We stopped at Tim Horton’s for a coffee and used their wifi to search for directions for Bell, Koodo and Rogers. We walked and walked and walked some more. Look at the difference in this Tim Horton’s parking lot from the one in Oswego, NY.

We wanted to go check Koodo first because we had them before with a cell phone and were very happy. Somehow, we didn’t have the address right for them. We went into a Loblaws and looked at a phone book and found that we would have to go to the mall to get a Koodo. We had walked at least 3 miles, maybe more, and the Loblaws was across from a plaza that had a great looking Chinese buffet (and by then, it was lunch time) and also a bus transfer station. We had a great lunch and then took the bus to the mall where we could check all three internet providers.

I got money changed at Loblaws because you have to have the exact change now for the bus. When we got the bus we needed, Mike started putting the coins in all at once and jammed up the machine! The bus driver took it all in stride and called someone to meet her at the mall to fix it. Says it happens often. 🙂 She was very nice.

And after we get to the mall, we find that Koodo does not have just data plans. After checking them out, we went with Bell and got all fixed up. We took the bus all the way back downtown and had the same lady. This time Mike made sure he had the 2 quarters that were needed, but he didn’t check to see if he had another $5 bill. All he had was a $10 and they don’t make change. Mike called for me to get off so we could get it changed and then catch the next bus but the driver was so nice she let us ride for free. 🙂 She is an example of someone who loves her job. So nice to see that. I heard a lady talking in the seat across from us to someone and she said the same thing. It is something we don’t see often enough these days.

We got back to the boat and made some calls to see when we could get lifted out so Mike could take the centreboard out. The earliest we could get was Thursday, the 21st at Collins Bay Marina. We had tried to get it done in Bath but the girl said it was a busy time of year and she wasn’t too sure. We knew for sure that we couldn’t get it done closer to home at Iroquois until after the 25th. So Thursday the 21st, it is!

We didn’t need much of a supper tonight after our great buffet lunch. A few people stopped by and chatted when they noticed our boat tied on the wall. Later I noticed an older gentleman was looking the boat over so we went out and talked to him. He and his wife had gone to the Bahamas for 7 winters with their boat. Their last trip there was in 2005. They visited a lot of the same places as we did and he was so pleased to talk about his memories. We gave him our website to follow as he said his wife uses the computer.   Tonight we watched a bit of TV and I did some blogging.

We have some visitors coming tomorrow. 🙂

May 16 Saturday

We were up early. Emailed Eric to see if they would be able to come down to the boat for a visit. Found out that he had flown into Toronto last night and was taking the train back to Kingston this morning and that Elke was staying another week out west with the girls. Amber messaged last night and said she, Jason and kids are coming this afternoon. Tayton has a birthday party to go to in the morning and then they’ll drive here. The boys have been planning to come and be on the boat with us until we get home. They are very excited and it will be so great to see them all. I am not sure if Easton, the three year old will stay without his mom but time will tell. I hope so. Tayton has been talking of navigating since he just learned to do it with Grampie in the Bahamas.

I vacuumed and cleaned Persuasion while Mike uploaded the blogs for May 11, 12 and 13th. We are still behind but getting there guys, stick with us. 🙂 Mike called the marina Loyalist Cove Marina in Bath again and this time the owner answered and asked if we would like to come tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 10 AM. He would have time to haul us out then. Awesome!

Then we walked and got some groceries and a few of the boys favourite treats. It one wasn’t far and we came back and ate our lunch. We got a photo of some of the boats in the water at this marina.

Kingston has a beautiful waterfront. And the trolley cars seem to be busy.

Then I took a couple of loads of laundry into the marina. I was just finishing that up and headed over to see if the kids had arrived when I saw their car. So wonderful to see them.

We got their suitcases and Amber took our sails and sail cover home to make more room in the boat. We have had the sails and sail cover on the quarter berth since the mast came down.

We all walked over to the park right along the main street.

I think they like to pose. 😉

Then we went walked back to the grocery store for a few things that I forgot. It was a short walk. Grampie had fun with Elle at the check out. 🙂

Walking back, we decided to stop at the Lone Star for supper. Apparently, Eric went down to the boat but we hadn’t taken our iPad with us so didn’t get his email. Sorry Eric, we will see you tomorrow when we go to Bath.

We were back at the boat by 18:00.

Elle cried a bit when she didn’t get on the boat with the boys bus was ok by time they left. And yes, Easton did surprise us and stay. It is wonderful that they love being on the boat and with us. 🙂

We chatted with the boys and Amber had packed a bag of books, crayons, markers and colouring books, play doh and other stuff. They seem to be enjoying their markers. It is fun listening and talking with them.  We watched the movie Shrek 2.  Oh, how we have missed the grandkids.

We got their beds made up and everyone was settled down for a great sleep. It is chilly tonight but going to be nice tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “May 15 & 16 – Kingston

  1. Welcome home. What a wonderful photo and blog journey along the canal. It’s beautiful. Most of us will never be and see what you have seen (except through your blog) so thank you for creating this memory. Thoroughly enjoyed every posting.


    1. Thanks Nelse. Glad you enjoyed it. The year went pretty fast. We hope to be home tomorrow or Friday. Watch for the Captain’s log update sometime after that for the details of the trip. Like for the number of photos taken. 😉 You mentioned once in a comment you’d like to know how many pictures we had taken. Sometimes we had over 300 for just one day and could only pick a few for the blog. We have taken well into the thousands, I’m sure but have only posted a portion of them for the blog.


  2. Seeing the pics of the boys there makes my heart so happy!!!!!! Elle is looking at the pictures with me yelling, “Tayton, Tayton!” xo


    1. Aww, would love to have Elle and Margie on board too. They would all have so much fun. Elle must be missing the boys.


      1. The pictures of cutie in the basket are priceless, she thought it was hilarious as did everyone else in the store. 🙂


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