May 14 – Oswego to Kingston, ON

Yes, that’s right, Kingston, ON. We were up early and Mike uploaded the May 10th blog. and then we walked to Tim Horton’s for breakfast. This Tim’s looked quite a bit different than the Tim’s in Canada. Not nearly as busy and the parking lot was almost empty. Just inside the door, we notice this neat little wagon with a cooler in it advertising their cold stone ice cream.

Before heading back to the boat, we walked to the bridge to get a couple of shots of Persuasion on the canal. The reviews for tying on the wall between lock 7 and 8 said that the one on the east end closest to the lock was the quietest because you were far enough away from the bridge that you didn’t hear all the traffic and the walk to town wasn’t that much different in distance. I think there was only one boat that came through the lock later yesterday. It was very calm and quiet all night. It looks pretty peaceful there right now, with the lock in the background behind Persuasion.   I think this photo is another one of my favourites.

Here’s a close of the lock and one more of the river and business of the town.

We got back to Persuasion just as a boat was exiting the canal. We shoved off right away so we could make the next lock with him. It was 08:10. Here’s some shots along the canal and us going under one of the last bridges of the New York Canal System.

Look at all the blossoms. And within 10 minutes we are at Lock 8.

Here’s some photos of what we see from the lock. A lot of older buildings from many years ago.

And that’s it, under one last bridge after we exit Lock 8 and we are finished the New York Canal System. And head out of the Oneida River to Lake Ontario.

Another building of yesteryear along the river.

And at the end of the canal, we saw this painting on a building.

An Irish Pub that was probably quite popular back in the day.

Some photos of the Port of Oswego Authority.

And this one for my Dad. It is the Lafarge loading area. Dad worked for Canada Cement Lafarge.

And how about all these big rocks that are being lifted off this train, Tayton and Easton?

The lighthouse at the entrance to Lake Ontario.

We see a nuclear plant behind us and to our right.

As we head out, we hope for a good crossing. We had planned that if Lake Ontario was too rough today, we would only go as far as Henderson Harbor, which would divide the trip up. However, it wasn’t too bad so we decided we would just head straight to Kingston. I got a shot of the depth monitor. Although it did get a bit deeper, we hadn’t seen this depth for quite awhile, after travelling on the ICW for so long.

For quite awhile, this is what we see. 😉 But then we see our first laker.

And then we see Main Duck.

By 13:30, we can see the windmills on Wolfe Island.

By 14:00, we are getting a much better view of the windmills.

And by 15:00, had views of Kingston.

We are getting close now. We say O C A N A D A! To the tune of our anthem. How we have missed you, Canada.

So many buildings that we have seen for many summers from the water now make us realize we are almost home.

And more.

We see this tour boat as we pull into Confederation Basin.

It is 15:50 . We are tied to the wall at the Delta Waterfront Hotel. The Captain took our passports and documents and went to call the Customs office. Everything went smoothly and tomorrow we will get our Canadian data plan. We did walk to McDonald’s for supper and from there, with free wifi, let the kids know that we have arrived in Canada. We had the feeling that we were still moving, while sitting at McDonald’s. It is the first time we have experienced it on this trip. We have had it before when we’ve been on the boat for awhile and were surprised that we hadn’t had it on this trip much before now.

We called Eric and Elke hoping to see them tonight or tomorrow but they are in BC and won’t be home until Saturday.

In the evening, I did some blogging, although we can’t load any up until we get the data plan. It was a long day.

Today we travelled 50.1 nm.

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