May 12 – Sylvan Beach to Ess Kay Marina, Brewerton, NY

Well the rain brought a change to the weather but not as much as it will be tomorrow, we hear. The heat wave is gone and the weather man said we will have a cold front moving in.

After breakfast, we pumped the water out of the dinghy and shoved off the wall at 08:30.

That’s when we could hear that the engine sounded different. It was not pumping water. He tried the same thing as yesterday but no luck so we motored up under the bridge to a floating town dock where there was a ladder so he could get in the water to check. So in he goes.

He couldn’t see anything wrong

So by 09:30, we headed out onto Oneida Lake.

It was a bit choppy. A big lake, so not too many photos. The houses that line the shores though must love their summers here.

By noon, we were getting pounded   Then we heard a snap. One of the dinghy tows ……broke. We shut the engine off and the waves seemed worse then. Hitting us on the beam. Luckily, no boats were around. We got the legs of the dinghy tow up and just pulled the dinghy behind us.

He also put another tie down on the mast at the bow sprit as it was rocking some in the waves. These photos are taken from inside the boat. It was not raining. Those are spots from the water splashing up over the boat.

Once we got out of the lake into the Oneida river, it was smooth.

A few bridges here to go under. The first bridge is the double highway, Interstate 81.

A restaurant on the water and some cottages.

This place was different.

A boat yard and store.

We read good reviews in Active Captain about the Ess Kay Yards marina. We pulled in there at 13:30 for fuel. After that we walked the boat around and tied her off so we could get a pump out. We wanted a slip for the night and they decided because it was so windy, they would leave us where we were. If someone needed to get on the travel lift, we would move then. Mike put new clips on the dinghy tow and we got it all hooked up again. Then he filled the water tanks and washed down the boat. He uploaded our blog for May 8th while I answered some emails and did some FaceTimes. 🙂 After we had showers, we walked up to a pizza place that the marina recommended. They have a courtesy car here but she said it was about a 20 minute walk so we figured we would get some exercise.

This is a photo of their office and boat supplies store. It is very well stocked.

Here are some shots of the town, or at least of the part of town where the pizza place was. This obviously was the older section of town.

A beautiful stone church was beside the pizza place. So many vines around the fence. We wondered if they were grape vines.

We ordered our pizza and while we waited for it to be ready, we walked to the bridge to get some photos. The bigger part of the town was across the bridge.

Sculpted animals outside an art studio. What do you think of these grandkiddies?

We got our pizza and headed back to the marina.

And the pizza was delicious. We went up to pay our bill so we could leave early in the morning and chatted with the owner for a few minutes. It is a husband and wife that have taken over her Dad’s business and they are a lovely couple. Very friendly and accommodating. As we walked back to the boat, you could feel how much colder the wind had gotten since our walk for the pizza. It’s gonna be a chilly night.

We watched a little TV and went through some photos.

Today we travelled 20.1 nm.

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