May – 11 Herkimer to Sylvan Beach, NY

Well, seems we didn’t hear the noise too much in the night as we slept well. Woke up a few times because of the rain though. You can see how close we are to the highway.

The town wall has a restaurant beside it and we thought we may go there last night but changed our mind when we saw how busy it was. After all, it was Mother’s Day. There’s a barge canal terminal herefor the Erie Canal cruise boat.

After breakfast, Mike uploaded the May 6th blog and when we went to take off the lines at 08:15, we could see that they had lowered the water again. Persuasion was on the bottom again! We were able to pull Persuasion forward toward the cruise boat and then push her out into deeper water and back out.

It was a beautiful morning but today is going to be another scorcher. Look at these blossoms. Quite a nice marina spot in Ilion.

The still water and sun made for some good reflection photos today. Not as good as Dismal Swamp but still pretty.

We were at Lock 19 by 09:30. Look at all the deadwood floating. We chose which way is the best way to get through it. Neat railway bridge too, so close to the lock.

So under the bridge and into the lock.

We just get in the lock and we hear a train. You can see the top of it going through that bridge we just went under.

Another lock completed.

While in the lock, we noticed that the engine sounded funny. It wasn’t getting enough water. Mike asked the lockmaster if we could tie up on the wall after we finished the lock. He said we could. Mike remove the intake hose and only a little water was getting through. Mike blew on the hose as hard as he could and cleared the hose. Lots of water now. Mike thought it may have been a stick in it as we heard something come out when he blew on the hose.

We see a couple of tugs in the canal today.

This looks like it would be a nice place to dock and dine.

And we are in Utica! And just look at all these bridges, 5 of them.

Here are some signs that were around the bridges.

There was even this sign.

There is a lot of pollen in the water along here.

And here we are at Lock 20. We found this canal looked older than a lot of the others. You can see that with the texture of the cement.

As we exit the lock, we see another little tug named “Erie” that looks like he has been around for as many years as “Urger”.   And another little tug up on land.

We pass by this nice trail. Lovely little foot bridge where the water almost looks like an infinity pool. Bet it is pretty on the other side as the water cascades down.

They are doing some dredging here today. The lockmaster from Lock 20 had told us it would be going on.

This looks like it may have been for flood control from yesteryear.

We meet one of the Erie Canal cruise boats. Probably going to their terminal in Herkimer, where we tied up last night. We go under a Guard Gate.

Here is another sign of work along the canal from many years ago.

As we go under a railway bridge, we notice a lovely looking little park. It is in Rome, NY.

There is another nice foot bridge too that goes over a spillway.

And another set of Guard Gates.

Some more signs of the way things were in a different era.

We could see the rain behind us as we headed toward Lock 21. I wonder if it will clear the air. It is 93 F (34 C) in the shade right now. A work barge was just exiting when we arrived.   And this lock is the first lock where we start going down.

Two other boats were locked through with us. The power boat behind us said they got soaked in that isolated downpour we saw.

The boat beside us was a big guy.

Lock 22 was only a little over a mile away so in we all go.

The lock master was talking about the weather about how records have been set the last few days. He says they rarely get to 90 F in the summer and there has been 4 days with that high temperatures in May. He also was talking about fishing and how Oneida Lake is reintroducing the sturgeon there. It is a catch and release and one guy caught a 5 ft, 100 lb one.

And we are out. Finished our last lock for the day.

We pass by a marina and campground.

And just as we start to pull into a marina that sells diesel fuel, it starts to pour. We had tried to call them a few times but no answer. Then we saw the sign that said closed. Maybe the season hasn’t started for them yet. Oh well, we have enough until tomorrow’s stop. We pulled up to a free town dock in Sylvan Beach at 15:45 and both got soaked tying off Persuasion. Thunder and lightning and tons of rain. Looks like the rain is going to get us for sure this time.

It was raining lightly when we walked up to the town for supper. We found out that most of the restaurants here are closed on Monday’s. We found a place called Eddie’s and it was great home cooking. I didn’t take the camera as I thought it may start pouring again, so got no photos of the town. It has an amusement park and the town is on Oneida Lake so it probably draws quite a crowd in the summer.

Mike uploaded May 7th in the evening. I blogged some more and we watched a bit of TV. It started raining again.

Today we travelled 37.1 nm.

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