May 10 – Tribe’s Hill to Herkimer, NY

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there. Isn’t it the ultimate joy to have the title of Mother and have a day to celebrate that joy. (I do remember my mom saying that some days she wanted to change her name, she heard Mom being called so many times, something that I said myself when I had 4 of my own) šŸ˜‰ Enjoy your Mom’s, you will miss them when they’re gone, like mine or locked up in their own little world with Alzheimer’s, just as Mike’s Mom. šŸ˜¦ I had messages from our brood this morning and hope to FaceTime with them later in the day.

After breakfast, Mike uploaded the May 5 blog. It is going to be another scorcher today, at least 90. Here is Persuasion. Pretty peaceful looking, eh?

Here are some more shots taken from where we are tied up. A railway track that is close to the wall. and a tour boat heading into the lock.

We untied from the wall at 08:30 and headed out toward the channel. I love this photo. So serene looking with the mountains in the background.

Pretty along the river this morning but the pollen was flying through the air and although, it doesn’t show up too well in the photo, it also all over the water too.

We passed Boltonville, NY where there were motels with lots of trucks in a parking lot and some around the motels. Must be a popular spot for them to stop. Lots of fast food places there too.

And we come to our first lock for the day. Lock 13.

We go under the Interstate highway, the I 90.

And then we are at Lock 14.

This train went by right as we were exiting the lock. And look what rail car we see on it.

Some of the locks are quite close together and before you know it, we are at Lock 15.

I don’t always take a shot of the power house building at the locks but got one here.

We passed by a nice campground and a marina in St. Johnsville.

And we are at Lock 16.

A nice little park area here. I remember when we lived in Barrie. We had fun when family would come to visit. We would load everyone in the van with the kids and take a picnic lunch to the Big Chute. Also went a couple times with the Yeadon’s and the deGier’s. Those were the days weren’t they Monica?

As we exit Lock 16, we see work being done here too.

Then it is under a Guard Gate. Actually there’s 2 gates, but you can see one’s closed.

About a half hour later and we were at Lock 17. We could see it under the highway. This lock has a vertical door, rather than horizontal. It is the only one with a door like that, that we will have on this trip. We will get wet when entering, well I will, Mike will be under the bimini at the wheel. Lock 17 has the biggest lift in the system.

We’re in Little Falls, NY. šŸ˜‰

Yep, that is water dripping off the door and yes, I did get wet. But that’s ok. It was another record breaking temperature today and so hot.

We had the lock to ourselves and it was a long way up, 40.5 ft.

Look at the rock that was cut through here for the canal.

We catch some glimpses of Little Falls through the trees.

Very pretty going through here.

We go under a bridge and both the Guard Gates are up here.

What do you think of the pulleys on these gates?

The Captain did a bit of manoeuvring to dodge these 2 pieces of deadwood that were stuck in the mud.

And we are at Lock 18.

And we locked through Lock 18.

A family down by the river gives us a wave and then we go under a another set of Guard Gates.

We tied up on the free town wall in Herkimer at 16:30. Active Captain reviews said it could be noisy as it is right by the I 90 double highway. And those reviews were right but we were quite tired from all the locks and the extreme heat, so it was fine. In the evening, it started to rain a bit. We FaceTimed with the kids today. And they could even hear the noise of the trucks going by on the highway. šŸ™‚ So nice to see them all. Happy Mother’s Day to Jody and Amber. You are great mommies to our grandkiddies. Amber, Jason and kids are all sick with the flu, so guess they will have to celebrate another day.

Today we travelled 38.8 nm.

2 thoughts on “May 10 – Tribe’s Hill to Herkimer, NY

  1. What great memories of your time in Barrie! The Big Chute was pretty impressive. You realize it was your fault that Kees and I got into boating, right? Too bad you moved to Montreal as soon as we got our pontoon boat…. But we did cover a good portion of the Trent-Severn Canal, including Big Chute several times! Thank you for our introduction to the world on the water.


    1. I remember when you got your boat and it was parked beside your house before launching. We all went to visit and sat up on the boat and chatted. Then visited a couple times from Montreal and got to tour around Kempenfelt Bay on it. Yes, great times!


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