May 9 – Waterford to Tribes Hill, NY

This morning after breakfast Mike uploaded the blog for May 4th. Sorry that we are so far behind. At 08:00, when we went to untie from the wall, we noticed that the water had gone down. Guess they had released some this morning. And our depth showed 3.9. That was not good. We need 4.6. Luckily, we were able to back out and get off. Off we went for another day on the Erie Canal.

There is a lot of deadwood in the water and also in the Hudson as well. Lots from the winter and ice jams. We see lots of bridges with big branches caught around them, like this.

Very pretty along the Mohawk River.

At 09:30 the dam is in sight for the next lock.

We see some geese and mallard ducks before we enter the canal.

And in we go!

The little birds liked these holes.

We were getting our lines for the lock when this big guy came in. Just a little bigger than us….an 82 ft. power boat.

Lock 7 finished.

Oh my, look what we see between the trees.

It certainly is scenic along here.

And how about the size of this tree that has floated down? And further down, a pile more of them.

We pass by a rowing club.

Lots of bridges again today. These two are in Schenectady. And a nice looking dock and dine restaurant here too.

Looks like someone marked this piece of deadwood.

Just before lunch, we enter our next lock.

Lock 8 finished.

And an hour later, we come to Lock 9.

As we exit, we see these sticking up from the water. Looks like they are from an old lock. A lot of them were taken out by hurricane Irene.

Again, beautiful scenery.

And we are at Lock 10.

Coming out of the lock we see this building from yesteryear. Quite something, isn’t it?

A lot of old buildings still standing in Amsterdam.

And new ones.

A new bridge going up to.

This was the sign on the bridge.

A few minutes later, we are at Lock 11. There is a lot of work being done along the road by the lock.

Another lock finished. Once at the top, we could see more of that work being done. Irene took her toll on this lock.

Wow, this tree caught a green marker and pulled it out of position.

One more lock for the day. This sign was at the top of the lock.

And Lock 12 finished.

We tied up on the wall just west of the lock at 15:50. After supper we walked up the hill to the little town of Tribe Hills for some exercise. Man, it was a climb. We got an ice cream at a little deli/corner store and didn’t see much of any other buildings there. Did see these unusual looking trees. Look at the bark on them.

Then we started our descent back down the hill to the boat. The second photo is the view across the Mohawk River where we tied up.

Today we travelled 36.2 nm.

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